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How I’m Feeling

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The End


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Today, i used four different ways to communicate with the same individual: Facebook, mobile phone, SMS and e-mail*.

Is this a sign of the times, or what?

*Oh, i forgot to mention my blog, which makes five – i mean, technically it is a form of communication, as long as they're reading it. Crazy…

Update: We decided to go for broke, and had a short convo via Yahoo IM, just for the sake of my blog entry. Was my idea – yes, i am that sad!

Arabicized Self-Deprecation

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When i get bored in meetings, i often doodle in my notepad; it looks like i'm making notes, whereas in fact, i am usually practising my Arabic writing skills.

This is an example of what i wrote during yesterday's meeting:


Transliteration for those who cannot read Arabic:

Ah feel sa-too-bid

Note: There is no 'p' in the Arabic alphabet, so 'b' is used instead, when transliterating from English into Arabic.. e.g., Bebsi, bizza, etc.

Well… i did, at the time!

Ooh, question! Should there me a hamza on top of the aleef? I'm still confused by the hamza: when should it be used??

I’m On Fiiiire – Woo!

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Firewire icon

I just luuuurve FireWire.

Integral USB Flash Drive

Estimated transfer time for 1.75GB of data from iBook to 2GB Integral Courier USB 2.0 Flash Drive: 3 hours.

Click Wheel iPod

Estimated transfer time for 1.75GB of data from iBook to 20GB Fourth Generation iPod via FireWire: 5 minutes.


Random Thoughts At 1am

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I've been flicking through my archives, trying to figure some things out. I can't believe i only started blogging last October; it feels like much, much longer.

Depending on my perspective, 9 months (well it's actually been less than that, but let's not be pedantic) seems like a life time, or a blip.


Look What I Just Bought

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I'm not really a trend-setter; you have to be cool for that. However, i have decided to be a little different this Summer, and have invested in a parasol. I have only seen Chinese/Japanese tourists use them, but never anyone else… definitely not any Muslimahs. So, i just ordered this one off Ebay…


Lilac; one of my favourite colours. There was also pink, blue and red, but this just seemed more “me”. Subtle, yet pretty. (Hah!) This option is definitely cheaper than investing in a pair of designer, prescription sunglasses, which i will only wear for about five hours in total, over the whole year! I wonder if i will get away with the Oriental look?

Protected: I’ve Made It! [RegOy]

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Word of the Day

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Word of the Day for Wednesday, May 23, 2007

redolent \RED-uh-luhnt\, adjective:

1. Having or exuding fragrance; scented; aromatic.
2. Full of fragrance; odorous; smelling (usually used with 'of' or 'with').
3. Serving to bring to mind; evocative; suggestive; reminiscent (usually used with 'of' or 'with').

I am really liking this word, and i thought that i would share this random thought with you all. It's such a beautiful word, don't you think? In both sound and meaning. It kinda makes me happy! Strange me.

Has anyone noticed my Word of the Day RSS widget in the side-bar? I have been subscribed to their e-mail service for years, yet i'm not certain that i have learnt one single word in all that time! I do read the e-mails, but unless you make sure to use a new word on a regular basis, it won't be stored in your memory. Words are like men – they have commitment issues! *badoom tish*

Another word that i liked recently, but one that is not so nice in sound or meaning:

Word of the Day for Wednesday, May 2, 2007

termagant \TUR-muh-guhnt\, noun:

1. A scolding, nagging, bad-tempered woman; a shrew.
2. Overbearing; shrewish; scolding.

Don't ask why i kept this e-mail… i just can't seem to delete it! I think it's like a small reminder to myself: do not become such a person. No idea. Maybe i'm looking for some cool put downs: how to insult people without them realising it. Evil genius me.

The Best Jumu’ah, EVER!

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My experiment worked, and i received chocolate* in the mail… could Allāh be anymore kind to me?

{massive grin}

I'm in danger of hugging random strangers, that is how happy i feel!


Definition of Torture

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When your boss kindly brings in a box of the finest, dark, Belgian chocolates for his lab group, forgetting that one particular member, who happens to be a notorious chocoholic, (i.e., me) cannot eat anything that contains alcohol (i.e, said chocolates).

*lifts the box up to her face*


No! *slaps hand away*