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Reminder: Podcast Reviews

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Not sure how many of you read them, but just in case you forgot… I am writing a series of podcast reviews for I'm aiming for once a week (usually Saturdays), but it's been more like once a fortnight on average!

Anyway, I just posted an entry reviewing the Western Muslim podcast. Please check it out and leave your comments there so I know that you're reading. HINT HINT.

My previous reviews can be found here.

Heart Softeners

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Two heart softeners from my feed reader this week…

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Smart Muslim Chicks Who Inexplicably Scare Off Guys

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After discovering an article titled “A Few Good Men: American Muslim women bemoan lack of 'good' male suitors“, I was oh-so-kindly “volunteered” by my fellow MM staff members to write a blog post in response. I wonder why? Could it be because:

1) I am a Muslim woman.
2) I am between the ages of 25-30 years.
3) māshā’Allāh, I am educated to the postgrad level (otherwise known as “overeducated” by my dear mum).
4) Oh yeah… I am single, and desperately looking for a decent guy to wed!

Okay, so scratch the “desperately”.

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My Lameness at Languages

// June 14th, 2008 // 17 Comments » // Blog

Wouldn't it be wonderful to be multi-lingual? One of my never-going-to-happen-without-a-miracle fantasies is to be able to speak and understand the language of any person that I meet. If I was an X-woman, I'd be Lingo – woman of a thousand tongues!

Okay, that was only super-lame.


I’m Bursting With Luuuurve

// June 13th, 2008 // 16 Comments » // Blog

Happiness by Hawaiian Sea

Could it be because I had a caramel frappé latté from Café Nero?
Perhaps – coffee always puts me in a loved up mood. Seriously, it's like my own halal version of ecstasy. New personal motto: DON'T DO DRUGS – do caffeine instead. ;)


The Benefits of Staying Indoors

// June 10th, 2008 // 23 Comments » // Blog

1) I get to wake up late, and lounge around the house in my PJs.

2) I am much more comfortable with my mother tongue these days, māshā’Allāh. No way near any kind of fluency; but the odd Hindi/Gujarati word pops out of my mouth, without me realising it. I think it's because I am spending a lot more time with my parents, though we still speak to each other in English. I guess I must be subconsciously picking up the lingo whilst my folks natter away to one another.

3) I get to avoid people that make me feel crappy. Example: I was talking to someone new at a family wedding yesterday, when the young lady in question asks me if I'm married. I reply in the negative. Then she asks me how old I am. I tell her, twenty *cough* – soon to be twenty *cough*. As soon as the words fell out of my mouth, she just gave me this look. I can't explain it. It's like her face fell with shock. Geez, thanks for making me feel like I'm over the hill already, love! Remind me never to leave the house again…

Anyway, this is a random “non-post”. Go ahead and share; make me feel less dumb, please. :)

Killer Scarves: A Scientific Investigation into the Effects of Kaffiyeh Adornment

// June 6th, 2008 // 15 Comments » // Blog

Abstract: Contrary to previous findings, diligent scientific experimentation conducted by Dr iMuslim (PhD pending) of the London College of Fashion Accessories, has proven that the draping of a kaffiyeh onto one's person does not in fact induce any tendency towards engaging in terrorist activity.


Kaffiyeh Day: What It’s Really All About

// June 4th, 2008 // 2 Comments » // Blog

Something I posted on, that explains the event from a personal perspective. Btw, apologies if you're sick of me talking about this event… it'll all be over soon. ;)

I feel somewhat overwhelmed… I didn't realise this Kaffiyeh Day thing was going to be noticed by this many people! All good and success comes from God. But even with all the positive comments, I still wonder whether I did the right thing? Is this just a huge waste of time? Are things really going to change after Friday? Will the press even give two hoots about a bunch of Facebookers wearing kaffiyeh?