Our True Enemy: A Powerful (If Not Blunt!) Reminder

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// July 27th, 2012 // Blog

From Sh. Abu Eesa's Facebook page

AE ART – The Eighth Chapter

Allāh jalla wa 'ala says, “And then Iblis said, 'Because You have put me in the wrong, I will lie in wait for them on Your straight path: I will come at them – from their front and their back, from their right and their left – and You will find that most of them are ungrateful.'” (7:16-17)

I want you to cast your minds back a few months ago when we started to get those horrific pictures and videos from Syria where Bashar al-Assad's mercenary killers were going around massacring the wives and children of the Mujahideen to break their spirits. They were videoing their beheadings and torture. People witnessed and felt pure evil and we were repulsed by it. And devastated.

But in addition to that grief, all of us – especially those directly affected – even if we might be the most softest of pacifists, felt sheer rage towards these criminals. And I am confident that every single person reading this would not find it difficult to exact revenge on these criminals, even capital punishment. Or let me make it even more graphic and please note that I *don't* apologise for this: imagine you come home to find a man stabbing your toddler to death – I can guarantee you that you will kill that man in a manner that you never ever thought it possible from yourself. The rage you will develop, the anger that will come forth, the focus you will show in trying to save your child and to extinguish the threat will all be quite extraordinary. And I guess, quite appropriate.

So here's the thing: every single moment of every single day, there is a criminal out there who is infinitely more evil than all of the psychopaths above, who is focused on doing nothing else but torturing you, your children, and all your loved ones for ever. And ever. And ever. And his name is Iblis. His name is Shaytaan. His name is the Devil. And it doesn't matter what his name is, he knows yours.

He's not interested in killing your mother. Or stabbing your child. Pointless. Waste of time. Small fry stuff that. Let some freak in a Joker haircut and a Bane costume do that bakwas. In fact, I personally wish, and I mean this folks, I *wish* that this was *all* Iblis could do in our lives. But he's far too big-time for that nonsense. Why stab your child to death and cause it pain for only a few minutes, or traumatise you as the parents for a few decades, when he can make that child grow up to adulthood in a certain way and then ensure that he boils and roasts him alive for ETERNITY in the Fire and for you to witness that for the same eternity but also whilst suffering the most incredible torture and punishment that is possible for your limited mind to imagine.

And you know what? He LOVES that. It gives Iblis a buzz to think that he can take all of us out like that, get us off the Straight Path

I don't swear in public, well, not properly anyway. I don't curse peoples' mothers (because “Your Mum” isn't a curse as you've seen me prove a number of occasions but anyway), but I must admit that I spend significant parts of my day cussing the life out of Iblis's mother. Man, I don't know even know if he had a mother, has a mother, or even the fiqhi issues behind it and neither do I care – but what I do know is that I cuss the **** out of Iblis every single day. I picture him in my dreams and enjoy torturing him, stabbing him in his eye and all sick things like that. I fantasise over burning him. I motivate myself every morning with the simple fact that I will NOT let that scum cursed pig have a good day at my expense. No sir.

We have to change the rules of the game. At the moment he's having a BALL at our expense. We've got to implement the words of Allāh: “He is your enemy, so TAKE him as your enemy!” The ayah above shows his absolute commitment to his job, that he won't spare any expense or any effort. He's going to come at you from every angle, from the top, from the bottom, from the left, from the right, from the front, from the back, open to your face, hidden from your eyes, directly, indirectly. He's all OVER you. Man, he's *owning* you.

I mean, are you kidding me? We took the world's greatest and most evil force, and we painted him a nice dark red, gave him a pointy little fork, a cute little tail, shiny eyes and a cheeky smile. And then we made him the international symbol for foods and sins or anything which is “naughty…but nice”.


We made him into a logo for the world's biggest sports team. We made him the representative of everything which is daring and exciting. We made him into a ruddy cartoon character for God's sake, where our children watch him and giggle at his antics and feel sorry for him when he gets hurt.


Oh you think that's *me* going too far? You think that having the devil in cartoons for your kids, or Muslim organisations using cute giggling little (big?) devils in Arab promo videos to try and get people to pray or wear hijab isn't like the most naive thing in the world ever in this eternal war? See? THAT'S why I said you guys have been owned.

How on earth are you ever going to take seriously the threat of Allāh that the Devil is your open, clear, deadly and dedicated enemy – something which He warns us about at *least* fifteen times in the Qur'an, yes FIFTEEN – when all you want to do is giggle at him?

One thing known from the Prophet (s) is that even the Devil speaks the truth. And when I heard our Imam recite the last part of this verse where Iblis says, “…and You will find that most of them are ungrateful,” I thought to myself Subhanallah how true is that. How much care and warning does our Lord give us, how much help, how much of a heads-up, but we're so so stupid. So so stupid. So so ungrateful for that warning and advice. We just think it's all one big Disney cartoon. “Oh, I've forgotten which rak'ah I'm praying. Silly Shaytan! Bad boy! Let me just do another extra one giggle giggle.”

Imagine if we could picture Iblis like we picture that murderer of our child – imagine if you could create in yourself that same anger and focus against this true real enemy of yours. I swear by Allāh that Iblis is infinitely more times evil than even the biggest mass murderer of children. So start to show that and up your game against him and his tricks and his whisperings and his domination. The more you can actualise him, like the Prophet (s) was blessedly able to do, even once grabbing Shaytan mid-attack on him during his Salah, by the THROAT no less (Ya salaam!), the more you can immunise yourself to his dying mission: to send you and your loved ones to Hell forever.

The fightback starts here. In sha Allāh.

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