To My Lurker

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// May 11th, 2007 // Blog

Why are you hiding there,
in the shadows?
Don't you know, i can see you?
It's your teeth;
they shine in the moonlight.
If you want to remain incognito,
you should stop smiling so much.
No – sorry.
I can't stop being funny.
Hang on…
You think i'm funny?
But still,
you should really stop lurking.
I think you have something to say,
and i'd really like to hear it.
Don't be afraid;
things are much clearer in the light.

35 Responses to “To My Lurker”

  1. organicmuslimah says:

    I was shocked to learn that only about 10-20% of readers normally comment. Come on people, IMuslim doesn’t bite, I might, but that’s for another entry.

  2. AnonyMouse says:

    Y’know, I never did find out how many regular readers I had on Musings of a Muslim Mouse… Faraz had given me info on how to find out, but I’d never gotten around to doing it… and now that I’ve moved to MuslimMatters, I obviously have less people on MMM…

  3. iMuslim says:

    Do not worry, shy readers. I’ll make sure to put the muzzle on organic muslimah, before i release her for her daily exercise. Anyhow, her bark is worse than her bite. :P

    Mouse, from the number of comments you used to receive when MMM was your only blog, you did seem to have quite a few regulars, mashallah.

    Another downside to WP (compared to Blogger) is that because it doesn’t allow javascript, the stats you are able to collect via a counter, is quite limited. WP has its own stats package, but it isn’t as nifty as the full StatCounter package.

    Then again, the intention for detailed stats on personal site, is a little vain… :)

  4. Sumera says:

    Stalker? :-O

  5. iMuslim says:

    Umm… no! I don’t think i’m cool/pretty/famous enough for a stalker. :)


  6. iMuslim says:

    Completely random statement:


    Well… i do. :P

  7. Interesting says:

    Interesting category for this post (Poetry), really???

    If you really have a lurker and you know who it is then why not just ask the person for what you want to hear?

  8. iMuslim says:

    Not all poems have to rhyme
    a different style is not a crime
    perhaps i lack the God-given ability
    to write deep, inspirational poetry
    if you really are stickler for tradition
    be offended not by my proposition:
    pen some lines, O Gifted One
    & show the rest of us, how it’s done!


    please know that my little test
    is just me fooling; a playful jest
    even i doubted whether said entry
    was worthy of such a category!
    Oh well, too late, the damage is done
    It was only some trivia; a little fun…

  9. iMuslim says:

    If you really have a lurker and you know who it is then why not just ask the person for what you want to hear?

    I did write it with a certain person in mind, but it was just a passing thought. I mean, i wrote it spur of the moment. If they wish to remain in the shadows, it’s up to them. :)

    Anyway, it seems to apply to several people, as i do have more readers than commentators. I think i need to write more thought provoking entries though, so they feel inspired to speak up! :)

  10. Lucyp says:

    Maybe they are not that confident or maybe they just don’t have a keyboard. Possibly they are the strong, silent type sitting behind their computer screen nodding sagely at your postings. Alternatively they could be nicking your posts for their own blog.

  11. Interesting says:

    I did not mean to challenge you to write poetry, anyone reading your Blog will tell you that you write exceptionally well and I am sure there is a strong correlation (:-)) with writing well generally and poetry.

    If it was just a “passing thought” or just a “spur of the moment” then I guess you probably don’t “really like to hear it” but maybe just interested out of curiosity. If you do really want to hear it then why not just ask the individual?

    Or none of the above ???????????

  12. mcpagal says:

    oh man that is some
    cool poetry. but maybe
    i shouldn’t write haikus

    (or attempt to since the last line had 6 syllables).

    Oh and I lurk on a few blogs. I feel sort of stalkerish, but I mostly don’t comment out of laziness or shyness. Mostly laziness.

  13. hema says:

    “Completely random statement:


    you can have your cyber chocolates back, they don’t tase that nice for some reason!

    i lurked on your blog for a while before i commented, mainly before i had a blog of my own, as i didn’t like to post annoymously(as some people don’t like that)

    i also, lurk on a few blogs, mainly becuase i feel to shy or in awe of the person to comment, so yeh.. maybe people aren’t commenting because what you write is too intellectual for them. i mean your intellectual abilities really come through in your poetry:)

  14. iMuslim says:

    Lucy: I don’t know which statement is less likely; this one:
    Possibly they are the strong, silent type sitting behind their computer screen nodding sagely at your postings.
    or this one:
    Alternatively they could be nicking your posts for their own blog.
    For some reason, i just can’t see either happening! But thanks for believing in me, anyway. ;)

    Interesting: Awwww… y’know, i was only kidding! I tried to explain that in my second stanza (wow, i can’t believe that i remembered a fancy word from GCSE English Lit. ONOMATOPOEIA! Look! Another one!). I wasn’t fishing for compliments – honest. You have a right to criticize my sucky poetry! But not too much… ;)
    I suppose i miss this person’s regular commenting on my blog. That is why i wanted to hear from them. I don’t need to know anything in particular; just wanna see their name. I’m sentimental, like that. :)

    mcpagal: you won’t know why, but your mention of haikus made me laugh. :)

    hema: i lurked on your blog for a while before i commented
    Were you the heavy breather? :P

    maybe people aren’t commenting because what you write is too intellectual for them
    INTELLECTUAL? Yesterday, i was going to post an entry titled: “An Ode to a Biscuit”. Seriously… i even wrote a poem, and everything (this one even rhymed!). Y’see… i was in the office, it was late, i was feeling a bit crappy, so i decided to invest in a cup of tea, and a packet of HobNobs (yes, HobNobs – plain, not chocolate). A few tea-soaked biccies later, i felt so much better, that i was inspired to write some lines expressing my joy at being allowed to experience such simple, culinary delight! I wrote three stanzas (it’s that fancy word again!). However, it just wasn’t flowing right… so i ditched it. I’m trying to remember some of it now… hmmm…

