How NOT to Lose Weight

// November 22nd, 2007 // Blog

Stress is not normally a condition that people appreciate. These days, however, i find that i am missing it a lot. That is because thanks to the trauma of my thesis, and certain other personal issues, i have lost about 5 kgs over the past two months, without much effort – māshā’Allāh.

But now that i am relatively relaxed and happy, alhamdulillah, my appetite has returned with a vengeance – together with one of those lost kilos! {sad face}

I decided that rather than starving myself into submission, i would go down the much healthier route of regular exercise, which i am so in need of, considering how much time i spend in front of the computer these days.

I made a little prayer to Allāh the other day after Maghrib salat, asking Him to guide me to something beneficial in this regard – i was confident that the answer would come immediately, because it usually does. Seriously – ask, and He gives! Lo, and behold, ten minutes later i discovered a women-only gym in my area, that i had never heard of before (even though it's been open since August 2006!).

So, i popped over this evening with a blogging buddy of mine who lives about 10 minutes from me. Actually, it's the first time we had ever met in person, though I was surprisingly non-phased by this fact, as we were well acquainted thanks to our mutual friend, Facebook. The gym was nice, not too big, but well equipped and clean. The instructor gave us a quick explanation about the facilities and services they had on offer. It all sounded reasonable to me, so i signed up for a five-day trial, and an induction for tomorrow evening. Within 15 minutes, Rosashe and i were outta there.

Umm… now what? We've spent 20 minutes getting here – surely, we can't go home now? How about a coffee?

So, we trundled down the road, and discovered a nice little cafe… actually, it wasn't a cafe… it was an icecream bar. Y'know, a dieter's worst nightmare?

Be strong, girl… you can do this! Just order a tea – even though you know you want a giant milkshake with real icecream…

Ooh, and look at those lurvely caaaaakes… um.. umm… no, tea. Tea will do me. Yes, tea is nice (?!).

Rosashe also decided to be good, and stick with a cappucino. But the silly man at the counter – who i now suspect was a devil incarnate – informed us that the coffee machine was broken. So Rosashe then went for the Frappacino (iced coffee) instead.

Within a heartbeat, the dreads words escaped from my mouth: “Make that two Frappacinos!“.

And oh, it was goooood. So goooood, that it was positively evil! Whipped cream, chocolate sauce, chocolate beans, and somewhere in between, iced coffee.

Oh well, i've only had a bowl of cornflakes today – with semi-skimmed milk – and i'm going to the gym tomorrow… one frappacino won't harm, inshā’Allāh.

But then i remembered that we were one block away from my family's favourite fish & chip shop – in fact, the only fish & chip shop we ever bother to visit!

Mum & dad have been wanting to go there for a while… and mum hasn't cooked dinner yet… and it'd be nice to have a lift home… maybe i'll call them up and ask them to meet me there… {dials number}

Yes, readers. I left the house with the sincere intention of starting a healthier lifestyle, and i returned home with my belly full of the most heart-attack inducing foodstuffs known to mankind!

Well, other than Indian mithai… which i have in the fridge downstairs… quite fancy a bit, actually… one piece won't harm, inshā’Allāh

14 Responses to “How NOT to Lose Weight”

  1. LOL.

    Fish and chips sound heavenly.


  2. AnonyMouse says:

    Keep it up, you sound like my aunt! (Whom I tease mercilessly, by the way :p)
    As my father and grandfather say, though: “If it tastes good, eat it! At least you’ll die happy!”

  3. Hayah says:

    I have the same problem :( Lost weight during Ramadhan and went round lecturing everyone on how best to lose weight and then I gained again :( and now its just like ‘oh who cares im just gonna eat while I can thing”. Wish losing weight was easy, easy…u know like smiling or laughing.. :(

  4. believer says:

    Hey imuslim,

    Been a while. Hope you doing well. How are things in life? Anything new and exciting?

  5. mummyjaan says:

    I am not very good in this department either. Sweets are my undoing.

