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Brass Crescent: Best Group Blogs

// November 30th, 2008 // 16 Comments » // Blog

I am so happy to see that both and have been nominated under the category: Best Group Blog, of this year's Brass Crescent Awards. Alhamdulillah!

I can't take any of the credit of course. Other than being group efforts, I have not devoted enough time towards either of these sites for the past few months, because of newer projects that I have undertaken. They are like the middle children who have been neglected after the new baby enters the household!

But these nominations are proof that they are still growing well, under the care of other devoted family members, māshā’Allāh.

I am now in a sticky situation: which 'child' to vote for? Sophie's Choice, much?! Help!

Brass Crescent Awards 2008 | 1429

// October 9th, 2008 // 2 Comments » // Blog

The Brass Crescent Awards are here again. I'm not sure who to nominate, except of course…


We received a 'special mention' or something last year, but this year we must win, inshā’Allāh. New look, new writers, new competitions – a whole new MM! is not really a group 'blog', plus we have our own plans for blogosphere domination, inshā’Allāh. So I'd rather peeps nominate MM (if you even care about my opinion, that is!).

They have a BEST FEMALE BLOG category, which I think my dearest sister, Organica (previously known as Organic Muslimah) should totally win. Vote Organica!

But the description for that category irks me somewhat:


A Complete Beginner’s Guide to RSS

// July 21st, 2008 // No Comments » // Blog

Anyone who spends any time reading news or blogs on the Internet must have seen the term RSS thrown around, or seen this ubiquitous little icon: feed-icon-14x14

And yet, many are still unaware what RSS means, what it does, and why you should be taking advantage of it. It's simple, fun, and can save you a lot of time in your daily dallying on the wonderful world of the Internet.

Continue reading over at…

Reminder: Podcast Reviews

// June 29th, 2008 // No Comments » // Blog

Not sure how many of you read them, but just in case you forgot… I am writing a series of podcast reviews for I'm aiming for once a week (usually Saturdays), but it's been more like once a fortnight on average!

Anyway, I just posted an entry reviewing the Western Muslim podcast. Please check it out and leave your comments there so I know that you're reading. HINT HINT.

My previous reviews can be found here.

Podcast Review Series

// May 4th, 2008 // No Comments » // Blog

I have posted my first podcast review for Ijtema. Check it aat, innit.

Plus a big “what the hey?” at the election of Boris Johnson as Mayor of London. And a huge “May God save us all” at the election of a British National Party rep to the London Assembly. They needed 5% of the total vote to get in – they got 5.33%.

Not cool, people. Not cool at all.

It really makes me wonder what Londoners have been smoking lately – and how desperate certain members of the white population must be to vote for a bunch of bigoted racist scum, like the BNP?

At this rate, I may consider spending the next four years back in Leicester.

Welcome to Ijtema 2.0!

// April 16th, 2008 // No Comments » // Blog

Alhamdulillah, the new site has finally been launched!

What you have to look forward to:

  • A beautiful new layout, māshā’Allāh.
  • Jazakallah khair to Shazia Mistry for working on the web design, and Teakster for his efforts with the new Ijtema logo.
  • Over the next week, Multimedia comes to Ijtema:
  • New video content thanks to a collaboration with
  • Coverage of the Islamic Arts scene by Teakster.
  • I will also be making serious use of my iPod to keep you up-to-date with the latest Islamic podcasts, inshā’Allāh.
  • The Ijtema Photo Contest
  • You can finally satiate your curiosity, as the winners have been announced!

There is actually more to come for the site, which we will unveil in good time. But for now, enjoy the new features, and please give us your feedback via this link (comments are closed on this post, as encouragement!).

May Allāh grant us success, āmīn.

Photo Contest Now Closed

// February 23rd, 2008 // 4 Comments » // Blog

Ijtema’s First-Ever Photo Contest!

// January 11th, 2008 // No Comments » // Blog

Titled: New Year, New Hope. Open to any Muslim who owns a camera! So get started, and pass the word on:

To start the new year with a bang, and as part of our drive to introduce more varied content onto, we have decided to host our very first competition in the form of a photo contest, titled “New Year, New Hope“. Please head over to our Flickr group to read more about this exciting project, and register your interest:

Also visit to find out more.

Ranting on Ijtema

// November 12th, 2007 // No Comments » // Blog

I've received a semi-complaint by a lovely reader, enquiring when i was going to post something the rest of you guys can read! Well, i did today, but it's over at Ijtema: The Muslim Bashing Must End.

I'm getting pretty fed up with Muslim-on-Muslim bashing. No, i'm not referring to the Shia versus Sunni violence prevalent in Iraq, nor the Sufi versus Salafi rhetoric found on countless forums and blogs spread across the net. Rather, I am referring to this kind of talk:

“Oh, the Muslims are so stupid…”

“Oh, the Muslims are so lazy…”

“Oh, the Muslims are so backward…”

Blah! Blah! Blah!

All from the mouths of everyday Muslims.

Don't you guys get it?



I look forward to your comments, inshā’Allāh. And yes, i was quite annoyed when i wrote the entry – can you tell? {grin}

Please also check out the latest MuslimMatters entry written by bro Amad, about saying Neo to Giuliani!

This is a campaign to bring all Americans together, liberals and conservatives towards a common cause: keeping, what Tom Hayden calls, the most dangerous candidate, out of the White House! If you don't like George Bush's policies, then you should know that Giuliani is far more of a threat to world peace than Bush ever was.

The non-US readers may think, “So what? This doesn't concern me!”, but it really does. America is not called a “super-power” for nothing. The least you can do is keep abreast of US affairs, even if you cannot directly influence them. Please read the entry, and sign up to the campaign if you agree with the sentiment.

Comments on this entry are closed – please leave your valued thoughts at the entries highlighted above!


// October 15th, 2007 // 11 Comments » // Blog

Right at this moment, as i type these words, i feel like i am going to explode with anticipation. It could be the effect of have two coffees in one day (i rarely have coffee, though i love it – i'm quite sensitive to it), but most likely, it is because i am at one of the most exciting, and hence, daunting, points in my entire life. I really cannot begin to explain how many things are about to change, potentially all at the same time within the next few months. I often have to make myself forget this fact, because when i remember – like just now – i become overwhelmed, and i have no idea what to do, other than whisper: Allāh, help!