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Two heart softeners from my feed reader this week…

'Nabiha My Love' – But a Person is With the One Whom They Love

The following article was written by Abu Shoaib Ashmead Choat, a very dear family friend of ours. He visited Houston a few years ago and gave some talks there; he's a graduate of the College of Hadith from Madinah and an active da'i in Trinidad (where he runs his own full-time Islamic school). His daughter Nabiha passed away last year, while still a teenager. She had grown up in Madinah and memorized significant portions of the Quran. She was an active tajweed teacher in her native land of Trinidad.

After her tragic death, her father Abu Shoiab wrote up this beautiful article. I've asked his permission to post it on our website.

Nabihah My Love
But a Person is With the One Whom They Love

Even before we start to write about this glimpse into the life of our dear daughter, it is necessary to purify our intentions, hence the reason for the delay. This must not be for Shuhrah or fame or some Nahiha fan club, but it must be for, as Allāh has said, “Ya ayyuha ladhina amanu itaqullaaha wabtaghoo ilayhil waseelah” (Oh you who believe fear Allāh and seek out the means of approach to him). Great effort and attention must be paid in trying to purify our intentions and knowing precisely why we are doing this. It may be a wake up call for a lazy or sleepy Muslim. It may help someone to realize how short and fleeting this life is; how precious it is that we must take every opportunity to do good, no matter how small, and we must seek every opportunity to invite people to Allāh and use all the resources available to us in that cause, even if that means the life and death of our dear baby.

How do we begin to describe the love of our life? If Allāh had given us someone for one or two years and took her away, it would have been easier because of her short life. Or if she had been married with children and away from the home it would have softened the loss. But our baby girl was in the prime of her life, just at the age of marriage, and the decision is with the Lord of the universe. As our Prophet (SAW) said at the moment of his death, when he was given the choice to go or stay, “Balir-rafeequl-'alaa, Balir-rafeequl-'alaa – certainly the highest companionship, certainly the highest the companionship.”

It was late 2004 when Nabiha discovered a non-healing ulcer on her tongue which became exceedingly painful and was preventing her from eating. In March 2005, she had her first operation for the removal of the ulcer and a biopsy, which showed a presence of malignancy. In retrospect, when a Muslim is faced with the news of cancer, he begins to think of the options available to him. Seeking treatment and medical care is encouraged in the Sunnah (called: “at-tadaawee – seeking treatment”). So over the next two years, we followed the full gamut of treatment of up to seven or eight surgeries together with radiotherapy in far away India, a return there for a review, then on to chemotherapy back in Trinidad. Despite huge setbacks, we were to see the Hand of Allāh in everything that challenged us. He tested us but walked us through to the very end. Allahumma laka wa minka; O Allāh to you and from you. Laa malja'a minallahi illa ilayhi; There is no refuge from Allāh, except in Him. (more…)


Let Us Sit Down and Believe For A While: Sr. Anam

So `Abdullah ibn Rawahah (RAA), whenever he met one of the Companions of the Prophet (PBUH), used to say, “Come, let us believe in our Lord for a while.” When the Prophet (PBUH) heard about this, he said, “May Allāh have mercy on Ibn Rawahah, for he loves the gatherings that the angels feel proud to attend.”

Let us sit down and believe for a while…

In the dappled sunlight of this June afternoon

Amongst the swaying leaves and the violet bloom

I promise not to ramble on about economic pacts

I will not bore you with depressing trade facts

And partake neither in vain babble nor pretension-

But instead marvel at the exquisite surface tension,

Of a single drop of tender dew

Serenely dripping into view.


[Photo credits: Sadness by WPL Photos; Sunflowers by RDV]

4 Responses to “Heart Softeners”

  1. Marahm says:

    Thank you for posting this story of Nabiha and her loving family. The tragedy of her untimely passing is made more acute by the irony of the circumstances: the cancer attacked her in the organ from which she beautifully pronounced the words of Allah. Now, no earthly words can lighten the pain on her family. Allah alone suffices; may He bathe Nabiha and her family in His eternal grace.

  2. Shahrzad says:

    Story of Nabiha and her father’s article made me cry. It’s so hard to be patient for such an event.. And the cancer, again reminds me of my friends that i lost them 2 weeks ago…
    Her cancer is not a teragedy. Like God wanted to take the part of her He loved more..

  3. Umm zainab says:

    Assalamualiakum,these replys brought a tear to my eye.My sister was an amazing person,may Allah grant her the jannah and keep us steadfast in this life.Ameen.

  4. iMuslim says:

    Wa ‘alaykum salam wa rahmatullah. Ameen sister… thank you for visiting. I pray that you and your family are well.

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