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// May 17th, 2007 // Blog

Sumera, the wicked churayl, has cast an evil meme over me! I am currrrrsed, i tell ye!

The only way it can be broken, is to comply with her sinister plan. So now, i must divulge to you seven random facts about myself. Here goes… *gulp*

1) This is really hard, actually… errrrr. Ok, i got one! I am quite good at drawing, māshā’Allāh. I never took it up as an official qualification, as i used up all my GCSE options on the Sciences! I remember in Year 9 (aged 13/14), the final year that i took Art, i was sat with a group of students drawing something; can't remember what. The teacher peered over my shoulder and said, “That's very good, [my name]; why don't you take Art? You'd get an A!”. I responded with, “Yeah, i know… but i can't”. The girls at the table looked up at me and gave me the dirtiest, death stares (they weren't my friends). Y'see, i was already an all-round A-student in my other subjects (except Sports), and me being all nonchalant about getting another 'easy' A under my belt for Art, well, it didn't go down very well. No wonder they hated me! *grins*

2) My two favourite shows on TV right now, are MythBusters and American Chopper – both are on the Discovery Channel. The first choice totally affirms my Grand Geek status; the second just confuses people. What can i say? I just love watching those guys build choppers!

3) Oh man, this is tough! Erm… *looks around her bedroom for inspiration* My favourite colour is purple, and my walls testify to this. They are painted “sugar lilac”, which is kind of a light, pinky purple. My ceiling, or really, part of my ceiling, is hot pink. Yes, HOT PINK. It looks good, trust me. This is actually the only bedroom that i have ever had decorated. All my other bedrooms were just the style that my parents chose, when they moved in. Which leads me onto…

4) I used to live in a bungalow! This was back in my home town. The reason i couldn't decorate my bedroom (not even posters, or whathaveyou) was because we had wooden panels on the walls, all throughout the house, except the bathroom. I think the guy who built the house installed them, and my parents liked them, and left them in.

5) I've downloaded Lemmings II & Scrabble onto my mobile phone. Tragic, isn't it? I'm telling ya, i think i have Peter Pan syndrome, or something!

6) There is no greater thrill for me, than making someone laugh. However, I don't think i'm that funny in 'real life'. In fact, i kill jokes. I couldn't tell a joke properly, if you paid me.. and no-one would pay me, cos I KILL JOKES! So i resort to sarcasm (but not the evil, make people cry, kind), and general clowning around. It sorta works… i think i mainly get 'sympathy' chuckles, though. But when i get a real laugh, man, it's a buzz!

7) Hmm… final point. I used to collect postcards. I still kind of do, but i've sorta drifted apart from the friends who knew this random fact about me, and so they've stopped coming. That's a bit sad, isn't it? Oh, i suppose i should clarify. I don't go around buying postcards, but rather, i ask people to send them to me, from all the lovely places that they visit, and then i keep these cards in a box, under the bed, in my old room. I suppose it's a taste of all the destinations that i don't get a chance to visit, myself. Also, everyone loves real mail, don't they? It's nice to be remembered.

With that slightly melancholy ending, all that is left for me to do is pass the tag on… hmm… I tag Snowdrops & that wee rascal, mcpagal. Update: I just tagged Believer, cos according to him, tags are a girl-thing, so we need to redress the gender imbalance.

If anyone else fancies a go, then please consider yourself tagged.

15 Responses to “Seven Random Facts”

  1. Sumera says:

    Mwhahahah :D Ooh hot pink ceiling! Sounds fab darling :D

  2. iMuslim says:

    Darrrrrlink… yah, it’s truly supah!

    You must come down and have brunch with me and mama, one of these days, and i’ll take you on a tour of the mansion. I live in the East Wing.

    Oh, i must toodle now; I’m meeting Kiki for lunch at the Country Club.

    Mwah sweedy-kins! xxx


  3. AnonyMouse says:

    Hey! #6 is exactly the same for me! Yayyyyy for twin-ness, eh? :D

    Know what sucks, though? Something that’s happened a couple times to me is, upon first meeting someone I’ll be able to get them chuckling the whole time at my wit/ cleverness/ clumsiness (take your pick!), and then the next time we meet I’m either silent as the dead or just plain unfunny! :O

    I’ve just tagged myself… so look out for something within the next few days!

  4. AnonyMouse says:

    And if it’s any consolation to you, I think you’re rib-crackingly hilarious! :D

  5. iMuslim says:

    Jazakallah, Mousey, dearest (even though the idea of laughing so hard that one’s ribs end up cracking, is quite disturbing, non?). xxx :)

  6. mcpagal says:

    hehe, churayl. My mum will be so scandalised that I’m spreading insults!

    I’m going to copy Anonymouse and say that I have the whole #6 thing too (though the worst thing is when you act all crazy and get stony silence in return), but you crack me up as well at least so no worries. :)

    Ooh and Mythbusters rocks! I like the 2 main guys, they rock.

    ps. thanks for the tag!

  7. iMuslim says:

    I actually like the “junior” team a little more (Tori, Grant & Kari).

    I just visited the website for the first time, and found this. They’re all quite funny, but the fourth was the one that made me laugh out loud, and hence, got my vote. :D

    Btw, Mouse, McP, when you say no. 6 applies to you, too, do you also mean the joke-killing, or just the being a clown?

  8. believer786 says:

    iMuslim oh must you torment me! Now I will be tossing and turning until I figure out 7 points about me! Let the tossing n turnin being :).

  9. iMuslim says:

    Mushir, I’m sure you’ll handle it fine, inshallah. You don’t seem like a boring person. I mean, if i can find seven things to say (and they weren’t even seven interesting things), then i’m sure that you can.

    Plus, you’re older than me, so you have all those extra years of life experience to draw from! :)

  10. AnonyMouse says:

    Being a clown, of course! Although I have to admit to being a Texas Chainsaw Joke Massacrist, too… :S

  11. LOL. I still have to do mine. Imusilm inspire me, what should I write??

  12. iMuslim says:

    Mouse: That sounds kind of messy… i prefer a quick blow to the back of the skull, when it comes to killing jokes. They never knew what hit them.

    Unique: [New York accent] Hey! What do i look like to you? A Greek Muse? Get yer own inspiration, ya bum! [end accent]

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  14. Snowdrops says:


    i didnt even know i was tagged :O

    i’ll do as soon as my exams are over insha’allah :)

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