Wanted: British Muslim Bloggers

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I don't know enough of them… they must exist. Where are you?

If you're a Muslim blogger based in the UK, please leave a comment below with your blog address in the URL bar. Alternatively, paste the relevant link in the comment field… but a warning that your comment may get spammed if you add too many URLs.

22 Responses to “Wanted: British Muslim Bloggers”

  1. I’m Muslim…. I blog…. that makes me a muslim blogger :D


  2. hfm says:

    No funny business plz.

  3. piniyini says:

    Does the blogger in question have to post about muslim topics?

    iMuslim: No, not really. I’m just looking to network with UK Muslim blogging types more. :)

  4. ammena says:

    Im back in UK now after spending last 4.5 years in Canada… does that count?

    iMuslim: Ya-ha. :D

    Btw, don’t you guys know of any other Brit bloggers aside from me, and yourselves?

  5. ammena says:

    you want others too… how about…

    to name just a few of my regular haunts :) masha’allah

  6. sis says:

    don’t forget sister Fatima Barkatulla:


    Sh. Abu Eesa:


  7. AnonyMouse says:

    Well, technically Canada is under the sovereignty of Britain, soooo… I count? :p

  8. iMuslimah says:

    Asalamualaikum wahrehmatullah

    A few of mine:

    http://www.imuslimah.co.uk (includes a blog and other stuff)



    Also see my blogroll:

    I’ll add yours on if you want?

  9. mummyjaan says:

    That sounds awfully snooty, you “British Muslim” blogger, you; and it makes us Irish ones feel terribly left out….*makes a sad face.

  10. iMuslimah says:

    I’m in wales if that makes you feel better mummyjaan?

  11. Wasi says:


    I have a few blogs:

    – my random blog on one of my myspace accounts (haven’t updated in ages):

    – one that I contribute to:

    – and my latest one (poetry, photos and other stuff):

  12. Azzam says:

    Just in the process of developing the blog.

    But we are based in the UK.


    I run several projects online.

  13. mummyjaan says:

    Do you know Umm Saalihah’s blog? http://happymuslimah.com She also links to some other UK bloggers.

  14. Azzam says:

    If any of you are interested in writers to write guest posts on your site then give us a shout. The main area we write on would be about personal development.

    It just means you get a guest writer on your site just to feed more content to your readership. Its a win/win.

    Just head over to iinclude.com and drop me an email.

    My site does focuses on personal development and making money online. This is simply because at the age of 31 I am retiring from work in November to pursue the purpose of life and not focus on working any more.

    A lot of people have asked me about achieving that level of financial freedom and I would by the will of Allah like to give that back to whoever wants it. And generally I do not want to be talking to people about these issues any more and just redirect them to the website. Saves repeating things again and again.

    If you want to check out some other stuff I have written then check out blogofislam.com, however you will be able to read the guest post prior to posting.


  15. Munira says:

    I am also a Muslimah that blogs !
    So I am a blogger :D

    My site is http://www.practisingmuslimah.blogspot.com

  16. Sarah says:

    Do I count? I’m a muslim wannabe-blogger. Basically I’m new to this whole blogging shenanigan, and thusly could REALLY use some blogging tips. Err, I have a grand total of two posts so far, and after skimming through Karim Baz’s ideas for making blogs successful, then referring back to my own blog, I’ve sadly realised that I’m doomed to fail unless I do something radically! iMuslim, throw me a kind word of advice wont’cha?!

    p.s I’m desi, and I have fairly good command of the English language.

    p.s.s It is the most disheartening thing in the world when you look at your blog stats and you hurrah cos you’ve had ten views or summat, and then you realise it was just yourself clicking back onto your own blog….

    lol. jazakallah.

  17. iMuslim says:

    “It is the most disheartening thing in the world when you look at your blog stats and you hurrah cos you’ve had ten views or summat, and then you realise it was just yourself clicking back onto your own blog….”

    Indeed, most disheartening! I am also used to this phenomenon. {sigh} Anyway, welcome to the blogosphere! ;)

  18. UmmZ says:

    I follow this one.

    Am thinking of blogging but not sure if I want personal information out there in the web for all to see. :)

  19. UmmZ says:

    I just noticed mummyjaan already linked to UmmSalihah’s blog. :)

  20. Salaam Alaikum,

    You know me already :)

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