The Best Jumu’ah, EVER!

// May 18th, 2007 // Blog

My experiment worked, and i received chocolate* in the mail… could Allāh be anymore kind to me?

{massive grin}

I'm in danger of hugging random strangers, that is how happy i feel!

When i peered down the microscope, and saw my little cells glowing as they should be, i just went crazy! I ran out of the room, and spurted out at the first person i saw, “IT WORKED! MY THING, IT WORKED! HEEEEE!”. Luckily, i happened to know this person (sort of, i keep forgetting her name! But she has helped me with the microscope before), and she enthusiastically followed me back into the room, to have a gander at whatever was making me froth at the mouth, with glee! She confirmed my observation, which just made me even more hysterical!

Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah!

*Forgot to add, it is reeeeeally good chocolate, as well! I've already started on them… and i haven't even eaten my lunch, yet! Naughty me!

Update: This is one of the sights that made me so happy.


(Image property of iMuslim, and possibly, Imperial College London, but not sure; steal it, and i'll cut your heart out with a spoon!)

“What the hey am i looking at?”, you may be thinking (all except gess, who should know!).

These are cells that have been stained with fluorescent markers, as seen under the microscope. The different colours are generated by different fluorophores (molecules that release energy at a particular wavelength, when excited by a beam of light of a particular wavelength). The blue panel (DAPI) is a nuclear stain (i.e., it specifically stains the nucleus of cells). The green panel (FITC) and red panel (G-2A) are two different markers that are picking up two different parts of the same protein, within the cells. That is why you see an overlap in staining (as shown in yellow, in the 'Merged' panel). Even if you havenae a clue of what i'm going on about, just know that this overlap is a GOOD THING. Alhamdulillah!

Purty, ain't it?

Update 2: Another sight that made me happy!

choco marbles

22 Responses to “The Best Jumu’ah, EVER!”

  1. organicmuslimah says:

    Allahu Akbaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar

    (sorry it went in your other post)

    I am so happy and proud of you. Wallahi.

    I love to see smart Muslimahs. May Allah make you happy and successful, always!

  2. iMuslim says:

    Yeah, i was confused by that random takbir in the other post!


    *hugs organic tightly, till her eyes begin to bulge out a bit*

    Eww… :P

  3. Sumera says:

    Hotel Chocolat’s choc is HEAVEN!

  4. iMuslim says:

    I know! And it’s all miiiiine… well, i think it is… i’ll have to check. :)

  5. Lucyp says:

    Youi got chocolate and i got a phone bill. Where am i going wrong???

  6. iMuslim says:

    haha… hmm… Lucy, i’ll whisper you a secret:

    {I actually, kinda, asked for them… but as a joke! So i was still very pleasantly surprised to receive them}

    So today’s lesson is: telling gullible people jokes, can result in good things happening.

    {cheeky grin}

  7. Interesting says:

    Great news, good to see you are happy

  8. MashaAllah. I’m feeling dumb here but happy at the same time because you’re happy! =)

    I met a girl doing a phd in political theory the other day, mentioned you to her :P

  9. hema says:

    salaam, i ask for chocolate all the time “jokingly” but never get it!
    i’m glad your experiment thingy went well. keep up the good work. lab work must be so rewarding when things like this happen :)

  10. iMuslim says:

    Interesting: Nice to read you, again! Can i ask a silly question… are you male or female? :)

    Unique: Dumb but happy… are you blonde, by any chance? (oooooh… that was low of me!) & what did you say to the girl? “Yeah, i know someone else crazy enough to do a PhD!”? :)

    hema: you have to choose the right kind of person to “joke at”… that’s the key. :)
    Rewarding? Hmm, i think it would be rewarding if i cured cancer, or something! Inshallah. This was a small experiment that worked, and that small success made me ecstatic, which just goes to show how low scientists must place the ‘happiness’ bar to survive in research. La hawla wa la quwata illa billah!

  11. Farzeen says:


    Masha’Allah.. that’s great to hear! :) I’m reminded of a song… “you gotta try a little litte bit, that’s all you have to do..something something something (don’t know the words), and God helps do the rest!” :)

  12. AnonyMouse says:

    Masha’Allah, that’s great!!! I’m so happy for you… oh, and fork over a couple of those chocolates, buddy! :D

  13. Alefyah says:

    Alhamdullilah! I am very happy for you.. My science is at a lower level to comprehend the importance of your experiment… I’m happy to see you sooo happy :-)

    All the best for the next… :-)

  14. iMuslim says:

    Farzeen: something something something (don’t know the words)
    That’s exactly what i would say in the middle of forgetting the words to a song! haha. I’m gonna miss you! :(

    Mouse: CHOCOLATES = MINE, ALL MINE! Umm… oh ok, you can have some… open wide and i’ll chuck them over. :)

    Alefyah: Jazakallah sis! May Allah grant us all success in this life and the next, Ameen.

  15. iMuslim says:

    P.S., didn’t anyone understand the results of my experiment???? Ack, i suck at explaining things in layman’s terms.

    gess, where are you? I need a biologist to talk to! sob sob

  16. mcpagal says:

    Hotel Chocolat?! I think I drooled over their catalogue, once.

    Also, your FITC picture looks like little green footprints. Very scientific green footprints, mind! Mashallah :P

  17. Interesting says:

    Male……why do you ask?

    I do wonder at times whether “chatting/sharing views” etc….. on the new medium of internet/email etc. with opposite gender is permissible in Islam? I guess it depends on the topic as well………maybe you should start a thread on this and get comments from people more knowledgeable than myself on these matters and for that matter more practicing in their everyday life when it comes to limiting interactions with the opposite gender.

    I do find that some practicing brothers/sisters are very strict in a lot of ways but not when it comes to certain things that are important to them yet still try and impose their “high grounds” in areas that they are practicing in. Again, I understand that just because you do one thing wrong doesn’t mean you can’t do good in other areas – it is just the act of then trying to impose “their” views on others that sometimes frustrates me.

  18. Hey, how’d you kno…w..ehem…anywho…

  19. iMuslim says:

    McP: i’ll remember your comment for my thesis. :)

    Interesting: You have asked a good question, which has been on my mind for a long time. I asked sister AnonyMouse to ask the MuslimMatters posse to bring the matter up for discussion there, as i think it is an important topic that deserves the attention of knowledgeable people, inshallah. Jazakallah for your input. :)

    Unique: hmmm… now i’m curious!

  20. Faraz says:

    Congratulations on the experiment! Biology and chemistry were never my strong subjects; no matter how hard I tried, it never clicked. IR spectroscopy killed me, and pushed me towards an Engineering career.

  21. Abū Ilyās says:

    As a scientist I’d like to know what you’re able to derive from this?

  22. iMuslim says:

    Faraz: Biology is eeeeasy, mashallah. You just have to remember facts. I’m sure it is a lot like engineering in terms of concepts. I mean, the cell is like a machine, and it works so seamlessly, subhanallah. We have no clue what is really going on in there… it all happens without any human intervention. Allah is the Sustainer of all things, and He alone has full knowledge of His creation!

    Abū Ilyās: errrrrrrrrr…. someone dropped the microscope? :)

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