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This week I came across several TV-related ads whilst scrolling through the Londonistan Islamic Events and Notices e-mail:


The BBC is making a documentary called “The Funny Thing About Ramadhan”. The programme will be presented by comedienne and former Blair spin doctor Ayesha Hazarika, and directed by Irshad Ashraf (director of “The Muslim Jesus”).

Seen through the eyes of presenter Ayesha, the viewer will meet a cross section of fasting people to gain a humorous and insightful feel of what it is like to fast in Britain.

Irshad is looking for interesting people or groups of people who want to share their funniest stories of fasting. Please contact philip.lindh[at]bbc.co.uk or irshad.ashraf[at]bbc.co.uk if you want to take part.

You should be available for filming between 4th – 16 August.

[iMuslim: I'm not so sure what's so funny about Ramadan – do you have any interesting stories? Plus doesn't it start in September this year?]


A forthcoming C4 documentary exploring Muslim culture through Muslims named Osama would like to talk to people with the name Osama (or Usama/Oussama, etc…). Farrah and Masood are travelling to Egypt, Pakistan, Indonesia, North American and the UK looking for 500 Osamas. If you are called Osama or know someone who is, then please contact us.  You may write to osamahq[at]osamaloves.com or go directly to our website and register your interest at http://osamaloves.channel4.com/referrers/new

[iMuslim: This reminds me of the comedy show: “Are You Dave Gorman?“]


Where do British Muslims go on the web? What sites excite them or entertain them? Do social networks and blogs cater to the needs of Muslims? Channel 4 is conducting research into the online habits and interests of British Muslim communities. If you would like to contribute to this research or have any comments to make, please e-mail Bushra at: BeeSiddiq[at]googlemail.com

[iMuslim: Sister Bushra actually asked me to post this ad a while ago, and I kept forgetting. Sorry sis! It's not actually for a TV programme; it is market research into the browsing habits of Brit Muslims to be used in shaping Ch4's website… or something like that, inshā’Allāh]

11 Responses to “Future Muslim TV Shows”

  1. Organica says:

    I wonder if us Americans will ever have access to the shows on Youtube or something.

  2. allysonrt says:

    sounds boring

  3. mummyjaan says:

    Emailed your post to a cousin called Osama.

  4. Sumera says:

    Whats so funny about Ramadhan…hmmmm the feeling faint i suppose; not sure if thats meant to have comedy value though!

  5. Faraz says:

    There was a documentary done in Montreal called “Being Osama” a few years back which sounds exactly like the C4 Documentary you mentioned. One brother I know was one of the Osama’s followed in the documentary, which I haven’t seen yet, but have heard good things about.

    I guess the main difference is that the C4 documentary goes all over the world, not just within one city. Still sounds like a pretty blatant copy, though.

  6. Sumera says:

    You can access the C4 documentaries at their website :D using the 4OD software application.

  7. misspecs says:

    Same as Sumera. What’s so funny about Ramadhan?

  8. AnonyMouse says:

    Erm, the “funniest” thing I can think about Ramadhaan is when people sometimes think you’re starving yourself for the entire month (i.e. they think you only eat once at the beginning and then at the end, instead of suhoor and iftaar everyday).

  9. HFM says:

    Funny things about Ramadhan..hmmm

    I think as a muslim perspective there’s things like the fact that in every family there’s always a JOKER [no reference to DARK KNIGHT!] in the family who’ll liven the Sehri.
    Ohh in my area there’s this ‘in-joke’ of the Huffaz who pray taraweeh.
    there’s like 4 Huffaaz who lead the taraweeh, it’s split into rakaats so each takes turns on the prayer mat, there’s:

    a)concorde: the usually youngest and speediest Quraan reciter on the prayer mat, the recital is beautiful yet read in sucha speedy pace that those in a hurry to leave are praying for this Haafiz’ turn!

    b) British Airways: dunno why this particular aeroplane, but this Haafiz is the steady, reliably accurate Haafiz whose recital is calm and collected

    c) Indian Airlines/PIA: No racial offence intended, but this Haafiz is the brother with the accented Quraan recital. A hint of back home for those Asian elders who miss home!

    d) Air Gulf: the Arab connatation is intentional, this brother prays slowly and is reminscient of the imaams in the Haramayn, recital is beautifully pronounced.

    Omygosh, I’ve written so much!

  10. iMuslim says:

    Organica: what Sumi said.

    allysonrt: ah well, you can’t please them all…

    mj: let us know if he gets in!

    Faraz: People often sell off their ideas for TV shows to producers in other countries… this might be the case here.

    misspecs: me still dunno!

    Mouse: That is quite funny… and a little scary!

    HFM: hehe, that’s quite sweet actually, masha’Allah. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Jana says:

    Lol Ramadan does start in September. Will the particpants have to ‘pretend’ to fast in August? Interesting…

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