    However, a friend of mine (who started off the same weight as I was last year and can now give the models a run for their money) says the only way to lose weight is to “shut your mouth”.

    Yes my friends. This disciplined girl, has lived for a whole year on oil-free foods, stayed away from sweets – except for the occasional treat – and is keeping up the ‘healthy lifestyle’ – time at the gym included.

    Granted, it’s not easy. But it can be done.

    Now, if only I could emulate that feat …..

  6. leila says:

    I am your silent reader and I LOVE your work :)) ehem….I hope you dont mind, but I tagged you, just to hear about some stuff from you :)) you can check my blog for details :)

  7. iMuslim says:

    OM: I’m so taking you there, insha’Allah, so you better stock up some “spare” calories. ;)

    Mouse: That’s the philosophy my mum lives by too! However, she’s been so good lately, masha’Allah – going for walks in the park every day with neighbouring aunties – and has shed several pounds! I have to take lesson from my 60-odd year old mamma… hehe. :)

    Hayah: Y’know, it is easy, in a way… you just have to have the right mentality… i guess achieving that mentality is the hard part. :/ May Allah make it easy for us!

    believer: Salaaaams bro! I was thinking about you the other day – your ears must’ve been burning. ;) Alhamdulillah, me fine. Thesis all submitted! How about you? When you gonna start blogging again? We miss you! :)

    mummyjaan: Discipline is key. I actually achieved a similar feat a few years ago (giving up choc, calorie-controlled diet, tonnes of exercise), and it worked – i lost 14 lbs in 2 months, masha’Allah! But it was impossible to maintain… i couldn’t live like that forever. Alhamdulillah, i didn’t put it all back on, only a little bit. In fact, in terms of my weight, i am only about 4/5 lbs away from where i left off, but in terms of fitness… argh, i’m way off! And poor muscle tone, too… so yeah, exercise definitely required. In terms of food, not gonna be so disciplined, but just “sensible”, insha’Allah. Yesterday was defo a one-off! :D

    leila: Wa’alaykum salam wa rahmatullah wa barakatu sis. You’re too kind! I’ll check out the tag, asap, insha’Allah. :)

  8. AnonyMouse says:

    Hahahaha, masha’Allah, I LOVE it when I see “The Aunties” taking power-walks on parks and trails!
    In my old city, we used to have a part directly across the street from us, and in the mornings and evenings you’d always see the desi aunties up and at it – put us to shame, actually!

  9. hema says:

    aaww i wish i lived near you. i wanna go on fun trips!to the icecream place not the gym, i’ve given up on losing weight!)

  10. aka1030 says:

    I just experience something like this. After a day of studying I was going to go home and cook, like a responsible person, but laziness swept over me and I went to Subway instead. Sure, my veggie delite on wheat bread was healthy enough. But before I knew it, I had asked the lady at the counter to add in 3 of those super yummy white chocolate macadamia nut cookies. Add to that the apple pie my friend *forced* me to have some of back at home…and that was it for my evening of being on the healthy track too!

  11. gess says:

    For my case, I always gain kilos when I am stressed :cry: :cry: :cry:

  12. hema says:

    i tagged you, don’t know how you managed to get away with not doing the weird facts tag!

  13. Sumera says:

    Im quite good with food – esp after the gym. I actually feel put off by cakes, starchy foods right after a session and usually want something like soup!

    Im a good girl :p

  14. iMuslim says:

    Mouse: I’m considering becoming an honorary “aunty”… don’t laugh! :P

    hema: Aww… you will be living near me soon, insha’Allah. Right? :)

    aka1030: coooooooookiiiiiiiiiiiies… always go well with chai. ;)

    gess: aww… yeah, some people gain cos they turn to junk food for comfort. I do that when i’m bored, and/or lonely… like today! :(

    Sumi: Y’know, i’m the same… i don’t feel hungry after a good workout. I actually didn’t do any exercise on Wed tho, cos i was just looking round… unfortunately watching other people work out stimulates my appetite. hehe

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