O My Head!

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On the following morning, Muhammad [peace be upon him] found Ayesha [may Allāh be pleased with her], his wife, complaining of a headache, and holding her head between her hands, murmuring, “O my head!”. Having a headache himself, Muhammad answered, “But rather, O Ayesha, it's my head!” However, the pain was not so severe as to put him to bed, to stop his daily work, or to prevent him from talking to his wives and even joking with them. As Ayesha continued to complain about her head, Muhammad said to her: “It wouldn't be too bad after all, O Ayesha, if you were to die before me. For I would then pray for you and attend your funeral.” But this only aroused the ire of the youthful Ayesha, who answered: “Let that be the good fate of some else and not me. If that happens to me, you will have your other wives to keep you company.” (The Life of Muhammad, Cairo, 1935)

Now, it is time for me to complain about my head. Ayee, it hurts! This is the third headache i've had in a week… Subhanallah! Thank the Lord for soluble Paracetamol, that's all i can say. It makes me wanna barf as soon as i swallow it, but it does the job quickly, by the Mercy of Allāh.

I remember when i was little, all i had to do to get rid of a headache, was remove my socks (to reduce my body temperature), lie down and sleep it off. Sometimes, i could even imagine my pain away! I'd sit quietly, and think of all my favourite things: “I like… icecream, cartoons, playing cricket with my dad [yes – my poor dad had no sons!], sweets…” etc, etc.

Now, none of that stuff works. If i go to sleep with a headache, i will wake up with the same headache. A few (thankfully rare) times, i have gone to sleep with a mild, nagging pain, only to be awoken in the middle of the night by a nightmarish, intense throbbing in my skull that has me rolling around the bed, crying for my mother! (Not that i would wake her up for that). I often say to myself: “So this is what a hangover feels like… oooww”.

Hey, it's all expiation, right? Lord knows, i need it! It's just strange how my body has changed in its response to pain, over the years. Stress, no doubt, has a role to play in all this. No more carefree days for me. You rest when you die… At least, that's the hope, inshā’Allāh!

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  1. Lucyp says:

    My mum always had this idea that if you put your hands under hot water then it reduces your headache. She always said a doctor told her and it meant that there was some science behind it but then she also said that eating ice cream on a hot day made you warmer so i wouldn’t go plunging my hands into hot sinkfuls of water next time your head pounds.
    I also think she was just too tight to buy me an ice cream.

  2. That hadith is so cute and shows how sweet they were together, may Allah have mercy on both their souls and send my salams to the Prophet. Ahh, I love him so much. And reading things like that increases my love. I have a big smile on my face actually, so thank you.

    It’s either stress. Or you’re eating something that is not good for you or you are intolerant too but you dont know. Or it’s a woman’s thing because its easy to get pain when that’s arrived. Or you have constipation. Or you aren’t drinking enough water (1 1/2 litre a day). Or you’re staring at this screen too much and need to rest your eyes! Or you need glasses (if you think your vision is getting worse). Or you need to just turn on some music, jiggle about for 5 mintues, have fun, smile, forget your worries in those five minutes by dancing it off ;)

  3. What a lovely hadith! Beautiful, beautiful. May Allah bless them.

    Hope your headache gets better sis :) Like Unique Muslimah mentioned…hormones, stress, caffeine, chocolate ….all that could be triggers. Do you have a family history of migraines? Could be that, instead of an ordinary headache. If it affects you to the point where you can’t sleep it off and painkillers don’t help anymore, consider speaking to your GP about it.

    Inshallah we’ll find lasting peace once we’re in our graves.

    Lol @ hangover analogy. People actually PAY money to feel that??? And they call us strange…

  4. hema says:

    that is the sweetest hadith. i’ve never heard if before, thank you!
    sounds like you have enough advice for your headache, so i’ll just rub it in. i can usually sleep off a headache. :)

  5. iMuslim says:

    Lucy: Hmm… trying to think of a medical explanation for the hot water ‘trick’. Maybe it encourages the release of endorphines in response to the pain of the hot water? I find rubbing balm (such as Vix or some other smelly menthol ointment) into the forehead, quite soothing. I wonder if that has more to do with psychology than physiology, as my mum used to do that to me when i was little, so maybe it brings back nice relaxing memories for me?
    This will make me sound like an even bigger baby, but one of the best ‘natural’ painkillers i have ever experienced, is the touch of my mother’s hands. I swear, it is like Allah has put His cure in them! All i have to do is place my head on my mum’s lap, close my eyes, and let her stroke my hair a few times, et voila! Pain is severely diminished! Does that happen for anyone else? :)

    Unique: Jazakallah for the long list of suspects! I think a few of them apply to me, which is not good! Alhamdulillah, i am feeling a lot better today.

