When Your Prayers Are Answered

// October 6th, 2008 // Blog

How do you react?

How do you even know?

Something extremely curious has happened to me recently. If I had been informed several months ago that this thing – being a change in someone's opinion on a matter that significantly affects my life – would take place, I would have been gobsmacked.

I'd have been all: “Subhanallah! What a freakin' miracle!”.

And indeed, I have been praying for such a miracle for a long, long time.

And yet, now that it seems to have been granted – where is the joy? The jumping up and down, and general excitedness? It's almost like I'm in denial.

Maybe I'll wake up soon. I'd hate to be ungrateful for any blessing; especially one that I have been begging for, for so, so long.

Isn't it strange that after all this time, after all the signs, after all the answered prayers, and innumerable blessings… Isn't it strange that we should still be surprised by the generosity of our Lord, Most Gracious?

Allahu Akbar.

9 Responses to “When Your Prayers Are Answered”

  1. Organica says:

    Allahu Akbar :)

    He called Himself Al Mojeeb for a reason. We are just a little impatient sometimes or get too distracted to see the miracle.

    May your life be one miracle after another, may you be happy in this dunia and akhirah..may Allah grant you all that is best for your deen, duniya and akhirah..

    Allahuma Ameen.

    Sending some love your way :)

  2. hfm says:

    I think that denial is anemotion we all feel once we’ve got something we thought would never be ours.
    Personally, I’ve always felt amazed and in awe when something like that happens, it strengthens my resolves and encourages me to ask for bigger things!

    We do this thing at my house that when something happens [okay, now this is going to be long!] for eg:

    The doorbell rings,and before someone even goes to answer it my mum/dad would say it’s so&so, when the door is opened it is so &so!Me and my sisters would make a quick duaa because it was the moment of duaas being answered!I know it’s not exaclty a duaa exactly, but it happened exactly how they said!

  3. Faraz says:

    I once heard a scholar speak about how we should not feel surprised when we are believers and have our prayers our answered, as this suggests that we have low expectations from Allah. (I wrote about it here. Rather, we should feel surprised when our prayers are not answered, and try to identify what we may be doing wrong, because answering our prayers is definitely not hard for Allah.

    Of course, we still must be grateful, so it never hurts to perform a few raka’ats of nawaafil or give some sadaqah. And when we are thankful, Allah will increase His favours to us.

  4. shaz says:

    my sister said, don’t question it, just be grateful… and so i’ll say the same to you! :)

    i’m happy that your prayers were answered! please pray for me too! ;)

  5. Marahm says:

    So you do not feel the elation you thought you’d feel. Consider this: Your faith in Allah’s bounty sustained you throughout the entire period before the answering of the prayer. You accepted His will for you, regardless.

    Perhaps the answering of the prayer is a reward; perhaps it brings a new test, a new assignment, a new responsibility. May Allah continue to support you, in any event.

  6. Snowdrops says:

    I usually tend to Thank Allah when my prayers are answered (DUH) but the reason I don’t tend to go into denial is because I have a tendency to keep my diary and update it often. So I know that my prayers have been answered even days/weeks later. =]

    Not very orthodox, but hey.

    i’m happy that your prayers were answered!

    mm hmm :)

  7. AnonyMouse says:

    SubhanAllah, I totallyyyyyy know what you mean… when my major du’a was accepted, my first reaction was – funnily enough – anger! Because the way it happened wasn’t the way I wanted at the time, although it’s exactly what I had expected/ prayed for before.
    After the anger came the denial, and then – dunno if anyone has experienced this before – fear that I wasn’t even worthy of having such a big du’a answered.

    It took even later before the enormity of it all dawned on me and I was absolutely stunned in silence… not excited, not elated, but simply, silently, in awe. That was my cue to go pray some extra rak’aat in gratefulness… and after that, continue with the path Allah had set for me, making du’aa all the way and begging Him to make me worthy of all that He has blessed me with.

  8. biscuitinabasket says:

    Hey Salaams!

    If there is one thing which I have learned over the last 5-7 years (maybe because I have become a touch mentally aware and mature) is that everytime that I have prayed to Allah hard for something which I really want, I have managed to achieve it. I am never surprised by this because I truly believe that together with Allah’s help, it has made me that little bit stronger and willing to gain/achieve what I had prayed for.

    A couple of rakaats of shukranah namaaz goes well, whatever the outcome too ;)

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