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“We understand as Imams that you young people are going through difficulties. And our message to you is:

Keep struggling – we support you. You're gonna make mistakes…if you make mistakes, we'll be there for you.

This is the message that we need to give to young people.

We're not here to indict you, but to invite you – and to tell you that we're proud of you, and we believe in you – because you represent the fusion of the Western Muslim identity.

And indeed the painting which lies before this community, this empty canvas will be painted by the hands of the youth.”

Imam Suhaib Webb

THIS IS SO WRONG (but so funny)

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Be prepared to pee your pants.

YouTube Preview Image

Jazakallah khair to Br Naeem for the laughs, and congratulations on the birth of his baby girl! May Allāh make her a source of blessing for him and his family. Āmīn.

Haven’t These Been Around For Ages?

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BBC News: Muslims try out digital Koran

Well, it's definitely not the worst Muslim-related story to find on the front page of the BBC News website – just a little out of date! Though i noticed that it did feature a fancy, new, colour version of the digital Qur'an… nice!

I’m In

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Are you?

Pledge of Mutual Respect and Cooperation Between Sunni Muslim Scholars, Organizations, and Students of Sacred Knowledge

Update: MR has put me on the spot, by listing me under those who are “joining the conversation” – but there is obviously a lack of “conversation” here! I do have at least one silly analogy to share, but no time to share it. Maybe in a week from now, when i pray that my life becomes officially thesis-free – inshā’Allāh.

Signatories to the pledge:


Islamic iPod

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Click here & Simply Islam will donate 10p on your behalf to charity – pass the word on!

When you get to the site, search for the AlFurqan iPod; an MP4 player with lots of goodies installed, māshā’Allāh. Only £99 at the mo, so it's cheaper than the Apple alternative (and it has a camera!).

Oh, while i'm here, if anyone was planning to get me an iPod Touch for ‘Īd (laughs), you can give the money to charity instead, cos i went the more sensible route, and bought the £15 USB/Firewire lead for my existing iPod. May Allāh reward me for not wasting my money (or yours), with an iPod Touch – in Jannah! Now that would be one sweet, Apple experience…

A reminder to please pray for me! Thesis deadline approaches. Jazakallah.

Ramadan Mubarak!

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inshā’Allāh, Ramadan – the fasting month – will begin for many Muslims (including me!) on the evening of Wednesday 12th September. I sincerely wish all you guys a pleasant, reward-filled month. May Allāh forgive us our sins, accept our good deeds, and increase us in piety, strength and patience. Āmīn.

I am going to now take a real hiatus from blogging during this time (without the tears), but will still be posting on – though with the Muslim blogosphere winding down, it may be harder than usual to find decent entries. We'll see, inshā’Allāh!

Btw, if anyone was wondering what to get me for ‘Īd (the post-Ramadan holiday), the last entry was a hint. {grin}

Take care, and please remember me (especially my thesis!), and all the Muslims in your prayers.

Assalamu 'alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu
May the peace, mercy and blessings of God be upon you


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iPod Nano

iPod Classic

iPod Touch

I have actually misplaced the Firewire lead to my existing iPod… so maybe i finally have a real excuse to buy a shiny, new, gorgeous, makesmedrool, iPod touch?


Seeking The Middle Ground

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[Warning: another entry inspired by Facebook!]

I recently joined a new group on Facebook, titled: “A Muslim dummies guide to British political parties and what their policies actually mean for Muslims“. The aim is – and i quote:

“A sort of comparison site for each of the parties in terms of where exactly they stand on specific issues compared to the others. If rumours of a snap autumn election are to be believed then we need to be paying much more attention to all the new policies appearing each week. It is getting quite tough to compare on many issues, so please help fill in the missing info so we can fairly show what each party is doing in specific areas of concern to us.”

I welcomed the creation of such a group. Even though i am not in a position to contribute much to the discussions, at present, i am all for learning new things, especially that which concern me as a British citizen. However, i do have one niggling worry in the back of my mind. Whenever Muslims start discussing politics, and especially party politics, it is almost guaranteed that the same old, fiery debate will kick in: to vote or not to vote? That is the question (apparently).


Confession: Real Science Scares Me

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Alhamdulillah, i have just finished writing my Results chapters. Together with my Materials & Methods chapter, i have 99% completed all the parts of the thesis that directly pertain to my work. Now i am left with the difficult (and hence BORING) task of explaining what everyone has been up to in this “exciting” field of Biology – i.e., i have to write my Intro. Once that's done, i then have to try and figure out how my data fits in with the existing world view, that is, my [likely to be very short] Discussion chapter. Then some blah blah blahing about what i would have done if i had more time (correction: if the people who promised me stuff, had actually delivered on their promises… grr).

The introduction is a little scary, because now i actually have to sound like i know stuff; that i have indeed been keeping an eye on the latest developments *cough* and that i have a deep understanding of my field…. ermmm, yeah. I think i may have to take acting lessons before my viva.

What's really scary is the serious nature of it all. I mean, i can blag on about my experiments just fine – but talking about other people's work is a daunting task, especially when you consider that the guys reading my thesis are professors – flipping experts! How do i fool them into thinking that i actually know what i've been doing for the past four years? That it hasn't all just been a blur, and that i do deserve those two little letters in front of my name THAT NO-ONE ELSE CARES ABOUT?


Was i ever cut out for real Science?

You Know You’ve Worked Too Long In A Lab When

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Found a group of the same name on Facebook. From the list of 48, these are the ones i actually identified with (not sure whether to be happy that i'm not alone, or scared that the problem is so widespread!):

You know you've worked too long in a lab when…