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I was wandering through the blog rolls, when i came across this little gem at a site called Fajr (the Arabic word for dawn):

'Ali ibn Abi Taalib (may Allāh be pleased with him) one day saw his wife Fatimah (may Allāh be pleased with her) using a siwaak (a tooth stick) to brush her teeth. He constructed the following lines of poetry on the spot!

قد فُزتَ يا عودَ الأَراكِ بثغْرِها
ما خِْفتَ يا عودَ الأراكِ أراكا
ولو كُنْتَ مِنْ أَهْلِ القتالِ قتلتُكَ
ما فازَ منِّي يا سواكُ سواك

You have seized her mouth, O 'uud of al-Araak!
Were you not afraid, O 'uud of al-Araak, that I would see you?
Had you been from those who I could fight, I would have killed you.
No one has been able to defeat me O siwaak, except you.


Is it pathetic that my heart melted at reading this brief anecdote?

I can just imagine the modern day version of the scene:

Fatimah has had a hard day and she is dreaming of her bed. She's tired, her hair is unkempt, and she has just dressed down into her baggy PJs. She performs wuḍūʼ and walks out of the bathroom with the toothbrush still in her mouth, not caring about her dishevelled appearance – she can think of nothing but sleep.

She nonchalantly looks up to see her husband, 'Ali, watching her from afar with a charming grin on his face. He strolls over to her and gently pries the toothbrush from her hand. Understandably, his action leaves her perplexed, but before she has a chance to rebuke him, he addresses the offending item with a curious rhyme.

He cheekily glances back at his wife; her look of fatigue has transformed into a beauteous smile.

Subhanallah, how does he know? How does he know just the right words to say to make my day complete?”, she muses to herself.

At this, she proceeds to reclaim her toothbrush from its jealous foe, and lovingly nudges him in his side as she walks past, now on her way to check on the children.

Life continues, but with a spring in its step. This, to me, is romance.

16 Responses to “It’s the little things…”

  1. Isha' says:

    So this is for the males ‘who do not understand’!

    Wonderful piece, though!

  2. Isha' says:

    So this is for the males ‘who do not understand’!

    Wonderful piece, though!

  3. isha' says:

    Let me rephrase it.

    This will help males ‘who do not understand’.

  4. isha' says:

    Let me rephrase it.

    This will help males ‘who do not understand’.

  5. islandamazon says:

    beautifully written it is the little daily beauties that hold the most romance and those who see them are blessed with long caring relationships. Here’s to the romance of the simple!

  6. Sumera says:

    Awww, that was adorable :D I love reading about Fatima (ra),she was an amazing woman.

    That was too cute :D

  7. iMuslim says:

    For those who don’t know, ‘Ali was a cousin of the Prophet Muhammad and Fatima was his youngest daughter (peace and blessings of Allah be upon them all). As such they are role models for every generation of Muslims, all over the world. We often hear of their noble works, their charity, their courage. Although we love them, their high status can distance them from us in our minds – who are we low-lives in comparison?

    But to read a story such as this brings them that little bit closer, because love and romance are universal concepts. This story makes them more real, and thus more approachable. This story may help us to become better people, as through it, we are reminded that two wonderful individuals who lived many moons ago are simply human, like us, and so it might just be possible that we too can be good, like them.

    All this from a few lines of poetry? It must have been love.

  8. iMuslim says:

    IA: Here, here & welcome to my little blog garden. I imagine you found me through Seeking Utopia? I actually visited your blog yesterday. Was very impressed by your ability and was too humbled to leave a comment! Shall try to soon though.

    Sumera: Where you been, girl? Glad i’m not the only mushy one ’round these ‘ere parts.

    Mouse: Ditto above – been busy with school stuff? Don’t you know, skool’s 4 fulz? JUST KIDDING – don’t you dare drop out!Teenage-girl-romance bug? I’ll have you know young lady, that one is never too old for romance. Unfortunately, one can be all too single, so Ameen to your dua!

  9. AnonyMouse says:

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww, masha’Allah, how adorable!!!!!!!

    I just love stories like these… aahhhhh, it’s the teen-girl-romance bug!! :O lol, just kidding… ;) :P

    May Allah grant all of us single Muslimahs (and Muslim dudes as well!) amazing spouses who follow the example of the Prophet (SAW) and the Sahaabah… ameen!!!!

    BTW, cool new template! :D

    Your little sister in Islam,

  10. Farzeen says:


    SubhanAllah! Tremendously beautiful and elegant. :)

  11. Daniel says:

    IMuslim, I’m trying to write this comment but the green is spilling from the screen, it’s enveloping me, it’s covering me, help I can’t breathe…

  12. Lucyp says:

    Excuse my ignorance but what is wudhu?

  13. Sumera says:

    Its nice to see love, romance, affection were very much alive in those days. Currently some relationships consist of nothing but exerting rights over one another which is a sad existence and a sorry state for a marriage to be in.

    I reserve this mush for special occasions, otherwise I am staunchly anti-mush!

    I’ve been snowed under with domestic duties iMuslim! and my brain feels a tad squidgier than usual. Must be all those chemicals in the cleaning products…

  14. iMuslim says:

    Farzeen: Wa ‘alaykum salam sis. Poetry has an elegance all of its own.

    Daniel: IT’S ALIIIIIIIIIVE!!!! *B-movie horror scream*

    Lucy: Wudhu is the ritual act of ablution that a Muslim needs to perform in order to be pure for prayer. It involves washing the hands, the insides of the mouth & nose, the face, and the arms, followed by wiping of the hair and ears with wet hands, and then finally, the washing of the feet. It is also beneficial to perform wudhu before sleeping, though it is up to the individual.

    Sumera: Oh you poor dear. You sound like a 21st century Cinderella! I’ll be your fairy blog-mother; now let’s get you to the ball so you can marry the Prince (William? No, William’s mine, you get Harry!) and we can all live happily ever after, inshallah. Sound good to you?

  15. Sumera says:

    Id’ve much preferred William than his ginger haired brother Harry! I think I’ll stay a spinster..

    My domestic duties shall end once my parents return from Hajj. Currently going through the motions of the typical frenzied cleaning…dusting the cobwebs that appeared in their absence!

    I shall go to the ball….you can join me iMuslim.. :D

  16. iMuslim says:

    Oh yes, let’s!

    But only if it’s segregated, mind. I want to dress up!

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