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Protected: He Think He So Gangsta [RegOy]

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Well, DUH

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BBC News: Australia 'has Iraq oil interest'

Australian Defence Minister Brendan Nelson has admitted that securing oil supplies is a key factor behind the presence of Australian troops in Iraq.

In comments to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Mr Nelson admitted that the supply of oil had influenced Australia's strategic planning in the region. “Obviously the Middle East itself, not only Iraq but the entire region, is an important supplier of energy, oil in particular, to the rest of the world,” he said.

“Australians and all of us need to think what would happen if there were a premature withdrawal from Iraq.

“It's in our interests, our security interests, to make sure that we leave the Middle East, and leave Iraq in particular, in a position of sustainable security.”

But Prime Minister John Howard was quick to play down the significance of his defence minister's comments.

“We didn't go there because of oil and we don't remain there because of oil,” he told a local radio station.

“A lot of oil comes from the Middle East – we all know that – but the reason we remain there is that we want to give the people of Iraq a possibility of embracing democracy,” he added.

Emphasis mine… and what an emphasis. When i read that statement, i couldn't help but shout “BULLSHHHH…..” – believe me, it took me ALL my strength not to finish that word.

But, in the end, who cares? Do we really need them telling us what is so clearly obvious? How many people have actually been sucked in by this whole “democracy” argument? I am one of the most politically naive individuals i know, yet even I smelt the oil-soaked rat, way back when this whole nightmare-of-a-war was being proposed.

It's just plain insulting to make such an admission, while having no plans to move troops out of the area in the near future. I would have had more respect for all the parties involved, if they went in stating their true oil-motivated intentions, rather than letting them slip in a PR blunder, years later. All this “democracy” carp (sp intentional) is so patronizing, and disgusting.

Manas congratulated Australia*; i feel like giving them a slap around the face, with a wet fish.

*in his defense, i just learnt that he was being sarcastic… thank God!

Greetings from a Friendly, Suicidal Pooch-Eater

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Hello my friend!

I am ready to kill myself and eat my dog, if medicine prices here () are bad.

Look, the site and call me 1-800 if its wrong..

My dog and I are still alive :)

Exact copy & paste of an e-mail i received on 28 April 2007, at 21:03:40 BST

Absolutely Moronic

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BBC News: Clashes involving police and fans during the Champions League tie between Roma and Manchester United have horrified football fans.

Some Manchester United fans were attacked before they even reached the stadium.

Steven Fitzsimons, 51, was stabbed in the thigh. He and his five friends had been dropped off at the wrong end of the ground by their taxi driver. Suddenly they were surrounded by six masked Roma fans, all of them carrying knives.

“We were ambushed,” said Steven. “There was no warning.

“I was punched in the back of the head and fell to the ground.

“I have a deep stab wound in the top of my leg near my buttock. So far I have had two minor operations.

“The doctor has said I am a very lucky man. If had been two centimetres to the left it would have hit an artery and I would have been dead on arrival – so I am pretty happy to be here.”

Two of Steven's friends were also stabbed in the backside. One of them is still receiving treatment.

Football hooligans are idiots. Full stop.