Memories of an Earlier Self

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// December 16th, 2007 // Blog

Photo by RonnieAtlas

I just came across a wonderful tag on Snowdrop's blog where you have to list five childhood memories. Considering that my mental age is still in the midst of adolescence, this should be a breeze:

1) I don't remember having an imaginary friend, but I do remember having imaginary horses – yes, horses! In fact, I wasn't the only one. My school friend and I would verbally compare our imaginary collections every once in a while.

2) The only thing I remember from the first day of primary school was my mum telling the teacher that we were Muslim, and me not really knowing what that meant. Dumb kid!

3) My first crush… I loved him from the moment that I laid my eyes on him, and I never loved anyone else until the last day of primary school. Not that he ever knew! He joined the school after me, and I still remember the sight of his mum consoling him on his first day. He was the most popular boy in the whole year, but not in the typical, arrogant, push-you-over-in-the-playground, smelly boy, kind of way; he was always nice to everyone. His mother used to dress in elegant saris, and I remember thinking that she was one of the most beautiful women I'd ever seen; he definitely took after her. Too many memories… sigh. The innocence of a child's love.

4) When I was young, the “must have” toy for girls was a My Little Pony. And even though I was an only child – hence it is in my contract that I should get whatever I want, now, now, NOW! – my mum refused to buy me one (same goes for the Barbie doll, sniffle). Until one fine day, she caved in at a coffee morning the school organized, most likely cos it was going cheap (some ludicrous price, like 10 pence). Finally, my own MLP! However, the following week, I swapped my most treasured of possessions for… wait for it… a mini-stationery set. Yes, i'll admit, a very geeky thing to do – BUT the mini-stapler was the coolest thing ever! It even had its own staples! MINI staples! I'll be quiet now…

5) I've always been a big softy, but once when I was five years old or so, I punched the class bully in the stomach. She instantly went whimpering off to the teacher like a true cry-baby. I denied everything of course. Why would anyone trust the word of a trouble-maker against the word of Little Miss Goody Two Shoes here? I do believe that such cunning is at the root of all evil genius… {maniacal laugh} Ok, so it was wrong of me; but she started it!

I could go on and on… but instead i'll tag:

* hema
* Sumera
* mummyjaan

7 Responses to “Memories of an Earlier Self”

  1. Snowdrops says:

    You have been tagged :P

    I do believe that such cunning is at the root of all evil genius… {maniacal laugh} Ok, so it was wrong of me; but she started it!

    Haha… You rock! :D

  2. hema says:

    you swapped your mlp for a stationary set? i guess your childhood can tell you a lot about your adult life!

  3. mcpagal says:

    Awww this is sweet. I like number 5: don’t mess with the iMuslim!

  4. […] tagged by the cute cute cute iMuslim […]

  5. mummyjaan says:

    No. 5, why you clever little thing! (Never trust those Goody Two Shoes).

    I will certainly take up this tag, because reminiscing about childhood memories is something we all love to do. However, I’ll put it on hold till after I get to my new home next month.

    Until then, Eid mubarak.

  6. iMuslim says:

    I’m a little perturbed by the fact that you guys were impressed by point number 5! I can only wonder what naughtiness you got up to when you were that age… ;)

  7. Baraka says:

    The photo is adorable and I enjoyed reading your reminisces!

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