Too Dangerous For Facebook

// October 16th, 2008 // Blog

So, umm… my iMuslim UK Facebook profile has been deactivated.

I was really dumb, and contacted the admins about a technical problem I was facing, and I guess when they looked at my profile, they happened to notice that iMuslim UK doesn't sound like a real name. Whoops.

So they wrote back, and slapped my wrists by terminating my account. They also told me (it was a generic e-mail, I'm sure), that if I wanted to represent an personality or organisation, I should create a page, and they would then transfer all my friends over to it.

At first, I was like: “Umm, I am not creating a fan page for myself! How immodest?!”.

But after mulling it over, I decided that it was probably the best way to keep all my contacts (considering how, y'know, I don't know 90% of them to attempt a reunion).

So here it is: iMuslim – the Facebook Fan Page.


I also had to create a new account that contains a real name. Curious? Then add me.

I asked the Facebook powers-that-be whether I could just go back to my old profile and change the name. Surely that's less hassle than all this? Anyway, we'll see what they say.

So… yeah. I broke the rules. Bad me. {shame}

To celebrate this incident, together with the addition of a new feature on, answer the first ever user poll on this here blog:

15 Responses to “Too Dangerous For Facebook”

  1. ummtravis says:

    haha, the same thing happened to me and I freaked! Lost all my contacts. Then I just opened another account, under the same name and started again. Dont tell them!

    And they DO suck!

  2. AnonyMouse says:

    Haha… sucks to be you! But they suck too… superly… mostly for changing the whole template of the site… but also for what they did to you! :p

    I’ll be taking heed of this… never ever contact FB techies about anything… ‘cuz I highly doubt they’ll consider “AnonyMouse” as a real name either!

  3. ammena says:

    lol… loser! heehee… Im not officially a fan :D and I added you to my friends list with a little note too :D please accept me :) I cant wait till we can chit chat over coffee (or hot choc for me) in some high class pret a manger in ‘landen’ just as long as u dont make fun of my accent :) glad you got things sorted though, good time to clean out your friends list :)

  4. Shan says:

    I once left all networks and my account was lost to the void a.k.a. The Faceless. Facebook is boring, but has potential.

  5. Shahrzad says:

    i wonder why your account was diactivated at first place? bcs that was not a real name?

  6. misspecs says:

    Ha ha, this is so strange!

    But yeah, have added in the new name too.

    You know, today, I was on my facebook page and saw in the newsfeed that someone had joined the ‘iMuslim’ fan club and I was all :o Geez, she seemed pretty unassuming, LOL!

    Now that I know the reason, I heartily sympathize. Its an awful thing to happen.

  7. Sumera says:

    lol the fanclub was funny but now I know why it had to be done!

    Necessity ;)

  8. The Ruler says:

    But what if a person really decides to change their surname to the country where the live in? This is discriminating against those individuals. i don’t like facebook anymore. Though I’m not willing to leave it :D

  9. mcpagal says:

    Aaah, I’m glad you explained!

    When I first joined facebook it was just to see what it was like, so I used the name Shoop Da Whoop. Then people started adding me and were like ‘what’s with the stupid name?’, so then I asked FB to change it to my real name, and they refused because they thought my real name was a joke.

    All that was a useless preamble to me saying: I think FB have a weird sense of humour, therefore do not suck, therefore I voted that YOU suck in the poll.

    …not that it’s true!

  10. Laila says:

    If they threw me off like that I would’ve never went back on that site. I’ve had that happen to me on many sites. One of them was techspot, I believe, I asked them to remove my account and this illogical mod said “We’re not responsible for your identity theft”

  11. serendipitouslife says:

    Have never been on FB & never intend to be in the future.
    “Living under rocks?” I don’t think so!

  12. Mehedi says:

    Pssssh, I blame you! can’t believe you have over 400 fans and all in 1 day, lolz

  13. hfm says:

    Poor you.
    I never really understand all this craziness of facebook being so uptight about names.
    We should be given the right to name ourselves however we wish on a social networking site.Only if people complain or strange.
    But ahhh, I now know your real namee.

    I shall add myself to your fanpage because I’m a stalker like that.

  14. Ibn Halal says:

    assalam alaikum

    I’m curious to know. Did you ask them to change name first or to convert to a fan page first?

    They also forced LivingHalal into an identity re-assignment.

    As much as Facebook sucks, at least better than many Muslim ran networking sites. There was a forum called… G….. from Egypt, I told the admin Mr. dot that many of their google ads are haram, guess what? he sent me a flaming message, SO WHO’S GONNA PAY THE BILL IF WE DON’T A#$%@#$%@#$. And kicked me out from the forum. Worst, when you’re kicked out you can’t event reply to his msg, at least Facebook has some due process :) may Allah save the Ummah from injustice.

    Anyway, congrats for being a celeb… BTW, I thought Meh…been was fictitious :)

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