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“Acquire knowledge, it enables one to distinguish right from wrong; it lights the way to heaven. It is our friend in the desert, our company in solitude and companion when friendless. It guides us to happiness, it sustains us in misery, and it is an ornament amongst friends and armor against enemies.”

I'm sure everyone is by now down with the whole Suhaib Webb vs… well, whomever, thing that is going on at the moment. He has published another entry, clarifying his stance. I don't really know the background to this saga – i stay away from the in-fighting as much as possible – and i am perturbed to see one of my favourite imams, tied up in it. Some of the words from this latest entry really touched me, and were an expression of what i was planning to write about myself [emphasis mine]:

Also, in following the method of the great scholars it would have been more befitting if Dr. Haddad were to go and visit Dr. Yusuf with his comments and allow the latter to answer and defend himself. Instead, this article was sent to the masses of the Muslims. Those who know very little about these things. Those who are trying to survive, raise their families and make the best of this life to earn Allāh's pleasure. I've been charged for introducing such things to the masses, but it was the extreme traditionalist and the extreme salaifs who introduced this to the West. In my speech given last March in the U.K I mentioned the need to respect and understand the sociological reality of the masses of Muslim on the streets in the West. This method, the tabloid method of attacking each other can do not good for us here. It will not help us raise our children, benefit our communities and bring good to others. Instead, it will fuel the flame in our hearts and create discord and that was what brought on my reaction.

That's it right there. How does all this bashing help us simple Muslims who just want to PRACTISE ISLAM? He then went on to say:

My frustration is that those who are suffering from all of this are the, what I call, blue collar Muslims. I hope that we can move beyond group politics and bridge a way forward that will enable us to differ, but keep the goal in site. In my eyes, the greatest way to do this is to support organizations that are working for the entire Muslim community. The best and brightest I've seen is The Muslim American Society. If you are a youth I encourage you to start a MAS Youth Chapter now in your area. In addition I have to give made props to Young Muslim USA these are groups that are going to push you to be good citizens, loyal to your countries and, at the same time, good Muslims. In the UK I found the the ISLAMICCOURSES brothers and sisters are the best. I encourage all to work with them, maintain your identity, but stay balanced.

I'm so happy that he mentioned the Islamic Courses group, which i was not familiar with. I checked out their website (that's where i got the quote, which they attribute to the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings of Allāh be upon him), and was quite excited to read this in the 'coming soon' courses section:

The Classical Chapter:

Spirituality: how to achieve what those before us achieved.
Based upon the Classical works of Al Hikam, by Imam Ibn'Ata Ilah (the book of wisdom's)

A very short description of exactly what i need. I am ashamed to say i am not familiar with the works mentioned, but inshā’Allāh, i hope to take the course (please let it be after Ramadan, ya Allāh!) – i reeeeeeeeally need to connect, spiritually. That doesn't make sense, i know, but i do. Only i know what i mean! When you ask Allāh for guidance, He sends it. Allahu akbar!

This is the end of my very disconnected post.

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