An Evening in East London

// December 21st, 2008 // Photos

SimSim and I went on a little 'adventure' last night in our efforts to find an ice rink in East London.

First, we went on the bus towards Stratford – the future home of the 2012 Olympics, inshā’Allāh. On the way, we got stuck in traffic on Green Street, one of the main districts for S.E. Asian shopping in London. However, it is also the home of West Ham United football ground; so Saturday nights tend to bring out the footie fans.

Unfortunately, the rink that we were intending to visit had mysteriously disappeared. A drastic change of plans was required. SimSim had it on good authority (well, her sister told her) that there was a rink in the O2 centre, previously known as the “Millenium Dome“. In all my years in London, I'd never actually visited the Dome, so I thought, “what they hey, let's do it!”.

Unfortunately, we only found a dry, indoor ski slope… and I didn't feel that adventurous.

So we continued on to the nearby Docklands – London's modern financial hub – to seek out the Canary Wharf ice rink; a dead cert that we had seen advertised online.

Huzzah! Success! Oh wait… does this mean I have to ice skate now? Eep!

I forgot to mention that I'd only been skating once before in my life, around six years ago… and during my ice-capades, I fell over three times, resulting in a nasty bruise to my left butt cheek. Umm, too much information?

Well, after a lot of girlish screaming, I managed to do the improbable, and stay up on the ice long enough to glide around a bit. SimSim was my rock… in fact, most of the time, I was clinging onto her (when I wasn't clinging onto the sides of the rink for dear life). She also provided a lot of my propulsion power, as I haven't quite figured out how to… erm… well, move forward on my own. Look, staying upright is hard enough!

We were doing really well. We had witnessed many tumbles, scrapes, and crashes, but had managed not to lose balance once during the entire session. Even after a random boy decided to grab onto me as he was falling over!

Then, on the way to the exit, something terrible happened… yeah, I fell… but, with grace. In other words: the other cheek is still intact. The hardest part was getting up. Once again, SimSim proved herself, and helped pull me to my wobbly feet. I guess the evening would not have been complete without me looking like a complete idiot (as if the previous 45 minutes had not been enough).

Check out the other photos from my evening in East London:

Football Fans Crowd Control The O2 Outside the O2 Outside the O2 -2 The Thin Blue [Dotted] Line
Inside the O2 Bubble World Blue Bubbles The Green Lantern Giant Snowflakes Motion Blur
More Motion Blur Even More... Snowboarding Inside the Mother Ship Priority Carousel
Horsies Ice Skating City Skaters Lights, Camera, Action What Time is It? Three Clocks
Christmas in the City A Commercial Christmas

9 Responses to “An Evening in East London”

  1. hfm says:

    Awww, ice skating is so much fun when you go with people who have NO idea how to skate.You fall, laugh and take pixx of each other falling/laughing.

    Sounds like you had an amazing time, London looks gorgeous in December.We’ve got lights up here but I think Canary Wharf takes away the pretty award of Dec 08!It’s gorgeous!


  2. falakk says:

    Omg! You guys had so much fun! And here I am…stuck at home and avoiding much needed revision. Sigh.

    Love, Falak

  3. Organica says:

    The pics are awesome. You have a lot more guts than I would ever have. I wouldn’t dare try out skating. I am a coward like that.

  4. biscuitinabasket says:

    I’m trying to organise a company outing – ice skating outside the tower of London – this venue is open till the 11th of Jan 2009 (if you feel brave :D )

    btw – trying not to fall is the greater fun in ice skating… going round in circles is for losers :D

  5. AnonyMouse says:

    Ice skating ROCKS!!!!! But I haven’t gone since earlier this year when we organized it for the sisters at the Masjid.
    The best thing to do is go with a few friends… link arms together (with noobs like you in the middle :p) and then have the experienced ones whisk you along while you scream in terror! :D

  6. Shahrzad says:

    I adore ice skating, though i didnt have an opportunity to try it. Maybe someday..
    Your fotos are so gorgeous.. ;)
    Are you feeling well now? Your poor back.. lol

  7. ammena says:

    u found a dry slope? maybe u can show me next time im down so i can bring my board with me :D insha’allah.. looks like u had a good adventure masha’allah

  8. iMuslim says:

    It’s in the middle of the O2 centre, amenna. Can’t miss it!

  9. May says:

    Thought I recognised that St.
    Ice skating is brilliant, looks like you enjoyed yourself ;)

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