UK Banks Bailed Out: With /How/ Many Billion?

// October 9th, 2008 // Blog

Four hundred?

Five hundred?

Billion… BILLION!






BBC News: Rescue plan for UK banks unveiled: The UK government has announced a package of measures aimed at rescuing the banking system that makes available £400bn ($692bn) of fresh money.

Thank you America. Now we should officially get to vote in your elections – we know every sordid detail of them anyway, thanks to our own mainstream media forgetting that the UK exists. You guys seem to be running our country, so we should definitely have a say in yours!

I repeat: what the hell?!

15 Responses to “UK Banks Bailed Out: With /How/ Many Billion?”

  1. Organica says:


    My friend just informed the other day that her family alone lost 50 grand in their retirement plan alone.

  2. ammena says:

    what??? so we are giving america (as a government Organica, not as people :D ) money to help the failing economy?? wow… talk about brown nosing ouch… come on uk, stick up for yourself!

  3. Organica says:

    lol Ammena. I live in the United States and my friend’s family as well. They lost their 401K due to the economy, so it’s good the UK is chipping in :P. After all, you helped create us, right?

  4. iMuslim says:

    No guys! The money is going to UK Banks to bail them out of their own financial mess… which was triggered by the US’ financial mess.

    I would go all Guy Fawkes on Gordon Brown and his ilk, if we gave so much money to the US government!

    Umm. Please Mr MI5. Don’t arrest me for incitement of terrorist acts. Admit it: you know you’d join me if the above actually happened!

  5. AnonyMouse says:

    I’m bracing myself for Canada’s inevitable moment of doom… so far it hasn’t happened, alHamdulillaah… but I expect it swiftly upon the heels of America and Britain’s actions, considering how much we like to copy them!

    (As soon as I head overseas, insha’Allah, I am SO going to spend all my money on some good old solid gold jewelry… best standard of currency in my opinion… especially when you can wear it!)

  6. ammena says:

    Salam, Organica I know youre in UK :) thats why I tried to be nice about saying America as in the government.. I dont like it when ppl say, oh america does this and that like its all the people doing it! I dont think it would be good if the UK helped em out purely for the fact that they ‘helped create’ USA because it wasnt just the british and does this mean that everytime they have a problem we should all bale them out? how about the african nations? noone helps to bale them out :(
    iMuslim, my bank is HSBC, dya think I will still have an account when I fly back in November? ;) insha’allah.. lol @ your MI5 comment hehee *also please dont arrest me*
    AnonyMouse, being here in Canada I have seen many things being affected by the US economy, namely the housing market.. insha’allah it stays at just that.. i know u will probably hate me for this comment *pre-hug* Im surprised that Canada hasnt ‘gone’ quicker seeing as how much they are related economy wise to the americans.. dont hate me :D lol. I agree with the gold thing though, although havent found good gold here since moving over. You know a special place?? ;P
    ok, enough of taking over the comments section :D iMuslim we gonna meet for coffee for you to fill me in on the problems and faults of the UK government? :D insha’allah

  7. ammena says:

    oops.. Organica, I have england in my mind sorry.. I meant to say USA :D Ive listened to your nisaa podcast with iMuslim :D

  8. Haleem says:

    Anonymouse you will be glad to know Canada guarantees bank savings of upto $100,000 per account, although not the RRSPs.

    Ammena, as for Canada, we have much stricter laws for our banks which is why they can’t get involved in the risky house of cards get rich scheme the US banks were employed in.

  9. Faraz says:

    It has already affected Canada significantly, but as Haleem explained, we’re not as vulnerable.

    Still, many Canadians have investments that have been pummeled of late. I’m not really into investments, and even I’ve lost several thousands of dollars in the last week through the handful of shares I own. The ones who make a living in this sort of thing are going through some very difficult periods.

  10. Cookies says:

    Lets all move to Aussie. No war, no fallen economy. Power to the kangaroos!

  11. AnonyMouse says:

    @ ammena
    No worries, I don’t hate you, lol… I know what you mean!
    Nah, I’m still waiting to go for Hajj/ ‘Umrah insha’Allah to get hooked up with my dad’s buddies in the gold jewelry shops :D

  12. iMuslim says:

    I was thinking of being a true Desi, and wearing my wealth in gold bling too! Some of these Indian aunties look like proper Mr Ts (Okay, showing my age there), when they attend weddings… gold dripping off every appendage! But they’re the wise ones, it seems (at least from the perspective of investment choices – not fashion choices, obviously).

    Ammena, if you’re buying! At this rate, us poor Brits might not be able to afford coffee much longer, without applying for a government bail out.

    Cookies: I heard the Oz markets have been affected too. New Zealand seems a nicer place to live though!

  13. Organica says:

    CNN reports that Americans are returning to brown lunch bags. What happens if you’ve always lived pay check to pay check and have used the brown bags for years?


  14. ahmed eid says:

    I’m with cookie…
    That’s actually a good idea

    I’m in America, was thinking of moving to Brit, now probably going to move to Australia

  15. Cookies says:

    Yikes, looks like we’re not save in AussieLand or Zealand either…

    let’s just move to heaven, joking lol.

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