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A Quick Poll

// November 4th, 2008 // 16 Comments » // Blog

No, nothing to do with the elections! Hehe

A quick question for my readers…

What's the Arabic/Urdu/Hindi word for “shop”, and how would you spell it using the English alphabet?

I do know the answer (hint: it begins with the letter 'd'), but I want to have an idea of the most commonly used transliteration.

I know at least one person who is gonna go by the book on this; you don't have to comment. {grins}

The Benefits of Staying Indoors

// June 10th, 2008 // 23 Comments » // Blog

1) I get to wake up late, and lounge around the house in my PJs.

2) I am much more comfortable with my mother tongue these days, māshā’Allāh. No way near any kind of fluency; but the odd Hindi/Gujarati word pops out of my mouth, without me realising it. I think it's because I am spending a lot more time with my parents, though we still speak to each other in English. I guess I must be subconsciously picking up the lingo whilst my folks natter away to one another.

3) I get to avoid people that make me feel crappy. Example: I was talking to someone new at a family wedding yesterday, when the young lady in question asks me if I'm married. I reply in the negative. Then she asks me how old I am. I tell her, twenty *cough* – soon to be twenty *cough*. As soon as the words fell out of my mouth, she just gave me this look. I can't explain it. It's like her face fell with shock. Geez, thanks for making me feel like I'm over the hill already, love! Remind me never to leave the house again…

Anyway, this is a random “non-post”. Go ahead and share; make me feel less dumb, please. :)

The Ultimate Contraception…

// March 26th, 2008 // 12 Comments » // Blog

… is to spend a few days with your friend's two adorable, yet very tiring, baby boys… Suddenly, I greatly appreciate the single life!

Turkish Readers: Help!

// March 20th, 2008 // 2 Comments » // Blog

Assalamu 'alaykum wa rahmatullah… If anyone reading is able to translate a message from English to Turkish for me in the next 24-48 hours, (or knows a [wo]man who can) I would be soooooo grateful! Please, please, please contact me via the blog or my e-mail address: imuslim_uk@[remove this]


Three Quick Things

// December 20th, 2007 // 14 Comments » // Blog

Assalamu 'alaykum wa rahmatullah wa barakatu y'all

<span class=‘Īd al-Aḍḥa in Park" height="394" vspace="10" width="400" />

1) ‘Īd Mubarak! Yup, ‘Īd-in-the-park/" target="_blank">I prayed in the park again… and yup, it was bloomin' cold! But thankfully not wet, alhamdulillah. Didn't harrass any small children this time, though there were two very cute girlies sat near to me. Their mum was rather clever and brought a thermos of something nice n' hot for them to sip on during the khutbah – why didn't I think of that?!

2) Does anyone have a clue about either digital video cameras and/or regular video cameras whose footage can be easily digitised? Purpose: amateur film production – really amateur. Short films. Not looking to win an Oscar for cinematography, kinda thing. Hoping to bag something in the January sales inshā’Allāh, but have no clue where to begin!

3) I want a Scottish accent. A cool one. Can someone donate one? Pleeeease? :D

Protected: Hahaha [SisOy]

// October 16th, 2007 // Enter your password to view comments. // Blog

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Haven’t These Been Around For Ages?

// September 25th, 2007 // No Comments » // Blog

BBC News: Muslims try out digital Koran

Well, it's definitely not the worst Muslim-related story to find on the front page of the BBC News website – just a little out of date! Though i noticed that it did feature a fancy, new, colour version of the digital Qur'an… nice!

It’s All A Work In Progress

// August 31st, 2007 // No Comments » // Blog

Not sure if anyone has noticed this in all the months that i've been blogging, but i have a terrible habit of correcting typos and doing general editing, after i've published the entry for all to see. I don't know why i don't notice the mistakes beforehand – even though i must read through the post a gazillion times before pressing the Publish button.

With poetry, it's not about mistakes so much, but rather trying to perfect the flow. So, after reading it a few times, i'll think: “Hmm, i think this word would sound better here”, or, “I've used that word twice – it's gotta go”, etc. Sort of a poetic nip n'tuck.

So, i suggest that if you ever want to see the “finished product”, as it were, leave at least a day before you click on my name in your feed reader. Or just check back every so often, and make it into a 'spot the difference' game.

I've been quite embarrassed about this odd behaviour, cos i'm sure i'm the only one who does it (at least, i haven't notice any other sufferers), so my crazy idea was to tell all my readers about it, in an attempt to destroy the stigma, at its root – or something.

Yeah, it makes no sense, i know. I'll be quiet now.

(& you just know i've done the same to this entry, right? Sigh)


// August 20th, 2007 // No Comments » // Blog

The number of days i have worked in this year.
The number of tears i've cried in the last month.
The number of smiles i have cracked in the past week.
The number of times i change my mind in a day.
The number of words i wish i could write in a minute.
The number of blessings i have denied in the last second.

And as of this moment, the number of entries found on

Silly Buttons What I Made

// August 11th, 2007 // No Comments » // Blog

sunglasses_wp_button2.jpg blues_button_wp.jpg blues_button1.jpg

Feel free to steal them.

(Update: the erroneous comma has been removed! Jazakallah Faraz)