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It's funny… I made all the effort of moving my blog to a new, independent location. Furnished it with a unique theme, that suits my needs, and reflects my personality. Added widgets and codes that do my bidding, and enhance functionality.

And yet I seem to have missed the part where I actually reveal my thoughts, share my life, and generally – y'know – blog.

I just don't have much to say, these days. I still have my random thoughts, and enough footage to make at least five short videos (unfortunately, I recently discovered that I am not so keen with the editing, hence the delay in producing new stuff).

I think all the “rant” has left me. That's what started me off on this blogging malarky: pure frustration with my situation, and a longing to reach out and connect with others who may just be as peeved as I am.

Alhamdulillah, I seem to be less frustrated these days. That's a good thing for sure. But I actually enjoy blogging… especially the aforementioned connecting part.

There are still things in my life that I find somewhat annoying. However, they're all to do with me.

That didn't make sense.

What I mean is: the only frustrations I feel comfortable in making public, are the ones that are external: such as my PhD, society, politics (okay, rarely politics), and the odd dodgy marriage-related dillema.

But I don't want to share the frustrations I have with myself. Perhaps it's a matter of protecting the ego, or just a desire to avoid excessive self-indulgence.

It's not that I'm never tempted to pour out my soul to the world. Especially when it concerns matters of the heart. Oh, the cheesy poems that my mind comes up with! You should be thankful that I am sparing you. Really. I'm doing a public service here.

At least pictures say a thousand words. I'm currently doing an Organica/ Shazia, and attempting to keep the blog alive with the odd photo entry. It's not the same as writing though… It's funny how I've come to appreciate the medium, considering that I've never aspired to become a writer.

You know what? I just really need a job. It has to be a job – I have too many degrees.

Though I did have a random thought the other day about doing a Masters in – well, I'm not sure what; just a Masters degree – if/when I reach 50 years young. At that point, I'd be studying purely for the sake of learning about this crazy world. It wouldn't be about my career, or pleasing my parents, or shutting up the neighbours (actually, I've never studied for that reason – not sure why I mentioned it). Just learning 'cuz I'm a four-eyed nerd, through and through, and that's how we roll, bebeh.

Okay, I've run out of things to ramble on about. Plus, dinner is on the table. Though I'm not all that hungry… I swear that I could get away with one meal a day, if my mind was sufficiently stimulated. Yesterday (or was it the day before – I've lost track of time), I went on a coding spree to make-over the SignLabs website, and even the smell of my favourite home-cooked meal couldn't tear me away from the MacBook. I ended up eating dinner at 7am.

Anyhoo… Is there anything you'd like for me to write about? Something other than the Theory of Evolution: I am working on a collaborative piece, in that regard, and I'll be sure to make an announcement when it's ready, inshā’Allāh.

Anything else?

What can iMuslim do for you?

12 Responses to “Beyond Blogging”

  1. hfm says:

    You need a MUSE, that way you’ll always be passionate and occupied,or something.

    I was thinking the other day that you never blog BLOG like you used to on the wordpress site, I think I haven’t been on the blogosphere for long but it’s a fluctuating and totally personal thing, you get bloggers who blog twice a day and still have more to write every day, they flood your Reader until you just unsubscribe and never read them again. I think blogging is a totally a unique experience so take it how you like, anyhow I don’t think all this matters.

    As for education, do my degree for me plz? I’ve never been passionate about it so I marvel at you wanting to study more!

    Stay smiling.

  2. Organica says:

    I really hear you on this one. I miss blogging but I have nothing to blog about that won’t directly be personal. And I am not ready and never will be to share that publicly.

    I’ve been wasting all my energy in outdoor activities and the such.

    Guess what? I printed out a few of our London and Ireland photos and hung them on my magnet desk board. It makes me happy to think of happy times.

    I think there is like 27 school days left.

  3. Manas Shaikh says:

    Well, what can I say?

    A little community work, and long term plans keeps me going. I have plans. Big plans. :)

    Allow me to spin off here. Yesterday I was chatting with a friend, and he’s planning to start-up with a $400 thousand investment. I asked him how much does he have, and he said about $400.


