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It's 3.30 in the AM – what i like to call, “silly-o-clock” – and i am still awake. What am i doing up this late, other than typing a quick blog entry? Well, i am trying to find articles for I J T E M A. And it's so hard. So, so hard! Blog search engine results are filled to the brim with Islam-haters and their bile. It's so disheartening; it seems that there are more haters out there than, err, lovers? At least, the haters are more prolific in their writing. Even when i type in Islam-specific terms like “Ummah”, or “Salat”, i get a big pile of hostility in my face. GO! AWAY!

The whole point of I J T E M A is to help cut through the hysteria and highlight the beauty of Islam. There are good Muslim writers to be found, but i feel like they are rare blossoms that are being outpaced and strangled by faster-growing weeds. We need a growth spurt, a dose of Miracle Grow, before the weeds overwhelm us, and we wither in the darkness.

It's an uphill struggle, but struggle we must. May Allāh help us.

14 Responses to “Frustration”

  1. AnonyMouse says:

    Well, it’s 9:22 pm where *I* am, and I’m bored to death. My brothers are at my grandparents’ house for the night, my dad is in a meeting, and ’tis just my mum and little Z. and myself at home…

    Can I hijack this thread, please? Awesome.

    I’ve decided I wanna invite you to my wedding (whenever that is!). Do say you’ll come, insha’Allah! :D :P

    Oh! Relevent thought! Do what I often do: go through Muslim blogs that we already know and love, check out their blogrolls, and click click click away… and more often than not, you’ll find some hidden treasure.

  2. Mate, I’m finding it as hard to find articles for IJTEMA. It’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack!

  3. Lucyp says:

    An old saying (or one i just made it up) is that those with less to say have to shout it louder. That is why the sensible sites and blogs are drowned out by moronic hatred like you saw.
    Anybody can write racist drivel but it is quickly seen for what it is.

  4. Alefyah says:

    I think a small but huge step to take would be to get EVERY MUSLIM WHO CAN WRITE and motivate those who can’t that they can and get everyone started in writing on the internet. It might be just five from each one of us, but then those five to the other five to the other five and soon, InshaAllah you will have a multitude of articles to select from :-). Amin!

  5. iMuslim says:

    Mouse: Can I hijack this thread, please?

    Anyway, i would lurve to attend your wedding, inshallah! I will even pay for my own ticket (i’m selfless like that, mashallah). ;)
    It goes the same both ways though… you have to convince your dad to let you come to mine, inshallah…wheneverthatis. Unique & I have decided to elope… NOT TOGETHER. I mean, we are both going to have our respective weddings on tropical islands somewhere, inshallah. Only immediate family and close friends allowed. Sound good to you? :)

    Unique: You are so sweet to help us though… please don’t run away! {pleading look}

    Lucy: good saying… i’ll start to use it, and then when it becomes widespread, i’ll say, “Ah, i know the origins of that saying, i was there when it was born!”, and then i’ll get on that program… y’know, that BBC one where they talk about word origins… and then everyone will be impressed and love me. Maybe.
    I am glad there are sites like yours… oases of sanity. Kinda. :P

    Alefyah: Ameen! I know i could do better myself. Lately my blog has been quite laidback in terms of what i write about, cos i’m just not in the right frame of mind to be serious. I am trying to make up for it with Ijtema. Inshallah, i’ll contribute something meaningful to the Islamosphere soon.

  6. hema says:

    “I mean, we are both going to have our respective weddings on tropical islands somewhere, inshallah”

    me too? *hopeful look.
    and mousey, i’ve never been to Canada you know. *hopeful smile

    i will try and search for some stuff for Ijtema too. my students are on study leave, so i have nothing to do tomorrow except for pretend to work:)

  7. ELOPE? Oh right, just read the end of the sentence. Right on! *phew*

  8. iMuslim says:

    hopeful hema: i love alliteration :)
    thaaaaaaaaaaankyou for your help sweedy-kins! xxx

    Unique: so, you’re saying you wouldn’t want to elope? What’s wrong with me? *sniffle*

  9. AnonyMouse says:

    Haha, awesome! Tropical islands sound great… although for myself, I was thinking to rent one of the numerous little islands over where I am, so that y’all (including you, Hema! :) ) can get a taste of what Canada’s like! :D

  10. iMuslim says:

    There is a family that we know in Canada (can’t remember which part though) who are always asking us to come over for a holiday… we’ve never been that keen so far, but now that i have got to know some of the residents, i would quite look forward to a short visit… but not until i submit my thesis, inshallah! :)

    Plus i wonder how i would explain to my parents that i want to attend the wedding of a random person i met over the internet? *scratches head* We’ll have to have a video conference thing before i come over, to reassure them that you only have one head, and lack horns & a tail! :P

  11. Lucyp says:

    Oasis of sanity? I was going for unhinged social miscreant.
    Back to the drawing board.

  12. AnonyMouse says:

    *Adjusts my hoodie to cover up my second head and horns, and discreetly tucks tail into my skirt*

    Yes, I think that’ll do… :P

  13. […] Finding good content for Ijtema is a tough job as anti-Islam sites have flooded the internet. iMuslims describes her dilemma […]

  14. iMuslim says:

    Lucy: I did say “kinda”.

    Mouse: How will we explain the hideous bulging? And the third eye in the middle of your forehead? And the forked tongue? And the…

    {grins at being pinged by Sharique for whining about I J T E M A}

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