Well, Bye Then!

// June 7th, 2007 // Blog

Shhhhhhhhhhhh… don't say it. I know. I am on hiatus. But this is an emergency post! To the blog cave, Blogman! And Blogwoman. Blogpeople?

Ok, so where are all you guys off to? I'm gone for like a week and a half, and everyone is fleeing blogland, or threatening to. It's just not right, i tell ya.

But seriously… what is going on? Three bloggers from my blogroll quit in one day (well, one blogging day, which can actually last for more than 24 hours due to time zones). When did blogging become something people had to quit? No, i am not a hypocrite. I am on h-i-a-t-u-s. That means i intend to return at some point, God-willing.

I think people are getting blogging all wrong. Blogging has the potential to do many wonderful things, but there are two rules you must remember to survive a blog (think Scream – rules to survive a horror movie):

Rule 1: Blogging will not change the world, on its own.
It's like dua (prayer): Dua on its own is just words, but what makes the words work? Action & the Help of Allāh. So don't feel defeated when the bad guys are still in charge, just cos you wrote a few scathing blog posts about them. One, they are very unlikely to read your blog, and two, the people who read your blog need more than brave words to inspire them into action; they need leadership, an example to follow. Blogging can be your tool to advertise your campaign, to make people aware of your plight, but you need to add some offline activity to actually make a difference. We're not all plugged into the Matrix, yet.

Rule 2: Blogging will change your world, on its own.
If you just need a way to spill your guts without any repercussions, be all last century and write in a diary. You can even invest in one of those cutesy digital ones that include encryption software. I hear they come in pink.
Blogging is about sharing your ideas with the public. Sometimes with people who think like you, often times with people who don't. Whether you like it or not, or expect it or not, you will form relationships. I don't mean the fuzzy kind… i mean, you will have some kind of bond with another person. It could be friendship, it could be love for the sake of Allāh, it could be enmity, but it will happen. Because there are real people on the other side of the screen, sometimes, on the other side of the world. Real people, with real feelings, and emotions, and pride, and families, and everything normal human beings have. Don't think that when you switch off your computer, and the words disappear from the screen, that those people also disappear with them. Even if there were no more computers, no more electricity (think Dark Angel), those words will still be imprinted in their memories, sometimes, on their hearts. Again, i'm not necessarily talking about the warm fuzzies here; words can hurt, just as much as they can heal. So please don't act all surprised when the “worst” happens, and, “Oh no! Someone actually cares about what i write!”. Of course they do, that's why they read your blog, silly. Hey, they may even care about you; is that the worst thing ever to have happened?

You know what? I wouldn't even be writing this entry (especially at this time) if it was just some random people who had decided to throw in the towel. But these guys are talented, and i think their words can benefit others, as they have done in the past. They write thought provoking material, and there is such a need for it. I should know, i've been looking hard enough!

I think the blogosphere needs a warning label, a disclaimer, or a survival guide of some kind. Maybe someone could write one… feel free to use my rules above, if you need ideas.

So don't quit, fellas. Just learn how to live in this community, the way you had to learn how to live in the offline world. You face similar problems out there, but i don't see you running off, and hiding in a cave. Not unless caves have high-speed internet access, these days. Now that would rock! Geddit? Rock. Cave… Yeah, you laughed. Don't deny it. The girl's still got it, māshā’Allāh.

OK, now i have to go… please think about what i have said, and don't make me come out here again, ya hear?

Toodles & Salaams.

10 Responses to “Well, Bye Then!”

  1. organicmuslimah says:

    Happy to see you on here. Miss you since our last chat. I totally agree and must I warn bloggers who quit. YOU WILL COME BACK. Once you get a taste of blogging, you seem to never stop.

    Trust me on this one :)

  2. hema says:

    whi quit blogging?
    i agree with organic, unless they deleted their blog why will be back eventually.
    it’s too addictive to stop!

  3. iMuslim says:

    Salaams my sweethearts! MWAH! :)

    Anyway, i’m not here to discuss the issue, but just to acknowledge your comments.

    hema… i imagine you meant “who”, seeing as the ‘i’ key is next to the ‘o’ key. :) Talented people, that’s who. Sweet people with big hearts, and good intentions, that the blogosphere should not be without, mashallah.

    I’ve pretty much said what i wanted to say on the matter… i hope they know why i am saying it, even though not all of them know me that well. Might be a case of, “Who are you to talk to me like that?”. Anyway… i tried.

    Take care, folks… probably won’t comment again… probably. ;)


  4. Muslimah says:

    Hey……….I make a post today and find out you’re leaving!!

    Well hope Your thesis goes well and may All your affairs in this dunya and in Akhira go smoothly. Ameen.

    take care,


  5. Sumera says:

    They’ll be back, Arnie style ;)

  6. iMuslim says:

    Alhamdulillah. :D

  7. AnonyMouse says:

    Ohhhhhh man, I feel guilty… after your last email I stopped checking up on your blog… now I wander in (quite by accident, really) and find TWO NEW POSTS!!!!!

  8. ninglun says:

    Rule 1: Blogging will not change the world, on its own… Rule 2: Blogging will change your world, on its own.

    Very wise! I couldn’t agree more. (I noted our mutual friend’s blog closing too, and felt he’s expected a bit much of himself…)

  9. iMuslim says:

    Muslimah: Ameen to your dua… wa iyyaka. :)

    Mouse: Well, after my little e-mail, that should no longer be a problem, inshallah.

    ninglun: Not sure about “wise”, just an observation from my own experience. :)
    And i just noticed that he is back, btw… yey! All the departed bloggers have returned! :D

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