    Sweet and round
    with dimpled surface
    a crunchy sound
    you make, when i bite

    Can’t remember the rest! [or rather i can, but i refuse to embarrass myself any further… :P ]

  15. AnonyMouse says:


    *Runs away screaming “I’m a little teapot”*

  16. Farzeen says:

    Assalaamu’alaykum wa rahmatu Allah

    So now it’s confirmed
    Your superb poetic competence
    Inspired by a simple thought
    Of perhaps missed irrelevance

    Days of absence
    May indicate lessons delivered
    Though life is truly beautiful
    Volumeless voices remain uncovered

    Lurkers have their value
    As silent supporters
    Stalkers need a life
    Beyond being creepy reporters

    You miss the presence
    Of one who you sense may be near
    But changes are inevitable
    So hold tight to those who you find are exceptionally sincere

    –and it’s much too late for me to try to write rhymes, so forgive me for the confusion of the above lines (:)

  17. hema says:

    wow that was really good. sorry imuslim, i’m ditching you for someone better.
    and good poems do not have to rhyme!

  18. Sumera says:

    I can’t write poetry at all. :(

  19. mcpagal says:

    you won’t know why, but your mention of haikus made me laugh. :)

    So that’s mimes and haikus now? Wacky! :D

  20. iMuslim says:

    Mouse: Hoopty-who? :P

    Farzeen: Wa ‘alaykum salam wa rahmatullah

    Why is it that i can always rely
    on my dear princess Farzeen, for a poetic reply?
    I don’t doubt the genuine sincerity
    of one whose active presence is a rarity.
    Perhaps it is my weak presentation
    that fails to provide adequate inspiration?
    Or perhaps they doubt their own ability
    to share private musings with lucid agility?
    Or perhaps they wish to remain a silent observer
    to public discussions that progress with great fervour.
    Truly the reasons above are just guesses,
    for the keys to their heart, only Allah possesses.
    The person’s name i do not wish to mention
    as it may lead to awkward, unnecessary tension.
    All i know is, if one day they decide to finally appear,
    I’ll be most happy to read them; i may even shed a tear!

    Of joy, naturally. Perhaps not; but it would be nice, anyway. :)

    hema: I’ll get over it. :P

    Sumera: I don’t believe that! Anyway, you have many other talents… don’t ask me to name them. JUST KIDDING. :D

    mcpagal: you’re just a funny gal, whatcanisay? :)

  21. Sumera says:

    With a name like McPagal – she’s got to be funny! :D

  22. Lucyp says:

    Hema – I also have a look at some peoples blogs and think that anything i write in the comments is going to get a sarcastic reply or worse. Sometimes it does and i then imagine that person have as many braincells as i have fingers and sit behind my monitor and laugh mockingly at them.
    Futile i know.

  23. hema says:

    !I also have a look at some peoples blogs and think that anything i write in the comments is going to get a sarcastic reply or worse”

    aww there are are some mean people out there. you can comment on my blog anytime, and i promise there will be no sarcastic reply:)

    imuslim- wow, call me fickle but my loyalty has returned to you! i’m sorry i doubted the muslim gal with the iPod!

  24. iMuslim says:

    Sumi: May this is a Scottish in-joke i am not aware off! ;)

    Lucy: Keep laughing, dear… at least it’ll make you feel better. :)

    hema: you are a fickle mistress, indeed… someone waves a few fancy lines under your nose, and you go a runnin’! I shall have to warn your future hubby about this… :P

  25. mcpagal says:

    Haha, glad I’m the comedian! Thanks for the name appreciation Sumera :)

  26. iMuslim says:

    OH MY GOD. *slaps forehead*
    Dooooooooooooh… is it McPagal as in the Urdu “pagal”?
    This is so embarrassing, it’s painful… :oops:

  27. Snowdrops says:

    i actually thought that was to a stalker around where you live that stalks you…dont ask…i just had one of my weird moements *sigh* :)

  28. iMuslim says:

    That is so cute of you, and kinda scary of me, if you had been correct… i mean, if i saw some weirdo in the bushes, i shouldn’t be composing poetry… i should be dialing the police!

  29. iMuslim says:

    Sorry, “poetry”. ;)

  30. mcpagal says:

    OH MY GOD. *slaps forehead*
    Dooooooooooooh… is it McPagal as in the Urdu “pagal”?
    This is so embarrassing, it’s painful…

    aww man! that’s so funny! don’t be too embarrassed though, some people didn’t figure out I was scottish either!

  31. Sumera says:

    Lol. Yayyy a fellow Scot :p

  32. iMuslim says:

    mcpagal: it wasn’t the Scottish thing i was embarrassed about, love! Rather the notspottingtheUrdu.

    Sumera: Oh no, i smell Scottish rebellion in the air! *retreats behind Hadrian’s wall*

  33. mcpagal says:

    Hey I got it! Was trying to make you feel better though :D. My Urdu isn’t up to much anyway, I just know the random insults my mum throws at me (pagal, behvakoof, churail, you know how it is). Wait. I’m not abused or anything, I just do a lot of stupid stuff in front of my mum…

    Sumera: let’s team up and throw haggis at iMuslim!

  34. iMuslim says:

    Churail… sounds familiar… what does it mean, exactly?

    Ack! No! Not the dreaded HAGGIS!

    *Get her hands up in front of her head (self-defence position)*

  35. Sumera says:

    Churayl means witch :p

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