Eid Mubarak

// October 11th, 2007 // Blog

I can't believe it's over… i really can't!

But it is.

Well, for some… Ramadan started synchronized enough, but is ending a little messily round my way. OH WELL. The phenomenon is so old, it's not even worth commenting on anymore. Two Eids will do me just fine. {wink}

inshā’Allāh, i'm gonna try to pray in the park tomorrow. There is a park right next to my house, and they are turning it into an ‘Īd-gah (is that the right word?). Anyway, i hope it doesn't rain, inshā’Allāh, but dad just dug out some waterproof mats so it should be good fun! Never prayed in the park before… oh wait, i have once. But it wasn't here, it was in Finland. Ah, good times… {hee}

May Allāh accept our good deeds, and forgive us our shortcomings. Āmīn!

(Is it really ‘Īd? Sniffle)

Update: Oooooh – my friend is getting married next weekend, inshā’Allāh! She called and told me tonight, and i am so excited. It all happened last minute, and sigh… me so happy! I GET TO DRESS UP! Yeeeey… Ok, this entry is way too girly. BUT I DON'T CARE!

You know what? I don't have a thing to wear… Teehee, had to say it! {skips off into the distance}

15 Responses to “Eid Mubarak”

  1. AnonyMouse says:

    (Hahaha, I dunno how many times I’ve said that to you already! Oh well, you can never say it too many times… :p)

    We still haven’t figured out when ‘Eid is gonna be in my city… although most of us are hoping for it to be Friday! I’m assuming you’re going with Friday also?

    Nyah nyah… girly girly girl!
    Ah well, I’ll forgive you… it IS ‘Eid, after all! :D

  2. Dork! Dork! Dork!

    If I was Indian, I would have a closet full of cute Saris.

    Eid Mubarak, dear! 3okbal your wedding inshAllah :D

  3. hema says:

    wear your eid clothes?

    we’re doing Eid tomorrow. I’m the only Musli at work everyone else must be skiving, they can’t all be doing Eid today! i figured if i skived, i’d just have to cook anyway!

    Eid mubarak xx

  4. Homayra says:

    Eid Mubarak!!!

    Treat yourself for Eid get a new outfit for the wedding! Seems like we’re doing Eid on Saturday and I dont know what I’m wearing for that either! Ah well Enjoy the wedding!

  5. Sumera says:

    Khayr Mubarak :)

    Enjoy the wedding, hopefully you can degarb your jilbaable and hijaab and wear something nice and pretty – a SARI perhaps? ;) :D

  6. iMuslim says:

    Eid Mubarak ma sislings!

    You guys are obsessed with saris! I don’t own a single sari, nor have i ever worn one. I’m not proud of that, or anything… just saying! I do it silwar kamiz stylee, oh yeah. ;)

    However, i would love to wear a sari at some point… will have to hit the shops this week, inshallah. Lost a bit of weight (alhamdulillah) so everything’s a little baggy now. Which is fine normally… i’m not one for tight-fitting kapra [clothes]… but this is ma bestest buddy, so i gotta get all bling-bling, or whatever the term is! hehe :D

  7. Manas says:

    Eid Mubarak to you too! And everyone else!

  8. Manas says:

    Now that you have prayed, listen to this:

  9. AnonyMouse says:

    I’m saving my sari-moment for when I get married, insha’Allah! ;) :p

    BTW, is anyone else feeling sort of… well, deflated? About the end of Ramadhaan and all?

  10. Sumera says:

    Not really @ Anonymouse :P

  11. iMuslim says:

    Manas: didn’t know you liked kawali… :)

    Mouse: my first sari-moment… hmm, it is turning into a bit of a debutant thing!

    Sumi: you meany. I felt a bit deflated during the Eid khutbah, during the reminders… :/

  12. Manas says:

    O yes! I do! Do you?

  13. AnonyMouse says:

    Yepppp… my aunt, my friends and I are all mourning the sudden loss of that “magical” feeling in the air… although we’re trying to find a way to restore it by fasting the 6 days of Shawwal together… ooohhhh, if you haven’t started already, join us! We’re going to start fasting tomorrow, insha’Allah.

  14. iMuslim says:

    Manas… hmm, not really :D

    Mouse… i was meant to start yest, but woke up too late… alhamdulillah, me started today, but i have got to first do my make-up fasts, so 15 days altogether!! I hope i can get them in on time, especially with all these weddings coming up… inshallah.

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