Warning: Thought Explosion Imminent

// July 8th, 2008 // Blog

Alhamdulillah, lots to talk about; even more to think about. It has been an eventful evening.

The sex debate/talk/discussion was very interesting. Admittedly, my sole intention for attending was to speak to Imam Webb in person about something (to be revealed later), and for once, “Muslim time” (i.e., the observation that all Muslim-run events invariably start late – I won't be a hypocrite; my life also runs by Muslim time, astagfirullah) was in my favour, and it allowed me a few seconds to ask what needed to be asked of the Imam, alhamdulillah.

Imam Webb was part of a panel with two other notable speakers, māshā’Allāh. However, from the look on his face when he wasn't speaking, he seemed like he'd rather be somewhere else entirely, which was a little disconcerting. Was he tired, was he annoyed… was he bored?! It only made sense near the end when he revealed that his father was having major surgery today (it was in the context of him asking the audience a rhetorical question, of how many Imams actually make dua for reverts on the mimbar?). So let us all pray for his father's health. I am not sure if he is Muslim, but at least for the sake of the Imam – may Allāh guide us all to His Truth, āmīn.

My thoughts on the talk will come later, methinks, when they are better formed, inshā’Allāh.

I came home after 10 pm, sat down with my late dinner, and watched the Dispatches programme that I had made sure to record, alhamdulillah. I'm not sure what to say. These days I am trying to be less reactionary with my opinions. It would be too easy to jump on this and go “Wahey! For once, a pro-Muslim piece of journalism – on mainstream TV – at a time when people are actually awake to watch it! Woohoo!”.

It was… different. Yes, good different. It showed the other side; the repercussions of the sensationalist, tabloid media machine, and how it sets up the public conscious against this season's 'evil' minority. As much as some people like to think humanity is somehow enlightened, that we are actually evolving socially, and even biologically: Newsflash – we're just as prone to racism and prejudice as we have always been. A cynical thought? Not really. Just a reminder that we shouldn't take advances in Science and Technology, to also mean that we have progressed ethically as a species. We must always be on guard against such evils.

Overall, I am a bit sick of TV. It doesn't mean much to me these days. I don't like the fact that people still look to it to be informed of any matter of consequence; at least in the context of social commentary. Educational programmes, Nature documentaries, fair enough – but not current affairs, and politics. I do watch BBC News 24, but don't necessarily believe anything that they say. Rather, I use it as a gauge of what the average Joe is being spoon-fed during this 24-hour period, so I can prepare myself adequately, inshā’Allāh. Btw, I am not arrogantly claiming that I am somehow “informed” and not prone to propoganda or 'group think' as everyone else. I am just trying to somehow not to be so easily mislead – may Allāh make it easy for me.

I use TV as a form of medication for my brain. When I need to unwind, and literally “switch off”, I sit down for an hour and try to find the least harmful thing that will provide me some “halal” entertainment. Perhaps there is no such thing on TV, cos day or night, the adverts are filled with sights that induce some level of gaze-lowering. I think I already mentioned somewhere that I am a big fan of MythBusters. It has the right mix of 'science', stupidity, fun, and blowing stuff up. A winning combination, really.

The internet is great; at least in those places where you are pretty much free to surf as you please, without barriers enforced by the State (it's all for our protection, honestly – {sarcastic cough}). We can't really claim that it's the melting pot of ideas and self-expression that we'd like it to be, as we do end up hanging out in our little online “tribes” – for peace of mind, if anything else. And where you do get interaction between “tribes”, it's usually in the form of keyboard-based hostilities. At the same time, if you really want to break from the mould, and discover alternative theories – both baseless and factual – the internet is the place to look. How blessed are we to have this amazing tool for interaction, education and communication in our lifetime? And who knows where it will take us, inshā’Allāh?

Anyway, as you can see, my mind is all over the place. I am in one of those contemplative moods, and it bugs me like crazy that I have no-one at home right now to dump my brain onto. Yes, blogging rules. {grin} But discussing matters face-to-face is far more satisfying. Oh well. Alhamdulillah.

Okay, I am now signing off, before I waste any more of your time, and mine… peace.

4 Responses to “Warning: Thought Explosion Imminent”

  1. gess says:

    Ameen to your Duas.

    I don’t have BBC and CNN any more. Just few local channels and one German public channel, one Spanish, one French and one Italian channels. Very weird mix, but I am glad I got rid of BBC and CNN.

  2. AnonyMouse says:

    Thought explosion indeed! :D
    I know what you mean by those moods… ’tis a pity you don’t live here, ‘cuz then we could’ve settled with a tub of ice cream and discussed all these serious matters with much gesturing, nodding, and waving of spoons.
    I miss the days when my mum and I would spend Friday evenings at our Islamic centre after Arabic class, hanging out with our friends and expunging random thoughts from our brains.

    As for me, we’ve never had TV at our house, but my grandparents do… my brothers take full advantage of weekends spent there, but I’ve given up even on Saturday morning cartoons! For some reason (and it’s a good thing, I guess – alHamdulillah), I simply don’t have the patience to sit through mind-numbing rubbish… and all those adverts drive me insane!

    So lately, I’ve just settled on reading novels as my escapist entertainment… and bugging my brothers! Siblings rock, alHamdulillaah :D

  3. iMuslim says:

    Wow… I’m reading back over my post, and I sound like quite the paranoid android. I guess I was just in one of those “trust no-one” moods!

  4. misspecs says:

    Wow, you did seem to have a lot on your mind!

    I really identify with your comments “I do watch BBC News 24, but don’t necessarily believe anything that they say. Rather, I use it as a gauge of what the average Joe is being spoon-fed…I am just trying to somehow not to be so easily mislead” It sometimes shocks me to see how much credence people give to news channels. The will actually argue with you and cite the previous BBC report as a basis!


    “…try to find the least harmful thing that will provide me some “halal” entertainment ”
    When you find it, let us know it through your blog. :) It really IS hard. TV is spontaneous, maybe Allah will excuse us for the things we inadvertently glanced at (Insha’Allah! Or I’m sunk!) Novels are even worse. You pick up ANYTHING, even a book for 13 year olds and its going to have stuff that is there for no other reasons than to add a bit of ‘spice’ to the mix. :( I’m addicted to them and i hate it so when something i bought going on the innocuous cover turns out to be… lets just say…not so innocuous. :p

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