How I Plan on Meeting My Future Husband

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Keeping with the marriage theme, this article made me chuckle (hopefully not at the expense of the sister who was brave enough to write it [anonymously… not so brave then {says the woman who blogs behind a pseudonym (though a lot of people do actually know my true identity)}]):

I want to meet my future husband through the Western Muslim Website … phew, there I finally said it! Although I don't think it's the worst idea, I won't meet him through some future based WM marriage ads – this is a quality publication people, I don't think they'll resort to a “” style ad page, that is, unless they get really desperate for money!

I have something else in mind…

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  1. I think blogging is a great way to meet people who potentially can be serious suitors. After all, they can read through your psyche! I think as long as it’s taken into real life-immediately-it should be a winner.

  2. iMuslim says:

    Do you know of any real examples of this working though? Potentials are ten a penny after all.

  3. I actually do. In the circle of Egyptian bloggers, many have met and gotten married. I think it was easier because the Egyptian bloggers have real-life activities/meetings.

    I blogged about a famous blogger couple here:

  4. BrownSandokan says:

    Wow .. THREE nested pairs of parentheses! And not contrived either.

    I don’t know anything about meeting “potential” people, so I’ll just be offtopic.

  5. mummyjaan says:

    @BrownSandokan: Look again; there are 4!

  6. Marahm says:

    I agree that blogging could be an excellent way to meet a potential partner. It is certainly effective in making friends of all kinds from all kinds of places!

    Organic Muslimha, the real-life activities of the Egyptian bloggers sound interesting. Does this occur only in Egypt?

    Perhaps real-life meetings are the next development in the blogging phenomenon.

  7. BrownSandokan says:

    Yes, four. Sorry. Quite an accomplishment.
    Late nights make for blurry eyes.

  8. iMuslim says:

    I once had a funny idea to start the Muslim Bloggers Marriage bureau… we’d be the go-betweens, and keep it all anonymous until the point where both parties were happy to release their personal details. Only bloggers can join… and obviously those who started blogging way before we set up the bureau would be more trustworthy… I think it’s a wacky idea, but I’m all about them, haha.

  9. Specs says:

    HAHAHA, iMuslim, don’t let my mum catch on this idea or she’ll make us sisters blog morning and evening, haha. Gawd *wipes away tears of mirth* Life is sooo hard, innit?

    I don’t think i can blog like a normal person again now that this thing has been put into my mind, lol!

  10. iMuslim says:

    {laughs… A LOT}

  11. Haleem says:

    I actually know three couples who met through blogging – two went on to marry while one broke up after being together for sometime – all muslim. So it MAY work…

  12. iMuslim says:

    hmm… {twiddles her imaginary moustache}

    I’ll bring it up with the other Ijtema editors… haha.

  13. AnonyMouse says:

    I find the idea amusing, yet… there’s always the danger of the other blogger being in love with your writing/ writing style and not YOU in real life!

  14. Faraz says:

    In reply to Mouse.. Among all the bloggers I know personally (that is, the people I know off-line, and those I know only on-line but well enough), in only one case did I find that someone’s personality didn’t match their writing style. In every other case, I’ve found a person’s writing style to be very telling of their personality. Not necessarily what they write, but how they write.

    I believe that most intelligent, rational people should be able to find out almost everything they need to know about a prospective spouse by their writing.

  15. Shahrzad says:

    I wrote an articls on matrimonial sites on my blog and also one published in a newspaper.
    There is also a matrimonial site in iran which is so reliable and its good for iranian women and men to find their future spouse. The owner is a scholar and before arranging the meeting, he himself investigate the interested guy and girl’s background and then if there is a problem, he keeps the information as secret.

    About being hidden behind blog etc, no writer can hide him/herself behind his/her writing. He/she always leaves some signs of the real personality.

    I’ve to say my best friends are among bloggers, Iranians or non-Iranians. I’ve found some very good friends through my persian blog since 7 years ago and we meet frequently in real world and have made really really close friendship, better than ones i had during university.

  16. iMuslim says:

    Blogs are not so well known in the UK Muslim community… not as a tool for socialising anyway. I still feel shy to bring up that I blog with strangers (and even real world friends), cos I will either have to spend 10 nervous minutes explaining what a blog is, and why I blog… or if they do know what a blog is, their face immediately reads: “What a geek!”.

    Well, yes, I am a geek… but still!

  17. mummyjaan says:

    Really? Is blogging a ‘geeky’ past-time? I hadn’t thought of it that way. Esp as there are so many people blogging about all sorts of things.

    Speaking of real world friends, iM, there are only THREE such human beings who are aware of my blog :-).

  18. iMuslim says:

    I don’t think it is a geeky past-time, MJ. But what I think counts for little in the real world! hehe

    Real world friends… hmm… I have told two people about this blog. One is a friend, one isn’t. Two other people read this blog, who met me online, but now know me just as well offline (for better or worse!). And a fifth friend recently guessed my secret identity… but no idea if she actually reads or not!

  19. Reema says:

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