God Bless Her

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I am not even going to try to defend this entry… i just couldn't resist.

At the moment, i am using two different computers, in two different parts of the house. I have my trusty iMac, which lives in my bedroom, in the loft. And now, i have brought home my iBook from the office, as most of my data is on there. As i am the worst procrastinator (or is it, the best?), i decided to use our relatively new conservatory as the space for writing my thesis – no TV, no phone line, lots of natural light, and a lovely view of the garden in full bloom, māshā’Allāh. However, i still find excuses to come upstairs about ten times a day, such as for salaat, and/or sneaking off a few e-mails. It's good exercise… ahem.

Anyway, to the point!

I came down from Asr prayer today to find my mum grinning at me. She asked me to check my laptop… she said that she had touched it, and wanted to make sure everything was in order. My mum is not a computer person, so i wondered why she even went near it. She said that she was curious about how it worked, and so she pressed one or two buttons; she made these little gestures with her fingers, and made a funny face. I just smiled confusedly, and thought nothing of it, and helped her lay the table for dinner.

After we ate, she reminded me to check my computer. I found it with the lid closed. When i opened it, it asked for my password, as per, but my keystrokes were not being accepted. Then i noticed that Numlock had been activated. “Why did she press that key?”, i wondered. So i deactivated it, typed in my password, clicked enter, and the Word document i had been previously working on popped up. Except, it wasn't quite how i had left it…


Just in case you hadn't realized, all the stuff in black, bold underline, was my mum's little contribution to my thesis (all except munohistochemistry, which is one of my subheadings… it should actually be Immunohistochemistry).

I stared at the screen for a few seconds, having no idea what i was looking at. Then i just started laughing, and laughing, and LAUGHING. I heard my mum giggling like a naughty child, in the kitchen. She joined me in the conservatory, and we laughed even harder.

“WHAT DID YOU DO?!”, i asked, with tears in my eyes.

“I'll tell you later, when you tell me everything is OK”.

I checked the document, and apart from that weird jumble of characters nothing was amiss, Alhamdulillah.

Anyone want to guess how she managed to make such a mess? :D

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  1. Faraz says:

    I’m guessing she was trying to clean all the gunk out from between the keys, or she was vacuuming it.

    When I was in high school, my brother had this odd tendency to finish sentences in my word processor whenever I left the computer in midsentence. He’d always add something weird about soup, for some reason. So I might be doing a lab report, and then all of a sudden it would say something like “this test did not prove conclusive due to air resistance and soup.”

    Normally, I’d catch the little soup intrusions, but I handed in at least one report or essay or something that had a random reference to soup for no reason whatsoever.

  2. iMuslim says:

    I was going to update my entry with the answer just now, cos i figured no-one would reply… and the answer was pretty obvious… but you beat me to it!

    Yes, she was cleaning! She wiped the keyboard down, and the mouse pad. It actually looks more like the nice white colour it should be, now, mashallah. :)

    So, your tendency to leave sentences half-finished was apparent as far back as high school?

    Soup intrusions… too funny. :D

  3. Abū Ilyās says:

    Hmm, I’m not sure but best to double check that it’s not some ingenious programming code or a formula for a cancer cure before you go ahead and delete it.

    Had it not been your Mum I might have suggested this as a possible explanation but you kind of limited the jokes I could make by making the post about your Mum because as you once quite rightly pointed out ‘yo momma’ are “… quite mean, and unIslamic.”

    So instead I’ll just say amin to your post title.

  4. iMuslim says:

    Yo Abū Ilyās, you got spammed! It this Askimet’s revenge on you for forcing it to change its evil, Muslimpad-hating ways?

    Jazakallah for the ameen, and for the link… though i’ll have to wait till tomorrow to watch it. Is it office-friendly viewing? :)

  5. Editor says:

    Hehehe, I usually open Word or IM someone when I’m about to clean my keyboard. May Allah bless your mum indeed! :)

    Lol, Abu Ilyas, I love that scene! And muahaha, now who’s the spammer?