    UberCool: Salaams sis! My father does suffer badly from migraines – has done so for most of his life. However, i am thankful that Allah has spared me. I am quite confidant that these are stress-related headaches. I don’t tend to get them very often, usually (once per month at most), but have been going through some extra emotional stuff lately, which is most likely at the root of this current outbreak! I am soooo grateful to Allah that painkillers do work, and i only have to take one… my dad has to take so many, and even then, if it is a really bad’un, it won’t go. He has been prescribed special migraine tablets, which only work sometimes… he has to figure out whether the pain is a headache or a migraine, before he takes them!
    Poor dad… i always feel bad for him when he get an attack, which can be as frequent as every other day! May Allah relieve him of his pain. Ameen.

    hema: gee, thanks for the sympathy – NOT! :P

    I agree with you guys, the hadith is quite sweet, and very telling of the way that they (peace be upon them both) used to tease one another. :D

    The sad part of the story is, that the headache Rasoolallah, sallalahu ‘alayhi wa salam, experienced, was the first symptom (i think) of the illness that eventually killed him. :(

  6. Sumera says:

    I’ve never had a “proper” headache so dont know what a headache is :-/ The closest thing to a headache in my books is when my head feels really heavy

  7. shaz says:

    I hope you feel better soon inshaallah.

    sumera… how old are you??? :)

  8. Sumera says:

    Roughly same age as iMuslim :p

  9. iMuslim says:

    Sumera: You’re very fortunate, mashallah! I think headaches are the worst kind of pain (though i have not yet experienced childbirth, so the list is up for editing!), just because they are not easily soothed, and are so debilitating. I mean, you just can’t think straight!

    Shaz: Jazakallah sis, i’m feeling good today, Alhamdulillah. What has Sumi’s age got to do with anything? :)

  10. AnonyMouse says:

    Awwwww, that’s a lovely hadith, masha’Allah! I’ve never heard of it before, either…

    Eek, headaches suck! Al-Hamdulillaah, I don’t get severe headaches… just mild ones which are really annoying and make me wanna sleep… I don’t think they’re stress-related, though – I think it’s gotta do with me tying my hijaab band too tight! :P

    Ohhhh, I love Vix… when I was little, my grandma would use it for everything and anything… and voila, we’d feel better immediately! My favourite ‘medicine,’ though, is something my grandma calls her “Medinah Medicine” – it’s a green liquidy thing, in a tiny little glass bottle, and smells sorta-but-not-really like Vix. D’you have any idea what it might be?

  11. shaz says:

    oh.. age… kind of a rhetorical question, as in… you never had a headache and you’re an adult?!? ok… never mind, I guess it only works with facial expressions. :)

  12. iMuslim says:

    Mouse: Medinah Medicine. I haven’t heard it by that name, but i think i know what you’re talking about. We have a lickle bottle of green stuff somewhere… it’s weird, cos i see it in nearly every relative’s house that i visit, but i have no idea what it is!

    shaz: No worries, love! She’ll have her fair share of headaches when she has kiddies of her own, inshallah. ;)

  13. Sumera says:

    My mum used to say the same regarding not experiencing a headache ever – then after she had us kids she began to get severe migraines. Most of the time it was so bad that she required sedating :-/

    Alhumdulillah she’s migraine free now; done a long course of homeopathic medicine but I just wish that doesn’t happen to me.

  14. iMuslim says:

    Na’authobillah, sis… i just meant that kids can be headaches in themselves! Inshallah, it won’t happen, but if it did, now you know what treatment works, it means you wouldn’t have to put up for it for long…

    What treatment did she have? Acupuncture?

  15. Sumera says:

    I know kids can be headaches in themselves :p Insh’Allah I dont develop it.

    Im not too sure what she had – it was some powdered substance that she was required to take 3 times a day. She was on that course for about 2 years and now she doesn’t get them at all :)

  16. iMuslim says:

    Find out the name, if you can, and i’ll recommend it to my dad, inshallah. :)

    As long as it isn’t powdered rhino horn, or something!

  17. organicmuslimah says:

    Allahu akbar :P

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