Fun Sundays, Late Nights, Early Starts, Lazy Bacteria & Heavy Flooding

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That pretty much describes my last 24 hours. Lemme break it down for ya:

Fun Sunday

I actually wrote about this last night, but the WordPress editor decided to throw a wobbly, and lose my entry. Ah well, worse things have happened at sea (i'm sure they have, as well).

Yesterday afternoon, i had the honour of attending the annual Islamic Circles Supplementary School BBQ. After experiencing the glorious weather, great food, and the company of shiny, happy people, i started to develop this strange sensation within. It took me a while, but i eventually realized it – i was having fun! Ah, so that's what it feels like; i remember now! Alhamdulillah.

It turned out to be quite the social networking event, and i can't recall how many times i heard the words: “I'm on Facebook.”, “Are you on Facebook?”, “Don't forget to add me on Facebook!”, “Hey, haven't we met before? Oh that's right, on Facebook!”. Did anyone have friends, before Facebook? Well, if they did, they must have been well boring. You're not real buddy-buddies unless you have signed your friend's wall, and had at least one virtual poke fight. I was introduced to several new people, including one brother who, after clicking on to who i was, exclaims: “Ah, so you're iMuslim UK!”, which just knocked me for six, as i've never been addressed by my pseudonym in person, before. Thankfully, my friends were out of earshot, so the damage was limited to a confused psyche. Even with that strange beginning, i was really glad to have met him, because if all goes well, i may have a job after i graduate, inshā’Allāh! Well, not a paid job, but it's work – and very interesting, non-Science-related, work. It's early days, so i'll leave it at that for now.

I also had a chance to chat to several of the ICSS volunteers. They're a great bunch, māshā’Allāh, who seem to really enjoy teaching at the Sunday school. I keep on being bugged by a certain someone to join, but i'm a little reluctant. Ok, don't tell anyone but… children scare me! Not in a phobia kind of way. I love kids, really i do, but teaching is a whole different thing. I have discipline… issues, i.e., i'm a big softy, and children can see that a mile off! It is noble work though, and i admire those guys a lot for their dedication, and community spirit. Part of being a softy is an inability to say “No” for too long, so watch this space!

Update: Read more about the ICSS BBQ 2007!

Late Night

As you know, pain and pleasure usually go hand in hand, and yesterday was no exception. After a hard day of socializing, i had to drag my mopey self across London to come into the lab, so i could set up an overnight bacterial culture. This week, i plan to carry out the final experiment for my thesis – inshā’Allāh – and the first step is to grow up some bugs. A very nice sister who lives opposite the hospital, has kindly offered her home to me for the next few nights, so that will save me 2.5 hours of daily commuting, alhamdulillah! Except, we spent most of those 2.5 hours chatting into the night. Then i couldn't sleep, and was just lying on the floor, thinking, thinking, thinking, about lots of things.

Early Start

I must have dozed off about 3.30 am, and woke up a few times after that. I set my alarm for 6 am. Then 6:10. Then 6:20. I eventually got up at 6:40. Went in the bathroom – as you do – and began to realize quite how many things i had forgotten to bring with me, in my rush to pack the night before: face wash, towel, antiperspirant (but i had a spare in my satchel, so phew! Else it wouldn't been pa-yew!), tongue-scraper (sounds gross, but it's one of the best presents i have ever been given – seriously!), moisturizer, hair brush… I hadn't forgotten my toothbrush though – in fact, i had two! Yes, i am dumb. I got dressed, and was out of the flat by 7.15 am… and was in the lab by 7.25 am! Very cool.

Lazy Bacteria

As i said above, i came in Sunday evening so i could set up some bacteria to grow overnight – unfortunately, the lazy, little beggars decided that they don't do Sundays, and my media was still clear upon inspection (usually, you see a cloudy suspension, which suggests growth). However, all might not be lost – it could just be that i didn't leave them in the shaking incubator for long enough, so they have gone back in at 37oC, and i'll check them again at lunch time. OK, so out of ten, how boring was this last paragraph? I give it an 8.5.

Heavy Flooding

Unfortunately, this delay completely throws off my plans for the day, and thus my week, which i was a little gutted by – until i went to the canteen to buy some brekky, and witnessed, on the news, the events that have been unfolding across the country over the weekend. There has been severe flooding in many areas, with thousands of people being stranded in their homes. One of the morning paper headlines read: “Water, water, everywhere, but not a drop to drink”, which describes one town where two rivers have burst their banks, and merged, forming a mini-island; the water-treatment center was also flooded, which means 150,000 water-logged residents, trapped by the merged rivers, have no access to clean, drinking water. Imagine it, your house is filled with water, but the taps are running dry. We have to be grateful for everything – especially the luxury of a safe water supply.

Suddenly the problem of lazy bacteria seems quite trivial… Alhamdulillah.

So, what now?

Well, i suppose i really should do some work. But do i haaaave toooo?

Hmm, no wonder my bacteria are so lazy; they've adopted mummy's example!


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