Hadith for the House-Spouse

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Note the gender neutrality of the post title!

Imam Ahmed reported in his Musnad, the Messenger of Allāh, peace be upon him, used to “sew his own clothes, mend his own shoes and do whatever other work men do in their homes.”

This was said by his wife Aisha, when she was asked about what the Messenger of Allāh used to do in his house. In another narration, she said: “He was like any other human being: he would clean his clothes, milk his ewe and serve himself.”

In yet another narration reported in Sahih Bukhari, a more general description of his involvement at home is available. The Mother of Believer, Aisha narrates, “He used to serve his family, then when the time for prayer came, he would go out to pray.”

If we revive this example in our lives, we would at least achieve a few things:
1. we would be following the example of the Prophet
2. we would be bringing our families closer together & helping our wives
3. we would inject more humility into our lives & stave of arrogance.
It is commonplace nowadays to hear of men who demand food instantly from their wives when they get home. The pot might be on the stove and the baby screaming to be fed. Yet, they do not even pick up the child or show patience and wait a little while for the food. Let these ahadeeth be a reminder and a lesson for all of us.

This reminder was taken from the Imperial College London iSoc weekly newsletter.

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  1. ummali says:

    Asalam Alaikum
    I noticed that not many men do this now a day, some try but just can’t seem to get it. I think its because they were raised to were the women do everything in the house. My husband laughs at me when I say that when my boys are old enough to do dishes they will be doing them, I don’t care if they have to stand on a chair to reach the sink.

    Recently I was working and my husband was home with the kids. You would think he would take all the roles I used to. But no it didn’t work that way. As soon as I came home he was wanting to leave, he had a long day with the kids and he needed a break. But when you used to work you needed a break to and would come home and I would do everything for you. So now that I am working when I come home I want everything done for me.

    It was just and argument I got tired of having. My husband would try he would tell me he is not cut out for this. I said fine and I quite my job so he could find work and I could come back home. But at least now when I say I need a break he is more understanding.

    I think men of todays time have been spoiled. At least some do try, its the ones that don’t that get to me.

  2. Hayah says:

    Oh great, gud one! I feel like sending this out to all my relatives!

  3. iMuslim says:

    umm Ali: Wa ‘alaykum salam wa rahmatullah :)
    “when my boys are old enough to do dishes they will be doing them, I don’t care if they have to stand on a chair to reach the sink.”
    Haha, good one! What’s the point of having kids, if they can’t do the odd chore now and then? ;)
    Your experience is very interesting… i wonder if your husband’s apparent failure to cope was due to social conditioning (i.e., believing he couldn’t do it, as he was raised to think that way) or because he actually lacked the physical ability? Hmm…
    What most men fail to get is that most of the time, their wives only want them to try and they’ll be happy… it’s the sincere intention that we appreciate more, not always the results. Woman can actually be very easy to please! Well, sometimes… sometimes we can be impossible to please! But that’s why men love us: our unpredicatibility – it makes life exciting… really. Ahem. ;)

    Hayah: please do!!! We need to remind everyone (especially the males) about this. :D

  4. the best of men! subhan’Allah!

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