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Heart Softeners

// June 26th, 2008 // 4 Comments » // Blog

Two heart softeners from my feed reader this week…

Campaign Alerts

// June 25th, 2007 // No Comments » // Blog

For the attention of all British Citizens & Residents:

Please click on the link below and sign the petition demanding that the government stops the extradition of British citizen Babar Ahmad to the US and puts him on trial in the UK:

For more information on the case, please visit


For the attention of all Global Citizens:

The initiative was first announced in Washington during the ADC Annual Convention on June 10, 2007

Can unarmed civilians break the siege of Gaza?

We can try


Sweet Idea Needs Your Help

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“Borrowed” from


My name is Bryn and I'm an Australian Muslim who is leaving for Indonesia soon and has a very quick, but important request to ask of people before I go!


My mum is working in Indonesia and has become friends with a teacher at a rural Indonesian 'pesantren' (Islamic boarding school). Apparently most of her friend's students are terrified of Westerns, and basically equate Westerners with people who want to hurt Muslims (sounds a bit like some of the misconceptions we get over here in reverse!)

Our idea…

Together with my husband we've decided to make a collection of photos and short messages from Muslims living in the West, and most importantly, from Muslims for whom Western countries are our homes. Basically if you're Muslim and feel some connection to a Western country, we'd like to hear from you!

What we would like you to do…

**Before the end of May 2007** Send us a photo and a short message…

Photos – Send 2/3 of your favourite photos – you with family, friends from uni/work, interfaith gatherings… whicever you think fits with the message that you want to send. The idea is not to say that the West is faultless and wonderful but that, like Indonesians, and Muslims everywhere, it's complex and can't be put into a box. And hey, there's a decent number of us who are Muslim!
(Quality of the pic – we need it to be good enough that we can blow it up a bit when printed)

Message – short and sweet! grin We'll be working to translate all your messages into Indonesian, so please don't write too much! A catchy line or two would be perfect.

Something along the lines of… introduce yourself… my name is ___, I'm ____ ( e.g. Lebanese Australian) I am married… (family stuff is good!). And then something to do with your home/experiences… I live in Canada/a small town/a big city, I work with people who are European, have friends who aren't Muslim…

Pick the message you want to get across to students in a village somewhere who are scared that all Westerners (including us!) don't like them and, given the chance, might want to hurt them. The idea is to reassure them that we're not all that bad! Write it in English or Indonesian and send it through to Bryn and Ro at:

This request – Pass it on!

Look forward to hearing from you soon inshā’Allāh!

It’s All About HIM!

// May 21st, 2007 // 4 Comments » // Blog

I never usually read advice columns in the papers, but for some reason, this one caught my eye. I love the response to it. He really did deserve it, i think!

Dear Mariella:
'I was with my partner for 15 years before falling for another woman with an intensity I've never experienced. Foolishly, I confessed to her and now I am on my own …'

Mariella replies:
Did you expect your partner to thank you for confessing your feelings for another? If there is a word like 'lobotomy' that relates solely to the removal of our romantic instincts I'd like to hear it. Meanwhile, how did you expect your partner to live with you in this condition?

Read the full story here


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I saw this advert for the first time, last night, and it completely freaked me out!

Loving that Desi Feeling

// April 29th, 2007 // 1 Comment » // Blog

For all my fellow Desi bloggers, and anyone else who happens to be interested, please check out brother Mushir's latest entry on his trip to his home town of Khambat; a truly inspirational read, māshā’Allāh.

Khambat is a celebration of life, of children, of family, of ties, of relationships, of people, of love.

A First

// April 22nd, 2007 // 19 Comments » // Blog

Unique Muslimah has done it again… a powerful piece of fiction, that speaks straight to the heart.

She was embarrassed, she didn't want to cause a scene, she wanted to scream and tell him to stop, but what would happen then? She had never been in this situation before, she was confused, frightened, scared. “Protect me Hani, don't do this in public” she told him, edging away. He woke up from his trance. He looked at her and told her, “We're in love, we have the right to do this“. She shook her head, “No, not here. When we're married”. She had made it clear, didn't she? But he ignored her and pulled her into his arms again, trying to kiss her. He needed her, the atmosphere was so right. He just wanted a kiss, a taste. He wouldn't give up until he had. Shayma squirmed, tried to break free, but he was stronger.

If i could, i'd dump her whole blog on I J T E M A – but she hasn't offered to bribe me, yet. Plus, we're trying to employ an unofficial rule of not linking to the same blog too often, in order to highlight 'lesser known' gifted writers. So, instead, i shall honour her with a link on my 'lesser known' blog.

Organic's comment in response to the entry also deserves a mention; it spoke volumes to me:

When you truly love someone, you would want to preserve their self dignity and honor. You will try to raise them above you, you want them to be better than everyone–including yourself. You will never try to hurt them. You will protect them. Your own selfish needs will become unimportant. When you love, you respect.

Hani doesn't respect his fiance. He thinks only of his own needs. He might think he loves her, but love can never hurt, right?

This Is Just Too Funny

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I think i may be a little out of date with this, but i'm linking to it anyway…

Frisk me, I'm Muslim

More T-shirt slogan hilarity here.

Warning: there are a few shots of sisters in T-shirts – so if you're not into that kind of thing, then you know not to click!