    I think mine will get through this time! :D

  6. Abū Ilyās says:

    *protests* But I’m WordPress they’re not supposed to spam me! :(

    Yeah, I think I got Askimet-ed on Hood’s blog recently too.

    I totally don’t buy that “95% of all caught comments were spam” blurb on Akismet’s website.

    But yes iMuslim, the YouTube link should be office-friendly.

  7. iMuslim says:

    Yey, Editor… you passed through, safely, mashallah. :)

    Abū Ilyās, i think it was cos you used a hyperlink… i have been spammed on my own blog for using hyperlinks! Not every time though… there must be some kind of link hitlist. Allahu ‘alim.

    Anyway, back to work for me… take care, inshallah. :)

  8. AnonyMouse says:

    Hahaha… I never leave stuff open on my PC if I’m working on something – whether it be email or Word Doc or whatever – and need to leave for some reason… my mum, however, does! On more than one occasion have I taken over her IM conversations… :P

    I guess I’m a bit like your younger brother, Faraz… if I see something half-done and then left off, I have the urge to finish it off regardless of whether I know anything about the subject, even though I know I’m gonna get a smack upside the head for inserting random (non-soup-related) sentences in someone else’s email/ school project/ whatever.

  9. Faraz says:

    I guess I’m a bit like your younger brother, Faraz…

    Nope, I have no younger brothers, I’m the little one in the family. That particular brother is four years older than me, and was persistent in annoying me in any way he could as I was growing up. His soup thing had nothing to do with any desire to complete unfinished things, he was just being weird.

  10. hema says:

    may Allah bless your mum with happiness and joy always, espeically since she made you update! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  11. Manas says:

    The puzzle is solved!!!! *throws up hand*

  12. iMuslim says:

    Organic: I’m sure she would love you too, if/when she ever talks to/meets you, inshallah. She gets on well with all my friends… in fact, sometimes too well, and i feel slightly threatened. Is that bad? :/

    Mouse: WHY?

    Faraz: You really shouldn’t be calling yourself the “little one”, at your age. :)

    hema: AMEEN! That statement would’ve been a lot sweeter if you deleted the last word, but the sentiment is still appreciated. Jazakallah. xxx

    Manas: I really don’t know why you put your hand up, but if it is because you need to visit the little boys’ room, i’ve told you before, you don’t need to ask for my permission; just go! :P

  13. mcpagal says:

    lol, I was thinking cleaning too!

    When my mum was at uni me and my sisters used to end up typing up her essays for her, because her own typing was too slow (she’s much better now mashallah!). She’d end up with a lot of weird sentences like ‘Karl Marx argues that sausages banana cornflakes. He argues too much. Go home, Karl Marx!’. She used to get annoyed because she was sure we’d forget to take them out someday. Those were the days…

    My sister still makes up weird endings to my essays, but it’s a nice distraction :)

  14. Alefyah says:

    How sweet! :-)

  15. iMuslim says:

    McP: That pesky Karl Marx, and his weird, breakfast-item-based arguments!
    Seriously though, it’s great that you helped your mum out… and i’m well impressed with your mum, the mature (yet i’m sure she doesn’t look it) student, mashallah!

    Alefyah: Indeed… :)

  16. Snowdrops says:

    haha…that is cuuuteee lol

    hmm…but what’s with ‘Is that for all the “boring” technical data…’ :?

  17. iMuslim says:

    That was a note to my supervisor… the doc i left open was actually my thesis plan, and i had written several questions for him, within it. :)

    I want this to be over… sob… in a way, writing the thesis is not so difficult, inshallah, but i’m so scared at the thought of being judged by other scientists. I feel like a fraud. :(

  18. Snowdrops says:

    you’ll be fine ukhti…i just know you will ;)

  19. Farzeen says:


    I wanted to thank you for posting that post “Fate,” but I was stumped as to how to comment. So I read this entry, and gotta say, subhanAllah.. those moments of shared laughter are priceless :)

    Glad to hear the thesis is still safe :).

    Take care sis, and keep working hard! You’re almost at the finish line, insha’Allah :).

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