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Abu Eesa’s take on Istikharah

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Found this in the comments section of his blog, and thought it was worth highlighting.

Q: And last Q. what do you do/what does it mean if after doing istikhara and you take which ever course that you take, and you feel like you made the wrong decision? or done something really terrible?! should we just get on with things and pray that Allāh forgives any mistakes?


Craig Venter: Playing God?

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Please check out my first entry for, titled: Craig Venter: Playing God?

I welcome your feedback on the style and content. I've never written a scientific article for the general public before, and i fear i made it too technical. It's hard to avoid jargon sometimes, and when you're only used to talking to other biologists on the subject, you don't even realize you're doing it! So please let me know if that's the case, so next time i'll make sure to explain the matter better, inshā’Allāh.

Oh, btw, for those who don't know… this blog was one years old on the 26th! I didn't post a special entry, as i wasn't sure what to say. Anyway, the blog has been through a lot in the past year, and i have been through even more because of it (more than most of you even know, and more than i am fully prepared to share!). I'm not sure what the next year will bring for the blog, iMuslim, especially as my attention is so diverted at present, but i pray that there are many good things to come for the blogger, iMuslim, inshā’Allāh!

Hadith for the House-Spouse

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Note the gender neutrality of the post title!

Imam Ahmed reported in his Musnad, the Messenger of Allāh, peace be upon him, used to “sew his own clothes, mend his own shoes and do whatever other work men do in their homes.”

This was said by his wife Aisha, when she was asked about what the Messenger of Allāh used to do in his house. In another narration, she said: “He was like any other human being: he would clean his clothes, milk his ewe and serve himself.”

In yet another narration reported in Sahih Bukhari, a more general description of his involvement at home is available. The Mother of Believer, Aisha narrates, “He used to serve his family, then when the time for prayer came, he would go out to pray.”

If we revive this example in our lives, we would at least achieve a few things:
1. we would be following the example of the Prophet
2. we would be bringing our families closer together & helping our wives
3. we would inject more humility into our lives & stave of arrogance.
It is commonplace nowadays to hear of men who demand food instantly from their wives when they get home. The pot might be on the stove and the baby screaming to be fed. Yet, they do not even pick up the child or show patience and wait a little while for the food. Let these ahadeeth be a reminder and a lesson for all of us.

This reminder was taken from the Imperial College London iSoc weekly newsletter.

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Just a very quick entry to let you guys know that i am now a member of! Alhamdulillah.

However, I am still with (i had to plug that too, hehe).

May Allāh grant both ventures success, āmīn.

My life just got busier!

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Protected: Hahaha [SisOy]

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Right at this moment, as i type these words, i feel like i am going to explode with anticipation. It could be the effect of have two coffees in one day (i rarely have coffee, though i love it – i'm quite sensitive to it), but most likely, it is because i am at one of the most exciting, and hence, daunting, points in my entire life. I really cannot begin to explain how many things are about to change, potentially all at the same time within the next few months. I often have to make myself forget this fact, because when i remember – like just now – i become overwhelmed, and i have no idea what to do, other than whisper: Allāh, help!


Eid in the Park

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I hate my camera phone, but you get the idea!

Alhamdulillah, i prayed the ‘Īd salat at the park, and even though it is two minutes walk from my house, i still ended up rushing to get there on time. Why do i always take so long to get ready?! I wasn't even glamming up! Anyway… I MADE IT. And it was the best ‘Īd salat eveeeeerrrr!

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Eid Mubarak

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I can't believe it's over… i really can't!

But it is.

Well, for some… Ramadan started synchronized enough, but is ending a little messily round my way. OH WELL. The phenomenon is so old, it's not even worth commenting on anymore. Two Eids will do me just fine. {wink}

inshā’Allāh, i'm gonna try to pray in the park tomorrow. There is a park right next to my house, and they are turning it into an ‘Īd-gah (is that the right word?). Anyway, i hope it doesn't rain, inshā’Allāh, but dad just dug out some waterproof mats so it should be good fun! Never prayed in the park before… oh wait, i have once. But it wasn't here, it was in Finland. Ah, good times… {hee}

May Allāh accept our good deeds, and forgive us our shortcomings. Āmīn!

(Is it really ‘Īd? Sniffle)

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From a Slave to Her Master

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Ramadan, this could be our final night.
Angels may descendeth as i write.
For sure, parting is such sweet sorrow.
Allāh alone knows what brings the morrow.
But let this heart, worn and rusted
be cleansed by Him, alone is trusted,
with prayers, and fasts and charity,
and tears; istighfaar with sincerity.
Why do i turn to the creation,
when Al-Khaliq is He who grants elation?
Mistakes i made return to haunt,
sins and errors, they do taunt
a heart laid bare before its Master.
And though I walk to Him, He runs here faster.
I'm weak, i'm tired, i miss my home,
yet never – not once – has He left me alone.
Confusion, delusion, illusion, deceit,
this fickle dunya wants me at its feet.
I won't listen, no! I won't give in,
until i die Muslim, Mu'min, and Muhsin.
Ya Allāh, the goal is so far ahead,
and failure so close; this i dread.
And with all the eloquence and poetry,
i still wonder: what will become of me?
A soul that's chained, wanting to be free
through submission to the One, and only He.
Can i do it, will i make it?
Will i try, or will i fake it?
God, i am not sure i can take it
anymore, relieve me before i break it.
Please – sweet release;
let it all just cease.
In Your pleasure let me live,
let me die, and please forgive,
every moment not spent seeking You,
every moment vile and untrue.
Oh Allāh, i don't know what to do
anymore, my good deeds are so few.
Guidance, please, a shining light,
send it forth, let me delight
in it, and never stray from the straight path.
Only Your mercy, never Your wrath
upon me place, until we meet again.
And i will try my best to refrain
from all the ugliness that You hate,
while i patiently wait
for that moment of certainty,
when at last, my soul is set free.
I testify to Your oneness,
so please be my witness.
Save me from the duress
of the grave, Al-Qiyamah, An-Nar; and grant me no less
than Al-Firdos. To be close to You here,
and after death. To have true fear,
and true hope, and true love
of You, in You and for You, far above
that what i have for any other:
for myself, my father, my mother,
my husband, my children, for anyone;
how could they even compete with the One?
The only One worthy of praise.
Now to end, these words to You, i raise:
Ashadu anla ilaha illalah
Ashadu anha Muhammadur-rasulallah – sallalahu 'alayhi wa salam.

Anti-Americanism – House of Lords Debate

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Just read an interesting speech by Lord Saatchi on Anti-Americanism, which i C&Ped below… the full debate can be found here.

My Lords, I am most grateful to the usual channels for arranging this debate, and I thank noble Lords who are here to speak today. I am looking forward to the contributions of distinguished speakers and, with great anticipation, to hearing the responses of my noble friend Lord Howell and the Minister. I also thank the House of Lords Library and the Politeia think tank for their help with preparatory research for this evening's debate.

Americans today may be perplexed and confused about the way in which America is perceived in the world. They may feel like Josef K in Kafka's The Trial. Noble Lords will recall the opening lines:

“Someone must have laid false accusations against Josef K because one morning he was arrested without having done anything wrong”.