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How Old is iMuslim?

// November 9th, 2009 // 3 Comments » // Blog

Well, as of this entry, the blog is 500 posts (and just over three years) old. I have deleted the majority of posts created during the period of experimentation with imported status messages, so it is an official milestone this time – no cheating.

I now present my – I mean, my blog's – birthday wish list. And if you think birthday presents are too much of an innovation, then consider it an ‘Īd al-Aḍḥa wish list instead:

  • a Nintendo Wii, with Wii Fit/Active/Sports/whatever makes me sweat and get fit enough in the privacy of my own home, to eventually allow me to return to the kickboxing classes that I so dearly miss.
  • a compact DSLR
  • a decent haircut (blonde curls are a real possibility – an in-joke for my FB sisters)
  • a Maths tutor
  • a big ol' punch bag, like I saw on TV last night. Awesomeness!
  • Really good chocolate. I mean, so good that I don't care that it makes me fat, because it's that amazing. Cadburys and Thorntons do not fit in that category at present. Maybe Hotel Chocolat?
  • a trustworthy builder to knock down the wall that currently separates our two living rooms, so that the middle room can finally have some natural light, and not be so depressing a place to sit in – especially during the Winter.
  • a jacuzzi
  • someone that makes me feel less 'bleurghy'
  • a good, non-trivial, real life, face-to-face conversation, that doesn't involve discussion of the weather (unless it's related to a debate on climate change), or the stupidity of lecture timetables.

List to be updated as and when I – I mean, my blog – decides.

Btw, the above wish list is clearly pure self-indulgence. There are many things that I – and my blog – wish for, that are less selfish, and more altruistic. I am very blessed with what I already have, alhamdulillah, and don't feel at all lacking in respect to material goodness. I just felt like writing a 'me, me, me' post today. :)

What's on your (or your blog's) wish list?

Media Hypocrisy On The Female Image

// October 26th, 2008 // 10 Comments » // Blog

I'm sat here watching the News, trying to motivate myself into getting ready for the second day of the GPU. You'd think being a hijabi means I don't have to concern myself too much with my “image” but you'd be wrong.

I wouldn't say I spend hours agonizing over what to wear, or how to make sure the colour of my headscarf matches my shoes, which should also match my handbag, and shiny hijab pin. I only own a handful of handbags and shoes, which usually makes my choice simple: black, white or pink (c'mon, I'm a girl!).

Then I see a report that reminds me that McCain's VP, Mizz Palin has spent $150K on a recent “makeover”. I remember being mildly shocked at the amount when I first heard it a few days ago, but this time my reaction was more sympathetic:
“Of course she did. Imagine the headlines if she was seen twice in the same outfit!”.

Though I could never agree with anyone burning that much cash on cloth, nor am I any kind of fan of Palin, she really is in between a rock and a hard place being a female public figure.

Male politicians are expected to wear suits, which all kinda look the same; the most daring mark of self expression and individuality being their choice of tie colour. As long as the shoes are smart, it matters little how much they cost, or how many times they've been worn.

But not for women. And here, female commentators are the worst. Positively bitchy! Whether it's the fashion mags or the News at 10. Slim women are “anorexic” and blamed for poor body image amongst teens, but then are ripped to shreds when they put on a few pounds.

Shut up you silly mares! Honestly, get a real job! Stop bringing your own species down with your back biting and hypocrisy. Ergh!

Anyway, now I'm running late so I better head off. I'll continue this rant another day (no doubt!).

My Mac Family: The New Addition

// August 1st, 2008 // 12 Comments » // Photos

It's a new MacBook, alhamdulillah! Well, new-ish… I bought it second hand, but it's less than a year old, māshā’Allāh.

My New Mac Family

My New Mac Family

From right to left (also from oldest to newest): My faithful iMac G4 (aka the “iLamp”); my 'foster' iBook (soon to be wiped and returned to its true family: my old research lab); my iPod Touch (the 'baby' of the family); and finally: my funky MacBook (the black sheep of the family – badoom tish. Hang on, the Touch is also black. Oh pants!).


Fast Cars, Chaste Women

// December 25th, 2007 // 21 Comments » // Blog

I have found a new love.

And its name… is Top Gear.



// September 11th, 2007 // No Comments » // Blog

iPod Nano

iPod Classic

iPod Touch

I have actually misplaced the Firewire lead to my existing iPod… so maybe i finally have a real excuse to buy a shiny, new, gorgeous, makesmedrool, iPod touch?


Look What I Just Bought

// May 25th, 2007 // 9 Comments » // Blog

I'm not really a trend-setter; you have to be cool for that. However, i have decided to be a little different this Summer, and have invested in a parasol. I have only seen Chinese/Japanese tourists use them, but never anyone else… definitely not any Muslimahs. So, i just ordered this one off Ebay…


Lilac; one of my favourite colours. There was also pink, blue and red, but this just seemed more “me”. Subtle, yet pretty. (Hah!) This option is definitely cheaper than investing in a pair of designer, prescription sunglasses, which i will only wear for about five hours in total, over the whole year! I wonder if i will get away with the Oriental look?

Muslim Consumer Survey

// March 16th, 2007 // No Comments » // Blog

I was sent a request by the 1990 Trust to take part in a Muslim consumer survey. Below is the text from the e-mail. Although it specifically mentions the UK, i reckon the PoV of Muslims living as minorities in other Western countries (i.e., all you Canadians & Americans lurking out there) would be just as valid, inshā’Allāh. You don't need to give your name or age to take part.


Protected: It’s that time of year, again

// February 10th, 2007 // Enter your password to view comments. // Blog

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// November 18th, 2006 // 5 Comments » // Blog

Yes, i know i said my next post would be on something completely different, but i wanted to quickly discuss the collapse of a company called Farepak.

The idea behind Farepak and other such saving schemes is that a client hands over a certain amount of their spare cash during the year to the company, who then keep hold of it until Christmas. This way families on low-to-moderate incomes can ensure they have some savings ready for the typical Xmas-splurge.

The BBC interviewed a few of the families whose savings were sadly lost during the infuriating process of fat cats passing-the-buck. Now they are proposing to refund 4p for every pound lost – what a blinking slap in the face! It's the fat cats who deserve a good slap. Just do what the school-yard bullies do – grab the schemers by the ankles, turn them over, give them a good shake, and i'm sure you'll collect enough money clips to reimburse everyone, with enough left over for a decent Xmas dinner.