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International “Wear Your Kaffiyeh With Pride” Day

// June 1st, 2008 // 46 Comments » // Blog

HELP NEEDED: I need help circulating this press release about Kaffiyeh Day, especially to the US press. Please leave a comment at the end of the press release post if you can be of assistance.

UPDATE 1: Please change your Facebook profile pic on the 6th to either of the following – especially suitable for those who cannot get their hands on a kaffiyeh on time, but want to show their support. They also make great blog buttons! Click on the links below to be taken to the image, and right-click, save, to download it to your computer:

Click here to download one of five comic book hero designs by

Click here to download this design by

UPDATE 2: I've also created a Flickr group, along the same lines as the event page:

UPDATE 3: Someone contacted me suggesting that participants of the event should also make sure to contact DD and demand that they offer an apology. Contact details have been added at the bottom of this post.

UPDATE 4: I wrote an article explaining Kaffiyeh Day from a personal perspective for – read it here.

UPDATE 5: I wrote a “scientific” paper based on the preliminary results of the Kaffiyeh Day study. :)


Counter-Terrorism Bill – Great Quote

// April 2nd, 2008 // No Comments » // Blog notified me of a recent House of Commons debate on the Counter-Terrorism Bill. Browsing through I was particularly tickled by the following speech made by Robert Marshall-Andrews, Labour MP for Medway (I especially liked the bit I highlighted in bold):

In the past six months, we have heard a great deal about Britishness—indeed the former Attorney-General was put in charge of it, perhaps as a consolation, but more likely as a punishment for his term in office. In truth, that was wholly unnecessary. We do not need to be taught about Britishness, or about flags and ceremonies. Britishness has many great attributes at its root, but civil liberties are not one of them. Civil liberties are not an attribute of being British. They are the defining characteristic of our nation. They are what we are.

That is not hyperbolic; I mention it simply because what comes from it is the enormously high burden and standard of proof required in this House if any Government attempt in any way to circumscribe or check those liberties. My first point, which has been made extraordinarily well already, is that there is no evidence whatever to vote for the Bill—none. Hopeful statements of desiderata are not evidence. Statements from senior police officers saying, “I would really like this,” or, “I would really, really, really like this,” or, “It would be very useful,” or, “I need this,” are not evidence. Evidence is what needs to be put before the House, and there is none, so the Bill must not be voted for.

Read the rest of his statement here… 

Benazir Bhutto: RIP

// December 27th, 2007 // 9 Comments » // Blog

I didn't believe what I was reading when I clicked on the MuslimMatters bookmark in my feedreader: Benazir Bhutto has been murdered in a savage terrorist attack. This is a tragedy for the entire country; not due to the loss of a controversial political leader, but due to the destruction of civil diplomacy, liberty and justice.

May Allāh have mercy on the soul of our sister in Islam; may Allāh have mercy on the citizens of Pakistan.

MM: Benazir Bhutto killed in Terrorist Attack

Petition To Release The Hostages

// August 14th, 2007 // No Comments » // Blog

The Afghanistan hostage situation involving the South Korean aid workers being held by the Taliban, is spiralling out of control. If any more are killed, it could force aid agencies to pull out of Afghanistan — denying millions of Afghanis the help they need after years of war.

The Taliban are guided by the Afghan Pashtunwali code, a principle that requires “hospitality to all, especially guests and strangers” – and this kidnapping is a clear violation of the code, offending the weary people of Afghanistan on whom they depend. So it's time for the global community to stand with Afghanis and South Koreans, demand that the Taliban to honour their code and release the rest of the hostages.

Sign the petition NOW!

The Pashtunwali code sounds a lot like the Islamic code of conduct, which includes not harming innocent men and women, not harming those who have been given a promise of protection by the Muslims and their leaders (these people entered Afghanistan with permission, and with seemingly noble intentions), not harming those who you have a treaty of peace with (i assume Afghanistan in not at war with South Korea), and a whole bunch of other rules, which basically make this whole kidnapping wrong. But common sense will tell you that much.

It's a little sad that these kidnappers are being appealed to on the basis of culture. Does that mean they are more likely to be swayed by their tribal code (even if it is Islamic in nature), rather than the moral code set down by the deity they profess to worship?

Put another way, what words will cause them to release the hostages: “Fear for your reputation!”, or “Fear Allāh!”?

That is actually something we all need to think about, when it comes to our day-to-day actions. How often do we avoid sins, so as not be thought badly of, rather than because we know that Allāh sees all, hears all, and knows all? Would we even sin half as much, if we really understood this concept; that is, if we had true Ihsaan: to worship Allāh as if you see Him, or at least to know for certain that He sees you. So, although it is easy to criticize these people for their actions, we have to wonder, how different are we really to them? Sure, most of us aren't in the business of kidnapping, but going by our present behaviour in lesser matters, would we be so principled if we were in their shoes? Food for thought, most definitely.

