Eid in the Park

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I hate my camera phone, but you get the idea!

Alhamdulillah, i prayed the ‘Īd salat at the park, and even though it is two minutes walk from my house, i still ended up rushing to get there on time. Why do i always take so long to get ready?! I wasn't even glamming up! Anyway… I MADE IT. And it was the best ‘Īd salat eveeeeerrrr!

I really enjoyed it, māshā’Allāh, even though it was a bit damp, and the clouds were threatening us – but we gave them our salaams, started takbir-ing, and they decided to leave us alone. Yey. Many little ones making full use of the park rides! One of which i befriended for the duration of the khutbah, cos she was too darned adorable, i couldn't leave her alone. Yes, i listened to the imam, and no, i didn't talk… but surely one is allowed to hug, and wink at cute kiddies? Erm, i hope so, anyway…

I highly recommend that everyone attend an open-air ‘Īd musallah, as that is the Sunnah of our beloved Messenger, sallalahu 'alayhi wa salam – and it's great fun, t'boot! If no-one has arranged for one in your locality, organize it yourself with the local imam – imagine the reward, yo! And no more queuing outside the masjid to get in, or queuing inside the masjid to get out… we be just flowin'…

OK, i'm going to stop with silly Americanisms, that i don't understand. I sound daft!

Have a great ‘Īd, “ma homies“. {wink}

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  1. safiya says:

    Eid Mubarak!
    Eid in the park sounds amazing! It was more like a cattle market where I was.

  2. shaz says:

    Eid Mubarak girl! :)

    yeah, in Trinidad I went to outside salah, but so far in Canada it’s been, ummm, COLD, so we’ve either had it in the masjid or large halls.

  3. yo! Someone is having some fun!

  4. Sobia says:

    ha ha that was a cute post!

  5. crybaby says:

    namaz – e – eid, in park, bajamat, and a woman .. the last part is confusing :o

  6. iMuslim says:

    Eid Mubarak all :)

    Shaz, you could do salat in a big Eskimo coat! That would be sooooo cute (not sure how you’d manage ruku and sujood though). How do the Inuit Muslims do it??

    Salaams crybaby – All the women, young and old, are meant to attend the Eid prayer. It’s Sunnah. It’s a lovely family event, mashallah. :)

  7. mcpagal says:

    Eid Mubarak! I’ve prayed an outdoor Jumah once, and it rocked! Scotland is too soggy for it most of the time though :D

  8. Sumera says:

    Done it once, on dry grass!

    Usually do it in the comfort of a nice, warm cosy mosque ;)

    Eid mubarak!

  9. Eid Mubarak!

    eid in park it’s really imaging… sorry here that’s can’t or park are not available.

    hope your enjoy


  10. Manas says:

    Eid Mubarak

    (Yes, we also call Eid gah Eid gah :P )

    You know, I have three homes. One where I grew up- that’s where my parents stay. Then there’s one where my grandma lives- I call that ‘desh’ (country home). And the last is where I stay.

    We try to meet at our country home during Eid. There we have a very large and very old banyon tree by a cute pond full of lotus. The Eid Gah is below the banyon tree. It’s a wonderful place!

    Sad thing is, I couldn’t meet up my family this year.

  11. Rasha, Rida says:

    Eid Mubarak! Glad you had an amazing ‘Eid alhamdulillaah!

  12. AnonyMouse says:

    Sounds like ‘Eid salah was awesome for you! Hope the rest of the day was, too… :)

    *I* came up with the idea of doing the salah in the big park we have here, but when my dad suggested it to the organizers, they said it would be too much work to set it up. Hmph, lazy men!
    So we ended up having it in a hall, as usual…

    What do you do for the rest of ‘Eid day? Since I have quite a few relatives living in our city, we all get together at our house and spend the whole day together, and we have family friends over also. It’s nice, although the best part is raking in the Eidi moolah! :D

  13. Sumera says:

    Eids pretty boring to be honest. Family comes over, but goes away after food. Siblings go out with their friends, and the girls tend to fart about indoors doing nowt. ~(unless you are the lucky ones and have loads of female relatives – not all of us do :P)

    BUT actually went out this time and had a bit of fun :D

  14. iMuslim says:

    McP: Eid mubarak (though i’m really pushing the deadline for this greeting! Well it was Eid today in India, and i’m kinda Indian, so i’ve now justified it!). Eid is pushing more and more into the warmer months now, so you & Sumi will have no excuse soon… ;)

    Sakib: Eid Mubarak! I did enjoy my Eid, jazakallah. Hope you did too? :)

    Manas: Jazakallah for clearing up the gah! Your Eid gah sounds beautiful, mashallah… oh i wish i had such lovely family traditions (other than the usual eating too much).

    RR: Wa iyyaka! I did, jazakallah. :)

    Mouse: Why is it too much work? :( I had a FAB Eid this year, mashallah… especially on Sat, cos my parents and I spent all day at various houses, just chilling. The weather was much better in the weekend as well… so yeah, lots of fun! I’m too old for Eid money… i think i have to hand it out now. Though i’ve gotten away with it, cos i’m a poor student… not long before that exemption runs out though! Agh.

    Sumi: there you go with your lovely word usage again! :roll: Glad you had fun!

  15. AnonyMouse says:

    Because in rainy ol’ Canada we need to have those pavilion-type tent thingies set up, along with lots of tarp so that we don’t all get up from sujood with wet knees, and the manlings don’t want to have to get up earlier than they have to to set it all up. *Rolls eyes*

  16. Hayah says:

    Eid Mubarak to u!! What a blessing to pray outdoors, its not that possible where I am at unfortunately :(

  17. iMuslim says:

    Mouse: manlings… haha. Good one. :D

    Hayah: Eid mubarak… no worries, i’m sure you’ll get your chance on day! Maybe at the House of Allah? :)

    Sumi: ;)

  18. Hayah says:

    Insha Allah!! I truly hope so!

  19. Bint Nuh says:

    Assalamualaikum wa rahmatulahi wa barakatu,
    A happy belated Eid to you
    It is premissible to speak during the eid khutbah it’s not like the khutbah for Jummah but of course it’s better not 2 and If you do speak it shouldn’t be a speach filled with haram or one that disturbs the gathering.
    I know I should be giving u refrences but ..am a bit lazy why don’t u look it up over at islamqa.com…

  20. iMuslim says:

    Wa ‘alaykum salam wa rahmatullah wa barakatu

    Wow, i think you’re breaking some records there, with your belated Eid greeting, sis! But it’s all good, hehe. :)

    Jazakallah for the info… permissibility aside, i think it’s plain rudeness to “chat” while sitting amongst the congregation, cos it makes it really hard for everyone else to hear the imam… especially in this setting, where there were no microphones, and the sisters were sitting a bit away… I didn’t speak tho. I just pecked and cuddled the cutie. :D

    Anyway, jazakallah again for letting me know!


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  22. Asalaamu alikum wa rahamatullah wa barakatuhu

    It was wonderful to stumble across a British Muslim blog. I’ve just started out.

    NIce post! I’ll certainly visit back.

    Jazak’allah khiar

  23. iMuslim says:

    Wa ‘alaykum salam wa rahmatullah wa barakatu

    Jazakallah for your comment – i hope to see you here again soon, insha’Allah! :)

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