The Princess & The Ivory Tower: Part II

// April 25th, 2008 // Blog

She lay on her bed, looking out towards the window; her single source of illumination. The light that filled the room was that of a typical Spring day: gentle, warm, but muted by the patchy canopy of white-grey clouds hiding the Sun. The sounds that flowed inwards from the outside world were also that of a typical Spring day: birds chirping, new leaves wet with April showers rustling as the breeze stirred them. And the smells… well, Rapunzel was finding them harder to discern, due to her sinuses being slightly inflamed.

She closed her eyes, massaged the sides of her nose, and allowed herself to appreciate a sweet moment of peace.

“Thank God for peace…”, she whispered. “My God is Peace; As-Salaam…”.

How different everything seemed now. It had only been a few months since that fateful day. Eyes still closed, her mind began to wander back; every footstep on this well-trodden path stirring up the dust of memories that would rather be forgotten.

“No. Not today.”

With that brief, but powerful thought, she clambered off her bed, grabbed her cloak off the wall, and marched out of the house, determined not to let herself be weighed down by events of the past that were now far beyond her control.

As soon as her foot crossed the threshold, the crisp, fresh, outside air whooshed up her nose, clearing her airways with the scent of dewy grass, and Spring's first bloom. She must have left her house a hundred times since her days locked up in the Ivory Tower, yet she was still not used to this feeling — of space, of light, of freedom. But Rapunzel knew better than to believe that she was actually free; if anything, she was exposed. With this less comfortable feeling, she wrapped herself in her hooded cloak, and proceeded to walk down the path into the enchanted forest.

The forest was a strange place, least of all due to its enchantment. It was closed, dark, almost claustrophobic; filled with shadows that hid an assortment of magical creatures, both benign and… not-so-benign. But it was the quickest route to the village – and besides, she had taken several self-defence classes. Though admittedly, she wasn't keen on exercising her rusty skills on the seven-foot tall, muscular, half man-half wolf, type creature that she imagined may live in a forest such as this.

Suddenly, from the corner of her eye, she caught sight of something unfamiliar. It was a sign post. She had not noticed it before; perhaps because it was muddied, and had almost been enveloped by the undergrowth that was pulling it ever closer towards the Earth. She pushed away the foliage, and brushed off the mud; each wipe revealing a little more of the name of the secret destination.

One letter, three letters, two words, three words and…

“Oh”, she said softly, “I wasn't expecting that”.

Rapunzel turned towards the direction the sign was pointing; there was evidence of a path, though her eyes had some trouble carving it out from the rest of the forest floor. Her previous thoughts of half man, half wolf monsters evaporated as her curiosity grew stronger.

“Curiosity killed the cat”, warned Rapunzel's nervous subconscious.

“Good thing I'm not a cat”, responded her newly formed bravado.

“Ah, good point. So, what are we waiting for then?”

And with only a slight worry about the current state of her mental health, Rapunzel went boldly forth into the unknown.

To be continued…

16 Responses to “The Princess & The Ivory Tower: Part II”

  1. xj220s says:

    One minute we have, “an old blog still getting attention after all this time”,
    next we have the princess in the ivory tower part 2!!!
    Someone help me out here im lost for words!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Faraz says:

    Your creative writing has come a long way since I started reading. Very well done, just the right amount of hope and intrigue.

  3. What do you mean, xj220s?

  4. xj220s says:

    what do i mean?

    well…i really dont have the time to explain this to you right now, especially when there is a princess stuck in an ivory tower that needs rescuing!!
    Let me focus on the job at hand and maybe i can answer this for u another time.

  5. mummyjaan says:

    Hold it. How’d she get out of the ivory tower? Last time I knew, iRupert and iRapunzel were gazing out into the sunset, and said Mr. Rupert hadn’t yet decided whether he was going to rescue his l’il princess. What am I missing here?

  6. Manas Shaikh says:

    Excellent work.

    MJ, me too! Something’s funny here.

  7. xj220s says:

    what do u guys mean “theres something funny here!”

    This is the danger of mixing a fairy tale with a TRUE!! story….

    I feel i need to get you guys up to speed….
    There has already been a successfull rescue attemt to get the princess out of the tower. What everyone doesnt know is just how much RESISTANCE was waiting for them as as they came out of the tower. From the king the queen and the whole bloody kingdom!!
    The two people in question have now been seperated by thousands of miles, the princess locked back in the tower and the only lifeline between the two ( a phone number ) SEVERED!!!!
    Im dying a thousand times every minute of every hour here.
    If you guys really need to say something please make it constructive.

  8. iMuslim says:

    xj: the comments people are making are in response to my story. They don’t know you or your situation so please don’t take their comments to be aimed at you; they’re aimed at me. Y’know, this being an entry written by me, on my blog.
    Btw I’ve been meaning to write a sequel for a while, more because I am actually enjoying this exercise in creative writing. The sequels should not be read into as much as the original chapter… I’m just seeing where I can take the story to now. :)

    Anyway, MJ & Manas: you will be filled in later. :)

    OM & Faraz: jazakallah for your kind words.

  9. AnonyMouse says:

    I’m finding this extremely amusing (the comments section more than the actual blog post! :P) :D

    Can’t wait for Part 3… Rapunzel’s a gutsy gal and I’m sure she’ll be able to take on whatever awaits her in the Great Unknown, whether it’s a half-man half-wolf creature or something else totally unfathomable and/or unexpected :)

  10. xj220s says:

    oH NOOOO!

    I think ive been writing in the wrong web blog!!!!

    Umm…….as u were people…

    sorry for everything!!!

  11. Faraz says:

    I am a little curious why my “kind words” have been considered “spam” words of late. I think WordPress hates me, for some reason; I’m being rejected by Akismet on this blog and a few others these days. Or at least, I hope it’s WordPress, and not the case of some vengeful bloggers.

    xj220s, may Allah make things easy for you. Your situation is not unlike that of many others, and it is a testament to the author’s writing that it seems to apply to many other people as well. That is the beauty of allegory.

    Although, honestly, I think I’ve created a monster with this whole Allegorical Absurdity thing… a few other bloggers have tried their hands at it as well due to my own silly stories.

  12. effay says:

    Sorry this doesn’t have anything to do with the post, but I was asking Lucy (Falling on a Bruise) how she got the Recent Comments roll on her blog and she gave you (iMuslim) all the props. If you could let me know how to make it, I would be very appreciative. Thanks.

  13. hfm18 says:

    Love it, love it, love it.
    Plzplzplzplz hurry with MORE.


  14. Benet says:

    Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation :) Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Benet.

  15. xj220s says:

    sweetie where do you be??
    There has not gone a day I have not thought about you!!
    I hope above all you are happy wherever you are.


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