Media Hypocrisy On The Female Image

// October 26th, 2008 // Blog

I'm sat here watching the News, trying to motivate myself into getting ready for the second day of the GPU. You'd think being a hijabi means I don't have to concern myself too much with my “image” but you'd be wrong.

I wouldn't say I spend hours agonizing over what to wear, or how to make sure the colour of my headscarf matches my shoes, which should also match my handbag, and shiny hijab pin. I only own a handful of handbags and shoes, which usually makes my choice simple: black, white or pink (c'mon, I'm a girl!).

Then I see a report that reminds me that McCain's VP, Mizz Palin has spent $150K on a recent “makeover”. I remember being mildly shocked at the amount when I first heard it a few days ago, but this time my reaction was more sympathetic:
“Of course she did. Imagine the headlines if she was seen twice in the same outfit!”.

Though I could never agree with anyone burning that much cash on cloth, nor am I any kind of fan of Palin, she really is in between a rock and a hard place being a female public figure.

Male politicians are expected to wear suits, which all kinda look the same; the most daring mark of self expression and individuality being their choice of tie colour. As long as the shoes are smart, it matters little how much they cost, or how many times they've been worn.

But not for women. And here, female commentators are the worst. Positively bitchy! Whether it's the fashion mags or the News at 10. Slim women are “anorexic” and blamed for poor body image amongst teens, but then are ripped to shreds when they put on a few pounds.

Shut up you silly mares! Honestly, get a real job! Stop bringing your own species down with your back biting and hypocrisy. Ergh!

Anyway, now I'm running late so I better head off. I'll continue this rant another day (no doubt!).

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  1. Marahm says:

    Palin’s expenditure on wardrobe may have more to do with her lack of qualifications rather than her female gender. Let’s face it, Palin’s appeal is partly based upon her feminine beauty, and she has to enhance as much as possible so that people can overlook her deficits.

    Images of beautiful people, be they women or men, get attention. We can’t help ourselves, we are hard wired to appreciate beauty, especially that of the opposite sex. Isn’t that partly what covering is all about?

    So my point is that rather than a seeing a double standard here, I think we’re seeing an example of a candidate obscuring the issue of qualifications with her natural beauty.

    Oh, and one more thing. I’ve seen pictures of her from her past activities, and she’s had modern hairstyles and no glasses. Her current sixties hairstyle and glasses is a further attempt to fool people, by suggesting that she isn’t focused on current fashion. What do you think?

  2. Yusuf Smith says:

    As-Salaamu ‘alaikum,

    How much is Palin spending on clothes? Spending too much on such things at a time when people are losing their jobs etc. will make her look like Imelda Marcos if she’s not careful.

    Regarding suits: I hate shirts and ties, they are uncomfortable and bring back nasty memories of school. (To me, they are just free-style school uniform.) You should think yourself lucky you never have to wear the stupid things. If a man turned up in other than a suit to some events, rest assured that the press would definitely be on his case.

  3. Ummati says:

    And they say, ‘we force our women to be indoors and treat them as objects’.
    Islam is the best & only religion which gives Women more respect and freedom.

  4. Organica says:

    I hate Republicans.

  5. tulip says:

    “I hate Republicans.”

    Me too.

    The problem with her clothes is not that she got a whole bunch of new clothes and a makeover but that 150,000 was spent on them while she proclaimed to be for the “regular people”. The republicans have continually crafted this notion of Democrat supporters being “elitests (whatever that means) and Republicans really being the ones who care about the average peoples so it simply did not mesh with the image of herself she tried to craft.

    And what many people found even more ridiculous about this is that this was the same Party that made a big fuss about another candidate spending 400 dollars of his own money on a haircut
    $400 dollars for a haircut is completely moronic btw

    So I don’t think this criticism has to do with her being a woman. It has to do with the fact that she’s an idiot with nothing else going for her other than her appearance. The only options with her are to either talk about her stupidity or talk about her appearance. Both are which are equally fun to do

  6. Yusuf Smith says:

    As-Salaamu ‘alaikum,

    Also, some females really don’t have any clue as to how to dress, and they have lost all sense of what is appropriate. For example, at a computer show last week, I asked for a quote for a computer from a bespoke builder, and had to go through my requirements with some woman in her 50s whose shirt was half-buttoned and whose skirt was invisible when she sat down. I had to really struggle to keep from looking at her body, even though she was no looker. I find it rather unfair that men are expected to turn up in shirts and ties to an office job when women can get away with wearing what I saw last Wednesday in front of a potential customer.

  7. ms says:

    Ah! Suit!

    I was so surprised when I first came to know that the tie is actually a cross- a memory from the crusading days!

    About pounds, I don’t find skinny women attractive. (Nor, for that matter, those who are obese) Am I in the minority?

  8. Organica says:


    The middle is always best.

  9. […] react if John McCain was buying the presidency? And they complain about Sarah Palin’s 150K $ wardrobe? That does not make sense […]

  10. Amina says:

    It is true and very normal that we woman have some vanity issue, we like to look good and be admired. It is just the way God made us :P
    About Mrs Palin, I do believe that asking for 200,000$ in a first week for wardrobe is ridiculous, especially compared to Obama’s life style- only 5 pairs of shoes, but than again, this is Tv, political arena and position of vice president. public people can’t ignore fashion and style. Other members of congress, men, women, president, wear expensive suits, make ups, use spa and help of stylists and all this also cost even more from what she asked. The difference is that no one has mentioned such costs before.

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