I’m Bursting With Luuuurve

// June 13th, 2008 // Blog

Happiness by Hawaiian Sea

Could it be because I had a caramel frappé latté from Café Nero?
Perhaps – coffee always puts me in a loved up mood. Seriously, it's like my own halal version of ecstasy. New personal motto: DON'T DO DRUGS – do caffeine instead. ;)

Could it be because I have completed the corrections on my thesis?
Perhaps – my examiner approved them earlier this week. Everything has been printed off, and should be ready to pick up from the binders next Wednesday, inshā’Allāh. Once I submit them bad boys to the Registry, I AM FOREVER FREE! (Though I still have to write my paper…)

Could it be because of the beautiful Summer weather?
Perhaps – it was a lovely day, māshā’Allāh. Bright sun, cool breeze, light heat – just right for the London muhajibahs going about their business.

Could it be because I have something really cool to look forward to?
Perhaps – I'm not telling you what it is exactly… but it involves travelling. Allāh has made the planning easy so far; I hope He allows me to go through with it. More info later, inshā’Allāh.

Could it be because I am having a BBQ tomorrow, inshā’Allāh?
Perhaps – I mean, who doesn't love a BBQ, right? It'll just be a handful of girlfriends, plus my parents. I pray that the good weather holds. Half-cooked, half-burnt meat – now that's the true taste of Summer! :D

Could it be because all my best friends have turned into baby-makers?
Perhaps – one friend gave birth this week, and another is seven months preggers, māshā’Allāh. Even though I'm not sure when I'll get to see the little tykes, it's still lovely to know that they exist. May Allāh make them a source of blessing for their parents, āmīn.

Could it be because I know such wonderful people?
Perhaps – both online and offline: you guys ROCK! Okay… that's probably the coffee talking. :P

Thank you God for all the good in my life… {happy sigh}

If you're happy and you know it, leave a comment. :)

16 Responses to “I’m Bursting With Luuuurve”

  1. Faraz says:

    I’m happy. :)

  2. Faraz says:

    I should probably qualify that statement with the following:

    1) I finally got through a very frustrating task that I’ve spent a while on at work.

    2) After hardly any travel for me in the last six months, I finally get a change of atmosphere and visit a country I haven’t been to yet this century.

    3) The weather is great, though perhaps just a bit too hot for my comfort. We’re doing a BBQ on Sunday insha-Allah.

    4) My brother is returning tomorrow after spending the entire year so far overseas…

    5) I have finally overcome some longstanding confusion in my personal life.

    6) My car is running well.

    7) My health has been good.

    8) I’m done with my courses as of today … though I still have a big exam early next year.

    9) I have a wonderful family.

    10) I have shelter, food, and water.


  3. Faraz says:

    That dude with the sunglasses was supposed to be the number 8. I do know how to count to ten.

  4. Sumera says:

    Oh yah i am happy :D

  5. AnonyMouse says:

    I’m content… does that count?
    Although I’ve got a zillion things piling up around me, the fact that today is Jumu’ah and IT’S SUNNY makes things better, alHamdulillaah :D

    Y’know what makes me happy? Rolling down hills.

  6. Shawna says:

    I’m happy about the brownies I made a couple nights ago, and the time I got with a friend who went first to Harvard, then to Turkey some years ago. :)

  7. iMuslim says:

    Sumi: I know whyyyy. ;)

    Mousey: Yes, it does count! In fact, content trumps happy!
    I haven’t done any hill rolling for a loooong while. I’m not even sure I’d enjoy it now…

    Shawna: Please send me some of those happiness-filled brownies asap!

  8. iMuslim says:

    Oh, forgot about Faraz, hehe. Umm… good for you, mate. 8)

  9. Noor.D says:

    loved your post…gave me a little boost of what seemed to be a very blue day :)

  10. gess says:

    Faraz is always happy :)

  11. Maria I says:

    Haha, wow.. well, I’m happy.. kinda — not quite sure why, but I am. As for your entry options, may be you’re happy ‘cos of all-of-the-above :D

  12. iMuslim says:

    Noor.D: nice to hear that the happiness is contagious. :)

    gess: Aww… that’s a nice thing to say about him… hehe

    Maria I: “Perhaps” ;)

  13. Salaam Alaikum,

    I’m happy, but the reason for it is a secret for now.

    AnonyMouse – I love doing that too! I haven’t done it for a while though. Btw Mabrouk on your Nikah!

  14. Hmm…I am happy but i know i can be happier!! still looking/struggling to find that happy medium…
    Hope you don’t mid – i linked you to my blog

  15. by the way, i loved your article about smart girls inexplicably scaring guys off – very true and quite entertaining.

  16. iMuslim says:

    Don’t mind at all! And jazakallah.

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