May Allāh grant freedom to all those who have been unjustly imprisoned, and grant us true Ihsaan. Āmīn.

To My Little Sister

// August 6th, 2007 // 2 Comments » // Blog

Inspired by this article.

To My Little Sister

How much you are missed
by those who have never met you?
How many tears have been shed
by eyes that have not seen your face?
How many hearts wring with pain
of those who only love you for the sake of Allāh?
How many fists slam in anger
of those left behind to question: why?

Abeer; your name means fragrance.


Talk About A Crazy Idea!

// August 6th, 2007 // 1 Comment » // Blog

Lately, my catchphrase has been all about the “crazy ideas”. It's obviously just a light-hearted attempt at not taking my odd suggestions too seriously. Then i came across this idea, which is not only crazy, but down right terrifying! The comments gave me some reassurance that many American citizens disagree with the strategy, but considering Barack Obama's latest crazy idea regarding Pakistan, well… i don't know what to think, really.

P.S., As a Muslim, i have no fear that any person could destroy the Holy cities of Makkah and Madinah; history has already proven that these sites are protected against the arrogance of potential invaders. And it really is the epitome of arrogance to think that such a tactic would 'put Muslims in their place'. If anything, threats to destroy the beloved sanctuaries of any people, would make them more defiant. I really hope this Tancredo guy is a one-off goof ball in American politics. Oh wait – Bush and his cronies are still in government. Damn.

Related posts at Muslim Matters & Bruise Falling.

It’s Safer Indoors

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PM defiant over 'al-Qaeda threat'

Lord Stevens, Mr Brown's new terrorism adviser, said the attacks signalled a “major escalation in the war being waged on us by Islamic terrorists”.

I'm thinking of printing T-shirts that say:

There is no such thing as an Islamic Terrorist!


Islamic Terrorist = Oxymoron

I would've gone for the forehead tatoo, but y'know, OUCH… and haraam (thank God, cos OUCH).

And thanks to Muslim Matters for highlighting this 'must read' article that clearly explains the unIslamicness of terrorism (proof that the argument is not a knee-jerk reaction to events, post-9/11).

Btw, is it me, or has everyone just assumed that the London car-bombs were Al-Qaeda related? I'm sure all the 'hallmarks” were there… blah blah blah. Whoever was responsible: they're clearly a bunch of idiots, that deserve punishment. Just not the collective, indiscriminate kind, please.

Second anniversary of 7/7 coming up this week… UK threat level at 'critical'… fledgling PM looking to exert his new found authority… i'm suddenly happy to be pseudo-incarcerated in my home, for the time being.

May Allāh help us.

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Extraordinary Rendition

// June 27th, 2007 // No Comments » // Blog

An interesting Westminster Hall debate on the act of Extraordinary Rendition, brought you by They Work For Included, are some good examples of politicians bickering over irrelevant details. If you can't be bothered to read the entire thing, please at least pay some attention to Sarah Teather's speech; she is the ministerial representative of Jamil El-Banna, who is currently rotting in the bowels of Guantanamo Bay.

Sarah will be one of the speakers at this event, taking place this Saturday, in London:

South London Man in Guantanamo: Shaker Aamer

This letter from Shaker to his family, disturbed me:

“I am dying here every day, mentally and physically. This is happening to all of us. We have been ignored, locked up in the middle of the ocean for years. Rather than humiliate myself, having to beg for water, I would rather hurry up the process that is going to happen anyway.

“I would like to die quietly, by myself. I was once 250 lbs (17 stone 12 lbs). I dropped to 130 lbs (9 stone 4 lbs) in the first hunger strike. I want to make it easy on everyone. I want no feeding, no forced tubes, no 'help', no 'intensive assisted feeding'. This is my legal right.” Shaker Aamer, 2nd November 2005

Please keep all these brothers in your prayers.

Oh… btw… we have a new Prime Minister. I wonder, has anything really changed?

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A Question of Guilt

// February 16th, 2007 // 1 Comment » // Blog

Italy orders CIA kidnapping trial

Who is more guilty?

The Americans who ordered the rendition, the Italians who assisted them, or the Egyptians who performed the torture?

Personally, i think they're all sick.

Causes of Terrorism in the UK

// October 26th, 2006 // No Comments » // Blog

Comment made on Women of Faith. Date unknown.

I doubt that there is a link between racial background and terrorist activity. It is simply a fact that most of the muslims in the UK are from migrant families from these areas of the world.

The reason why young men are targeted more (both by police & supposed “terrorist recruitment agents”) are that they are more likely to release their frustations via violent means. I was going to also suggest that the widening education gap between the sexes in this country may contribute, but then i remembered that many of the alleged and actual terrorists have been university-educated brothers from middle-class backgrounds!