  4. iMuslim says:

    @hfm: “they flood your Reader until you just unsubscribe and never read them again
    That made me laugh! I have definitely removed people from my reader for such crimes, haha. :D What are you studying again? I may just help you out if it’s interesting enough… ;)

    @Organica: I think of you every time I don my hot shades. Yeah baby! haha
    27 sounds like a good number… I can imagine you leaving now! :)

    @Manas: You mean, he wants to start up his own business, and needs $400K worth of investment? Eep…

  5. hfm says:

    English language with Lit minor.

  6. AnonyMouse says:

    I miss it – and you – too.
    I think it’s all part of a blogger’s evolution… how and why you started blogging, and then the path that your pursuits take afterwards.
    I, for one, have learned the value of silence (or relative silence anyway, hehe).

    I do remember that what kept me blogging before was passion about the subjects I wrote about; and I think that strong interest and care about something is the key to what keeps you going on whatever it is you’re doing (whether it’s blogging, community activism, whatever).
    Sometimes we grow older and wiser, and learn that one need not hang onto something merely for old times’ sake… so maybe that’s the case with blogging for you :)

    In any case, most things in life organically evolve and slip away, and new (better?) things replace them. There are no doubt other ways to fill the void that blogging fulfilled; other methds of communicating and connecting… and hey, as long as you’re content with your life, alHamdulillaah :)

  7. Manas Shaikh says:

    Yes. $400k of investment. That too, in India. And he thinks it’s a good idea.

    Well, it’s a good idea if it works. Only way for him is to get a sponsor. A venture capitalist. If that works, then fine. Otherwise, he needs to move on.

  8. Specs says:

    I know that hte only reason I don’t feel like blogging anymore about personal issues is that a) I’ll have to face it myself and b) there are other, bigger concerns in my life. In a way, when you get a proper site and have a huge network, they become like family… it gets hard to share and you have to worry about repercussions. Its irritating, really.

    How about you write about what you are filling your days with? I’m curious!

  9. Shah says:

    It’s so strange the way that we in the west, subhanallah, have quite a bit of time for reflecting over our Quality of Life..are we getting what we want from it, etc…as oppose to simply gratitude for the blessing of being able to worship Allah, to know our purpose of creation. It is strange – we probably all do it at times.

    BTW have you learnt Arabic – it sure is worth being proactive about it before you get bussy.

    Anyway my list for you sister:

    a) Put up an ayah that just baffles you when you come across on – the chances are that others will also be reminded of it’s reflection in their own lives too.

    b) Your opinion/reflection on certain community issues, basically society- similar to the ones which you used to write on integration of Muslims into their respective environments and so forth (even though I [personally didn’t agree with the opinion of a Muslim standing with “his/her Conscience” – as said on MM. Still I think your musings help us all to form our own thoughts and deveolp them further, which may be a good thing inshallah. Also on the stuff that you get from the MPs

    Also finally, a side note which I was going to email you, but preferred for it not to become a private message ‘coz we’re all pious and all that..Please, please, don’t feel like you are missing out on anythign in not bei9ng married right now. I swear by Allah, He has an appointed time for everything, EVERYTHING. And their are Wisdoms. You know that. If it was good or you to be married right now – HE would have had you done with ;) by now. But it wasn’t and isn’t. This IS your chance to make differences (Islamic Reliefs, Counsellings etc)which you will not be able/want to most likely later on. Your two feet won’t move from before Allah before you answer for your time, your life, your youth and wealth (the less a student has the better!)Prepare an answer – before you get hitched and then..then you know the story. The Ummah needs people like yourselves to make the differences, no matter how little they may seem to you or doesn’t ever need people who have large amounts of time to feel sorry for their predicaments (Read: blessings). Few people have the links and academic abilities of yourself, and blessings of Guidance. May Allah give you Tawfeeq.


  10. shah says:

    Ok, I should have known that that wasn’t a welcome comment – and so I’m not sure if its any benefit requesting: that you share any nice pieces of inof from talks/almaghrib courses that you get to attend.


  11. iMuslim says:

    @Shah… chillax bra. Just because I don’t respond, doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the advice. I do. I just forgot to write back! :)

  12. shah says:


    Khalas I’m outa here..

    Leaving with the following though inshallah,

    Sufyan ath Thawri rahimahullaah:

    Verily, when Allah withholds, He actually gives, because He did not withhold on account of miserliness or stinginess, but rather He looked at the benefit of the servant.

    So the fact that He withheld is actually His choice for the servant and His excellent decision.”

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