Darn You, Procrastination!

// February 11th, 2008 // Blog

Why does it have to hit when you have a tonne of work to do? I'm feeling terribly “not bothered”, which is a 180 on how super-keen I have been acting all week. Maybe I just burned myself out… y'know, with all that key depression, and mouse clicking. Wow, hard work.

Actually, I did attend kickboxing class twice this week… allow me a Valley Girl moment to tell you how, like, totally awesome it is, yah! But I am sooooooo sore today. I've been hobbling around the house like an old lady; those stairs are killing me! Why did I have to live on the top floor? Owwweeeee…

Some kicks I have learnt so far: front, side, roundhouse, axe, hook, and diagonal hook. Tried to do a spin kick on Saturday, and got dizzy…

I have identified my favourite kick, but we haven't officially been taught it yet. It's called a crescent kick; I saw a couple of girls using it during a spar, when I went to preview a lesson back in December. It's where you stand facing your opponent, take your leg outwards without bending it, and sweep it across their head, kinda like you're slapping them in the face with the side of your foot. You really need to be flexible for this to work… which I am not, unfortunately. But I've been practising the move by myself at home, since before the Xmas hols (mainly in the kitchen when I'm waiting for something to heat up in the microwave; no idea about the timing), and I think I've sufficiently loosened up to actually get a good swing at height head, alhamdulillah!

My dad keeps on teasing me about my new found hobby… which is a little annoying. I don't claim to be able to defend myself, or know much about martial arts, but does it hurt to have a little fun and get some much needed exercise while I'm at it? Oh well…

Anyway, I am hobbling off to bed now… toodles and salaams.

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  1. mummyjaan says:

    Kick-boxing? Sounds good!

  2. iMuslim says:

    Yup, it is, masha’Allah…

    I just realized an unintended pun at the end of my entry…

    does it hurt to have a little fun and get some much needed exercise while I’m at it?

    Actually, yes it blooming well does hurt! I’m still sore from two days ago!

  3. AnonyMouse says:

    Uffff, I know what you mean about the procrastination! I’ve been miserable for the last week… the winter blahs seem to have hit me hard – I found myself doing what I almost NEVER do: comfort-food-munch! – and unfortunately I don’t have kickboxing to keep me distracted and healthy(ish). :(

    My favourite kick is the one where you catch the person square in their chest… it makes such a satisfying “whump!” noise and it’s even more fun to see them fall over! :D

  4. I trained in martial arts for about a year, but I still can’t fight with people … lol … I’m too scared.

    a few months back, i was totally lazy and did no exercise what so ever, a trip was organised to the Army Barracks for a one day training. Imagine doing a mile and half run under 14mins, when you havn’t run for about a year!
    Yikes man I couldnt walk straight for days after! Thank Allah for Radox muscle soaks!

    Nice blog mashaAllah :)

  5. Shahrzad says:

    Haha, kickboxing doesnt seem feminine. I dont like. But if you want to protect yourself against street harassment, there is an esp way of defending for women, they teach in Iran. In the way that they use everything they have around, even their handbags when the thief is taking it.. The last time i went to gym, i saw them practicing. I liked how they do it. That seems more feminine :P

  6. iMuslim says:

    Mouse: I have been comfort-food eating for past couple of months! Not good. :/

    Radiant Light: I think one of the best feelings in the world is stepping into a nice hot bath/shower after a good workout… it’s so soothing, I can’t help but exclaim “Alhamdulillah” when the water starts to flow! Especially when I consider what a luxury clean, hot running water is.
    Btw, whatever possessed you to attend an Army training day? Are you mad?! :P

    Shahrzad: I grew up with TV programmes like Dark Angel, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which involved very skilled women kicking some mighty evil butt, so I don’t find kickboxing to be at all a “masculine” sport! Plus, even though my school is mixed (though the class I attend is women-only), all the teachers are female. No idea why! :)

  7. muslimgirl says:

    learning how to kick arse has always been a dream of mine. and somehow, the martial arts seem like they were made for muslimas in mind – covering kit, ninja face mask if youre so inclined. so far, i’ve only tried boxing a bit. but i totally aspire to crescent kick someone as well ;)

  8. AnonyMouse says:


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