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Tweaks: it's amazing how much time I can spend (some may say “waste”) making little changes to a website, both aesthetic and functional. For example, I must have spent a good few hours 'tweaking' this blog yesterday, making adjustments that, in all likelihood, will only be noticed by myself alone.

In fact, let's test that theory: I made four changes to the site in total. The person who spots all of them will win cheers and my admiration (sorry, I can't afford anything else right now).

Tweets: my latest status message should have already notified you of my decision to become a Twit. It's more a matter of gaining experience, rather than anything else. I don't see it changing my life. In fact, I plan to cheat and only update my Twitter stream with the same status info that I post on Facebook, via

Twoughts: I miss Don't get me wrong; I lurve my new site, especially all the extra room I have for customization. But the problem is, I seem to feel the loneliness more in this big, ol' house. The previous site was definitely more 'cozy'. Indeed, I can tell from my stats and the number of comments that I don't get as many visitors popping by as I did before.

There are a few reasons for this, I suspect.

It'll take time for this site to make its way up the Google index, especially as only a small fraction of people have updated their blog rolls with the new URL (big hint). Plus for some odd reason, many people are still subscribed to the RSS feed of the old blog, without bothering to at least add the new feed address – what's with that?

In addition, it's harder for users to follow me now, as they can't make use of the very nifty “My Comments” feature. Commenting is half the fun of blogging, and a quiet comments section makes for an unhappy blogger.

Finally, I wonder if I'm just not as interesting now that I've finished my PhD, and have generally less to write/whine about? Maybe whatever drew people to my humble blog to begin with, has been diluted down in all this extra space. I'm definitely less outspoken, even on other people's blogs.

In one sense, that's a good thing: the less I say, the less I am accountable for. But I do miss the buzz of an active blog, especially contributions from the “old gang” of regulars. Where are you guys? I know you haven't all been married off – marriage being the death of most forms of activism.

I don't live to blog, but I do blog to “live”. And I need more excitement in my life, yo.

So unless you want me to start writing silly marriage articles again, speak up already. Else I will have to resort to a triple feature on polygamy, hijab, and the role of women in society, and watch this place BURN.

Btw, twoughts isn't a real word – unless you're Tweety Pie, and you twought you twaw a puddy cadt.

Though now my iPod dictionary seems to think that it is (I'm blogging from bed again). All for the love of alliteration…

8 Responses to “Tweaks, Tweets & Twoughts”

  1. Media Guy says:

    One change: Your Facebook logo thing now incorporates twitter and the natural logarithm of Linked too.

    Second change: You changed colour for “Subscribe to” button. Don’t know if that’s recent.

    Third change: This probably doesn’t count, but it’s a change nonetheless. The latest article is now “Tweaks, Tweets & Twoughts”.

    Can’t spot any other changes.

    You know, I’d quite like some anarchy resulting from your “silly marriage articles”, so I’m going to be quiet now.

  2. Organica says:

    Ahh. I am subscribed now to both :)

    LOL. I forgot I was a blogger this week when I randomly checked my favorite links and remembered I should at least update with a picture. Blogging and reading blogs seems to have out run its course for me. I have to deal with “real” life now. Sucks.

  3. iMuslim says:

    Media Guy: First change = correct! Second is also correct in that it is not one of the recent changes (plus I am sure we discussed it at some point). Third change… now you’re grasping. Besides, I pointed to changes I made yesterday, so this new post definitely doesn’t count!

    That means there are still three changes left to be discovered!

    : At least you’re now subscribed to the new one. Dude, you’re meant to be my biggest fan! Act like it. :p

    I think “real” life is another reason many of the old bloggers are silent these days… and I am not making enough effort to find new ones.

  4. Manas Shaikh says:

    “Present ma’am.”

  5. Farzeem says:


    The good thing is that this new blog doesn’t change cute smiley faces into sinister grins. :D

    So this isn’t real life? And all this time I thought I was conversing with humans and not robots… well thanks for the clarification! :P

    Keep busy doing those lovely things that keep you busy i.e. documentaries and other projects. Insha’Allah we hope to find even greater works coming from you, so keep at it (talk about pressure eh?! :))

  6. Farzeen says:

    oops.. *ahem*.. that should be FarzeeN :D

  7. AnonyMouse says:

    Blame it all on real life. I was just wondering the other day what happened to all my blog peeps, who witnessed the blog birth of a fuzzy pesky little mouse who is all grown up now into a full-blown rodent, and helped create the transformation that took place.

    I kinda-sorta-not-really miss being a real-life loner but a social butterfly in the blogworld. Oh, the trade-offs we are forced to make…

    P.S. I am a Tweety Pie and twought I twaw a puddy cadt! :D

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