International Law – So What?

// January 19th, 2009 // Blog

International Law.

What is it?
When was it written?
Where can I find a copy?
And most importantly – who is it enforced by?

Because according to several commentators, Israel has repeatedly broken “international law” and is guilty of committing war crimes – and not just with its recent acts of depravity in Gaza – but since its inception.

Humanitarian laws, U.N. resolutions, the Geneva Convention, etc, etc… blah blah blah.

So. What.

Have they ever been held accountable for it? What is the point of establishing a system of law, that is never enforced? Is it some kind of political in-joke?

“Oh, look… there goes Israel, breaking 'international law' again. The rascals!”

Let's face it. No-one can seriously expect the US or UK governments to enforce this fabled “international law”, as many of their members would be the first ones to be prosecuted. In fact, most nations with any influence and power are guilty of something.

I really hate to write blog posts that are essentially pointing out the obvious, and complaints with no merit; a modern version of armchair politics. But I find such blatant hypocrisy and idiocracy so darned frustrating, it has to be vented somewhere.

The PSC has issued a press release giving further details of Israel's recent, alledged war crimes. I don't know why I used the word “alledged”. It's not like they are going to court. Not in this life, anyway, subhanallah.

I couldn't read it all. It just became a string of meaningless words and statistics after a while.

I watched Disc 1 of Occupation 101 last night. What touched me most was the following scene of a little Palestinian girl complaining about the destruction of her personal possessions:

YouTube Preview Image

I have actually seen that clip before, online, but it touched me even more this time round.

All I could think was: “What a little madam!”

She reminds me of so many cute girls that I have known over the years. The kind you just have to engage with, because they are oh-so-clever, with their big words, and telling you what's-what! And when they fall, or break their favourite toy, and the tears inevitably begin to fall, you are compelled to hug their pain away, and say: “Shh, baby. Don't cry. I'll buy you a new dolly”. Even if you're skint broke, and have never met them before in your life: the tears must stop.

That's all I wanted to do for that little girl.

I'm sorry to rub it in. To repeat what has already been written. Even this same apology has been written over and over.

I'm also sorry for not giving equal attention to all the other ongoing disasters in this world. Indeed, I am most likely being played by the fickle media machine.

But, in my defence: what laments a sick person the most? The crippling, chronic arthiritis in their joints, or a freshly sliced stab wound to the guts?

8 Responses to “International Law – So What?”

  1. Organica says:

    I watched Occupation 101 on the bus returning from the D.C. protest. All I can say, I cried through the whole thing. Some friends had to calm me down. Could all this be true?

    I was old enough around the second intifada when it started in 2000. I remember the bloodshed. I remember the pictures then too.

    Palestine will never die nor will the resistance to the terror state, Israel. I will be first in line to offer my support to my brothers and sisters in Palestine. Surely the victory is for the Mu’mineen.

    In the mean time, let us spread awareness and support them financially. The little girl will grow in blind hate, with one goal in life: vengeance.

  2. shaz says:

    sigh. i would not attempt to watch that, i think it would cause me no sleep for months. more sigh.

  3. Mythos says:

    Very good article, thank you for posting.

    ~ Mythos

  4. Manas says:

    I don’t understand. Anything.

  5. djbarney says:

    I call it “the racket”. It is assumed that those on the end of the acts of violence will propagate that violence, yet I was listening to a story of a Rwandan woman who had lost almost everything. Yet she had this revelation that “she is free” as she put it. She is not either angry or violent but living and improving her life and others. I don’t say this kind of thing lightly. I have had acts of violence carried out against me (long story) and I went through a period of terrible anger and fury, but I simply refused to give in. I felt like they would win if I carried out similar acts of violence. At the time it feels “weak” to “do nothing” but in time I’ve come to realise that that allows far, far more powerful forces to come in. Forces for good.

  6. Lucy says:

    The harsh facts are that prosecutions under International Law can only be bought against the countries that the few big guys don’t like. If USA or GB don’t want to press for action, nothing will happen. The veto in the UN held by the big 5 is a bad joke that needs to be removed and as we saw with the Iraq war, if they don’t like the outcome they just ignore it anyway.
    Israel HAVE been performing war crimes for many years against the Palestinians, every authority from thre International court to the UN has condemned them and they have countless UN resolutions pased against them that they have willfully ignored but all the time they have the USA and UK watching out for them, they can do what they like and get away with it.

  7. Sumera says:

    I suspect its a chunky article, made up of various sub headings and further footnotes :-/

  8. hfm says:

    The video made me cry.
    The little girl’s matter of factness just emphasises how accustomed these innocent hearts have become to the harsh reality which surrounds them.

    It’s so painful.

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