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My mother used to say:
(And sometimes she still does)
The heart is like a china plate;
Once broken,
It can be glued back together,
But the cracks will always show.


A girl,
Runs madly,
Back and forth,
Back and forth,
Back and forth.
Eyes forever staring upwards.
Her hands reach out towards five, tall poles,
Each with a single china plate
balanced on top.
“Must keep spinning…
“Must keep spinning”,
She quietly mutters
Under her breath.
She tries.
She tires.
Her hands become clumsy.
China plates begin to fall.


Why did she never think
To put them away?
These once beautiful china plates,
Belonged in a beautiful china cabinet.
To be displayed,
And never touched.
Only to be brought out
For the most special of company.
Too late now for tears.


Too many plates.
Too many pieces.
Too many broken hearts.
Not enough glue.

And broken they shall remain.

Hamza Yusuf Video: Eid Al-Fitr ’08 Khutbah

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Jazakallah khair brother Yusuf (not Hamza Yusuf; though thanks to him too!). I really needed this.

YouTube Preview Image

Female, Muslim & Single? Look Away Now!

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Because another wonderful, Muslim male has been snapped up, off the market – Alhamdulillah! More specifically, my fellow Ijtema editor, and dearest bro in Islam, Faraz bhai.

Let us join together in offering our sincerest congratulations and prayers to the new, and inshā’Allāh, happily-ever-after, couple!

Not here, silly… on his blog. {grins}

Brass Crescent Awards 2008 | 1429

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The Brass Crescent Awards are here again. I'm not sure who to nominate, except of course…


We received a 'special mention' or something last year, but this year we must win, inshā’Allāh. New look, new writers, new competitions – a whole new MM! is not really a group 'blog', plus we have our own plans for blogosphere domination, inshā’Allāh. So I'd rather peeps nominate MM (if you even care about my opinion, that is!).

They have a BEST FEMALE BLOG category, which I think my dearest sister, Organica (previously known as Organic Muslimah) should totally win. Vote Organica!

But the description for that category irks me somewhat:


UK Banks Bailed Out: With /How/ Many Billion?

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Four hundred?

Five hundred?

Billion… BILLION!






BBC News: Rescue plan for UK banks unveiled: The UK government has announced a package of measures aimed at rescuing the banking system that makes available £400bn ($692bn) of fresh money.

Thank you America. Now we should officially get to vote in your elections – we know every sordid detail of them anyway, thanks to our own mainstream media forgetting that the UK exists. You guys seem to be running our country, so we should definitely have a say in yours!

I repeat: what the hell?!

Ramadan Entry – Losing Track!

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I forgot to mention my follow-up entry to Ramadan: The Ultimate Sin-O-Meter, titled: Ramadan Sin-O-Meter: The Results. Check it out!

When Your Prayers Are Answered

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How do you react?

How do you even know?

Something extremely curious has happened to me recently. If I had been informed several months ago that this thing – being a change in someone's opinion on a matter that significantly affects my life – would take place, I would have been gobsmacked.

I'd have been all: “Subhanallah! What a freakin' miracle!”.

And indeed, I have been praying for such a miracle for a long, long time.

And yet, now that it seems to have been granted – where is the joy? The jumping up and down, and general excitedness? It's almost like I'm in denial.

Maybe I'll wake up soon. I'd hate to be ungrateful for any blessing; especially one that I have been begging for, for so, so long.

Isn't it strange that after all this time, after all the signs, after all the answered prayers, and innumerable blessings… Isn't it strange that we should still be surprised by the generosity of our Lord, Most Gracious?

Allahu Akbar.