Fast Cars, Chaste Women

// December 25th, 2007 // Blog

I have found a new love.

And its name… is Top Gear.

For those not of these British shores, Top Gear – as the title suggests – is a show abour cars, produced by the BBC. It used to be quite boring; at least, I could never stand to watch it when I was younger. But in recent months, I've discovered that I really can't get enough of it, especially as it seems to be broadcast nearly ever night – repeat episodes, mainly.

The presenters are hilarious, and the cars are gorgeous.

I hate driving in London; can't understand why anyone bothers with it, unless they live on the outskirts. But these guys make me itch to get behind the wheel and go stupidly fast around corners.

I now know about understeer, oversteer and the joy of hitting the apex on bends; sunbeams bouncing off the bonnet of a ridiculously priced sports car cause my eyes to sparkle; and the aggressive roar of a V8 engine sends shivers down my spine.

I'd love to have a proper go on an empty race track one day. I know I'd be terribly timid to begin with, seeing as I am so out of practice with driving in general… but I think I have the potential to be a serious adrenaline junky. Besides, it's one of the few chemicals I'm allowed to get high on, so I figure: why not, eh?

Does anyone else out there care to confess their licentious need for speed?

21 Responses to “Fast Cars, Chaste Women”

  1. Shan says:

    I don’t know if this is borderline offensive, but with habits like this you will make a man very happy one day.

  2. iMuslim says:

    Not after I trash his Mercedes SLR.

    Oh, and I want one of these. Only £29K!

  3. mcpagal says:

    I love Top Gear! The presenters are great (Hamster! Captain Slow!), but yeah, mostly it’s the shiny fast cars. Oh and the crazy stunts (did you see when they tried to trash that Toyota pick-up truck? Quality). And the Cool Wall. And I would LOVE to have a go on their track, just to see how bad I was.

    My dream cars: Lotus Elise, Porshe 911, Mazda RX8, Smart Roadster… not all at once though, I’m not that greedy! Don’t think I could ever go for a Merc, I’ve always complained that too many Pakistanis have them.

    Realistically though, I don’t think I could drive something that kills the earth too much… I can wait til they make a car that’s hot and eco friendly! :P

  4. Shan says:

    Top Gear was also the name of an extremely fun Super Nintendo racing game.

  5. AnonyMouse says:

    Much as I admire the shiny metal, I know almost zilch about cars… although I do like getting my adrenaline pumping! I think I’ll join you on the racetrack! :D

    (BTW, “Need for Speed” is the name of one of the very few X-Box games I enjoy playing! You should try it out – it’s a racing car game… probably the closest we’ll get to the real thing! :p)

  6. iMuslim says:

    I don’t think I could drive something that kills the earth too much

    That, the cost of driving in the UK, and insane London drivers put me off… :(

    I’m not really into racing car games… though i remember play one a lot on my cousin’s Amiga, a long, long, looooong time ago! :D

  7. iMuslim says:

    Thinking about it… Mouse has probably never even heard of the Amiga! What about the Commodore 64? That was my second computer. My first was a Spectrum!

  8. AnonyMouse says:

    None of those names ring a bell… wow… those things must be oooooooooold!

    *cough*evil hint*cough*evil grin*cough*
    *Runs away*

  9. Shahrzad says:

    WAW, seems awesome.. :D

  10. Who knew? iMuslim has a wild side. *ahem*

  11. CONOR says:

    Wow, we can comment again? How long has this been happening? Anyway,
    nice car but Jeremy Clarkson really should be forcibly inserted into an exhaust pipe. Richard Hammond is cute though.

  12. oooh meee!….i’d love to get in those fast cars and drive really, really fast…

    I also love top gear…but lately their jokes have become somewhat raunchy… so when the whole family’s watching….quickly look away and pretend you weren’t listening…and dont laugh! :D

    (yes my whole family likes top gear!)

  13. mcpagal says:

    Driving isn’t too expensive for me, I suppose in London you have congestion charges to worry about though. Actually, once you factor in insurance, road tax, petrol, parking, repairs… then I’m just glad my dad pays for everything :D *is spoilt*

    I would love to start biking places again.. though this being Scotland, I’d show up everywhere looking wet and miserable. Anyone have tips on how to wear a helmet over hijab?

  14. iMuslim says:

    Mouse: Why aye outta… *shakes fist*

    Shahrzad: Just like you… ;)

    OM: I like to keep people guessing.

    Conor: Comments have been open for a long while – since October, i believe. I used to find Clarkson irritating, but i think it’s great to have the boys altogether, cos they really play off eachother – especially when taking the mick, and arranging evil pranks! Hammond is cute, but he’s become far too “poncey” in his dress sense, and personal grooming, ever since the accident, IMO.

    TFP: Yah, some of the jokes are definitely too laddite for my delicate ears!

    McP: I would be spoilt too if i could be bothered to drive… so my parents should be grateful that i am saving them all that money (except they’re not, humph). Imagine: helmet hair = bad… hijab hair = bad… hijab + helmet hair = ?!

  15. Sumera says:

    Ive been watching TG for years :D Love it.

  16. crybaby says:

    top gear is probably the best program about cars! luv it!

  17. Salaam Alaikum,

    Commodore 64! They were so cool. The games were on casettes and took about an hour to load. Happy days!.

  18. ammena says:

    lol… Im in Canada at the moment, but I have the english channel (BBCC, BBC canada hehe) and I love watching the old shows (we are behind) on the weekends for hours… I dont know how I missed this when I was growing up and especially when I was at uni :P Shukran sis.

  19. iMuslim says:

    Apparently they are going to make a US version of Top Gear. I wonder if it’ll be as good?

  20. iMuslim says:

    Safiya, wa’alaykum salam wa rahmatullah… i only had a few games… Ghostbusters and an Xmas game, where you play Santa, and you have to collect the falling presents. Oh, and some puzzle game featuring an Eggman thingy… found that one too difficult!

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