I’m all alone!

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// January 9th, 2007 // Blog

It's midnight in London and my parents have just driven off in the car and left me on my lonesome!

No, they haven't eloped.

There is some kind of family problem that they have to deal with in Blackburn – a town over 300 miles away in the North of England. I'll spare you the details, but let's just say they have to be at the Royal Mail depot by 6 am, if they are to succeed in their mission.

*cue Mission Impossible theme music*

So now, i am here in an empty abode, with nothing but the house mouse to keep me company.

*sound of mouse-trap snapping*

Err, scratch the company bit; I'M ALL ALOOOONE!

Seriously though, i pray they have a safe journey as it's a really crazy time of night to be driving; the journey will take five hours, MINIMUM. Alhamdulillah, my parents have the company of three other passengers; i instructed them to keep yapping away with my mum (the driver) in order to keep her awake at the wheel.

The Resident's Prayer for the Traveller
I leave your religion in the care of Allāh, as well as your safety, and the last of your deeds. [Ahmad & At-Tirmithi]

And now for something completely different…

Internet Explorer for Mac has made an enemy of me! I rarely use it anyway; my first choice is Firefox, then Safari and if they fail, I.E. is dragged out.

But look at what it's done to my blog!!!!!


Has anybody else experienced this problem? Please let me know if so!

Update on the I.E. problem
Well, alhamdulillah, it didn't take me more than a few seconds to figure out why I.E. was not loading the background image on my blog.

Here is a little CSS lesson on the background property tag, for anyone who's interested.

Oi! You at the back, stop yawning!

Anyway – I am not so familiar with XML, but it seems that I.E. cares a lot about whether you use single or double inverted commas when quoting the URL that hosts your background image.

So this works:
background: url (http://blah.com/blah/blah.jpg) repeat;

But this doesn't:
background: url ('http://blah.com/blah/blah.jpg') repeat;

Firefox & Safari don't seem to care either way, which just proves that I.E. is the most petty-prima-donna-drama-queen of a browser, out there!

Oh, btw, i'm still alone…

12 Responses to “I’m all alone!”

  1. Isha' says:

    Have you ever tried opera? (I use opera 9 on a SuSE 9.0). It’s wonderful.

    The best thing is it always remembers the pages you got open. So if it crashes or something happens, next time you start it, it’ll grin happily at you with all the pages you had open.

  2. Isha' says:

    Have you ever tried opera? (I use opera 9 on a SuSE 9.0). It’s wonderful.

    The best thing is it always remembers the pages you got open. So if it crashes or something happens, next time you start it, it’ll grin happily at you with all the pages you had open.

  3. Faraz says:

    IE for Mac is discontinued; it’s quite some ways behind the plethora of better browsers available on that platform.

    I’ve never been a Mac owner, dabbling between Windows and Linux primarily. But from what I’ve heard, Camino is one of the best browsers for the Mac.

  4. Faraz says:

    Oh, and as for loneliness.. yeah, that gets tiring after some time. But I think it’s good to have that experience for a while when one is still young. I’ve been more or less living on my own for over six years now, and I truly believe it’s made me a better person.

    Blackburn is quite an amazing city from what I’ve heard. I’m told the Muslim community there is excellent.

  5. Isha' says:

    You are right Faraz, but loneliness when you don’t want it is as bad as company when you want to be lonely… :)

    Wishes for your parents, iMuslim

  6. Isha' says:

    You are right Faraz, but loneliness when you don’t want it is as bad as company when you want to be lonely… :)

    Wishes for your parents, iMuslim

  7. Sumera says:

    Its actually better to travel in the dead of the night up the M5 than during the day. Its deserted and you can drive as fast as you want!

    I made numerous journeys up that stretch of the motorway when was living 400 miles away from home. And believe it or not, you eventually get used to it. I quite miss travelling now.

    Loneliness….can be boring and tiring but agree with Faraz, gives you the scope to better yourself and you may even realise your own company is by far better than being around some people who yapp incessantly til your ears fall off…

    May your parents return safely, Insh’Allah :)

    And as for your IE problem…I dont have a clue!

  8. iMuslim says:

    Salaams folks,

    Never tried Opera. I’m quite happy with Firefox, but sometimes certain scripts (usually on forms) don’t work well and that’s when i use IE. Even though it is a pile of pants in every other dept., it works well with forms!
    Jazakallah for your regards.

    I am so behind with all the latest software updates on the iMac i use at home, because i only have dial-up internet access; it’s really not worth spending one week downloading all the various programs i need! At work, i use an iBook which is up-to-date due to the ethernet connection.
    Wrt loneliness, i was just being melodramatic. My parents are already on their way home, inshallah!
    Blackburn has a very prominent Muslim community, but like Leicester, it is pretty segregated. The people are lovely, mashallah, and the girls are the trendiest Muslimahs in the country (well, out of London, Leics & other Northern towns).

    Naughty girl, speeding on the motorway! Aren’t there speed cameras in operation on the M5?
    I do prefer my own company, even when my parents are at home! I’ve had to get used to it, seeing as i’m an only child. *violins play*
    My parents and I eat together and chat somewhat, but then i usually disappear up to my room when my they slump in front of the TV.

  9. Lucyp says:

    I agree with Isha’ about Opera as i use it a lot, that and Firefox.
    I do have a few peoblems with some sites where the words disapear off the left hand side of the screen but no problems here.

  10. Daniel says:

    Sorry about that. My Aunt made a post this morning and, silly me, I forgot to log in as myself. My deleted comment was as follows:

    “I’m wearing dark sunglasses as I type. I now understand what my cattle see most of the day (that is when there’s not a drought).

    Hi, Z…., how goes your life other than being alone? I was going to jump on a plane and come over to woman-sit you but my partner protested, said it didn’t seem right, that people would talk! My Aunt wasn’t pleased either. She’s so old-fashioned.

    Ah well, guess I’ll just have to send you a few hugs.

    P.S. Hope to hear from you soon, have you add some ‘colour’ to my blog.


  11. iMuslim says:

    Daniel, i take it you’re not so fond of my new template? Green is meant to be soothing to the eyes!

    My life is OK, alhamdulillah… I have been trying to settle back into the lab-home routine. Sleeping very odd hours; feeling hard-pushed to get out of bed before 10 am these days!

    Your partner and aunt are good women; i agree, it wouldn’t be proper for you to woman-sit me! My parents are home now anyway, so not so alone anymore. I’m such a big baby!

    Sorry i haven’t been commenting on SU lately. I have been checking in everyday, i pwomise! I didn’t feel much up to contributing – sometimes i just like to read. However, i have just left two comments on your latest entries, so you best appreciate them, “mate”!

    Take care!

  12. Daniel says:

    I’m full of appreciation, Z…..!

    I agree with you about the just wanting to read sometimes. I do the same but rarely because I just can’t help myself!

    Anyway, knowing you’re in safe hands again means I’ll be able to sleep at nights.

    Take care, ‘Mate’!

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