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// May 2nd, 2007 // Blog

To make her smile again (and also cos she used her eyes at me).

Five words that i use a lot (i'll omit the obvious ones, like 'salaam', 'inshā’Allāh', 'māshā’Allāh', etc):

1) Anyway… – Often used when i have gone completely off topic, or have made an irrelevant point (and now you understand why it appears so often in my conversation).

2) However – Not sure why i use this word so much. Perhaps it stems from my argumentative side?

3) Whateva – Not used so much in my writing, as in my speech. It's probably quite annoying to be on the receiving end of such disdain; it may even come across as quite childish and immature – whateva.

4) Hmm… – Can be used to indicate a moment of deliberation (as in “Hmm… i wonder?”) or sarcasm (as in “Hmm… yeah right!”).

5) Any word that you use often… yes, if i have been conversing with you a long while, i'll subconsciously pick up your verbal mannerisms. I'm sorry, it can't be helped. I'm a bit of a chameleon, in that sense. Take it as a flattery though, as i only usually do it with people that i like.

I know, my list was a little boring – so sue me. It'll never stand up in court!

According to the hemestress i have to now tag five more people.

Hmm… [deliberation] i choose (in alphabetical order):

AnonyMouse, Faraz, Farzeen, Sumera, & Unique.


11 Responses to “For hema”

  1. hema says:

    imuslim, that actually made me smile while i was still sat in my LOCKED staffroom crying, jazakAllah!!

  2. AnonyMouse says:

    Wow, we share two of those words! “Anyway” and “Usually”… and #5 happens to me sometimes, too!

    Anyway, I’ve replied to the tag… and tagged others as well…

    (I REALLY wanna do the note-writing tag, but still haven’t been able to… :( )

  3. why are you crying hema?????????????? :| :( whoever it is let me know their address and I’ll send my people to sort em out, alright? Everything is going to be okay huney…I’m here for you if you need a chat…u know where my blog is at.

    Okay iMuslim, I have no idea what words I use the most, so it’s going to take a long time to watch myself and then see (because I really don’t notice lol)

    But thanks for the tag :D

  4. hema says:

    jazakAllah unique, i’m not sure if i’m going to blog anymore about it, as i really shouldn’t be allowed access to my blog inbetween lessons! lol i feel much better now alhamdullah. i guess it’s just the ups and downs of teaching 17 year olds. oh but my tag really is cheering me up today so hurry and do it on your blog, i’ll look out for it. xx

  5. Lucyp says:

    I use the word ‘GUY’ way too much. This guy, that guy, the guy with the bumfluff. I really should pay attention when men tell me their names.

  6. Manas says:

    Thank God you didn’t choose me! I mean it feels good if somebody tags me, but it’s a waste of time responding to them. :)

  7. iMuslim says:

    hema: I hope you feel better today, my darling. You are very brave to be able to teach 17 year olds! If i ever get a webcam, one day (after i get broadband, one day, inshallah) i’ll teach you the ways of the Ninjabi, so they know not to mess with yous! ;)

    Mouse: I checked out your tag… was tooooo funny (but i don’t usually say ‘usually’).

    Unique: We’ll all watch you and make suggestions! I can’t think of any off the top of my head, though… hmm. *contemplates*

    Lucy: Yes, i think you should! And how many guys do you know, anyway?!

    Manas: :P

  8. *Hugs Hema*, lemme know anyway if someone is bothering you, I got people ya know…well what’s the Yellow Pages for? :P

    Hmmm I’m still thinking and analysing myself while talking (you see I speak a lot of arabic in between my english). This experiment may take a while!

  9. iMuslim says:

    You can do it in Arabic! How awesome would that be? Hint: Very. :D

    [Just remember to translate, for us mere, non-Arab mortals ;) ]

  10. hema says:

    today was a lot better imuslim thanks. mainly because i hit the offenders where it really hurts them, their E.M.A! (i’d add a link in here explaining what that is for anyone outside the UK, if i knew how to hyperlink in the comments section :(
    hey, we spent some time today looking at how american english is creeping into british english via the media, and “whateva” came up. i think you are spending too much time with organic :) (hey organic, you are tagged as well remember, add some epyptain words in! )
    is unique from america too? ooh please add some arabic words in, i want to learn too :)

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