Definition of Torture

// May 8th, 2007 // Blog

When your boss kindly brings in a box of the finest, dark, Belgian chocolates for his lab group, forgetting that one particular member, who happens to be a notorious chocoholic, (i.e., me) cannot eat anything that contains alcohol (i.e, said chocolates).

*lifts the box up to her face*


No! *slaps hand away*


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  1. AnonyMouse says:

    *Carries evil box of chocolates away and dumps them in the garbage*

    *Brings back a bigger box of 100% halaal chocolates*

    There ya go! :)

    Although admittedly, cyber-chocolates aren’t as good as real ones… :(

  2. hema says:

    aaaww that’s just mean. perhaps you made him feel appropriately guilty so he will bring you another box tomorrow?

    if you don’t want those cyber-chocolates, i’ll take them! at least they don’t make you fat :(

  3. lol. Torture!! *sits on hands* Ah, don’t worry, Allah will reward you with much better :)

  4. believer786 says:

    What is with girls and chocolates? One of you sisters has to explain this to me some day! I hear they prefer chocolates to almost anything else in life!

    I used to be a chocoholic. Strangely, I just got over them for some reason. Just give me some good biryani instead and I’m a happy camper :).

  5. organicmuslimah says:


    Make them halal, say “Bismillah” and voila!


  6. Lucyp says:

    I have a colleague who does the same thing only with fresh cream cakes. Not that i am against them, just try to avoid anything that will make me increase a dress size after one bite.

  7. I’m not a chocoholic strangely…I eat it maybe once or twice in the whole year when I need some. And I’m not a sweet tooth person either…I’m more of a carbs person, sniff.

  8. iMuslim says:

    Mouse: jazakallah for the offer, but i’m afraid i lack the cyber-tastebuds required to enjoy your cyber-chocolates! :P

    hema: He brought them all the way from Belgium (funnily enough). He always brings back something from his travels. Actually, it’s a lab tradition. We all do it (though i forgot when i came back from Hajj; had more important things on my mind than buying sweets! Though i did make up for it later). Even the other group on our floor, does the same thing. We end up ‘stealing’ each other’s sweets quite regularly. Except me, cos 90% of the time, it’s not worth the risk (often the ingredients are written in some foreign language!).
    Oh, and fat-free cyber-chocs are all yours. :)

    UCM: Alhamdulillah, i purged my sweet tooth on a packet of Rich Tea biccies that i had in my bag. Not nearly as tasty as Belgian chocs, but they did the trick. ;)

    Mushir: What do we need to explain? You just admitted to be a recovering chocoholic! Are you on a 12-step plan? Does it involve biryani? Btw, biryani is not that healthy, either! Not unless you are strict with oil content. At least your breath smells nicer after eating chocolate. :P

    organic: haram! haram!

    Lucy: My mum has a major love affair with cream cakes. They are probably the only fatty, sweet thing in existence that i can comfortably resist! [As long as there are other options, available… otherwise they’re history].

    Unique: Please send me some DNA so i can verify that you do indeed own two X chromosomes! Maybe you have a mutation in the chocolova gene.

  9. gess says:

    :lol: , :lol: , :lol: , :lol: , :lol: , :lol: , :lol: , :lol: , :lol: ,

    Loooooong time I have been on your site , sister. I missed your humour :cry: , :cry: , :cry: , :cry:

  10. iMuslim says:

    Aww, sis… don’t cry! I missed you too!

    Well, at least you’re laughing more than you’re crying. ;)

  11. Snowdrops says:


    :lol: silly!…want a cadbury? :P



  12. iMuslim says:

    want a cadbury?

    Nah, thanks. I bought some Thorntons chocs on the way home! YEY! Alhamdulillah. :)

    Btw, don’t you know that drool and keyboards don’t mix! BZZT ZZBBT *sounds of a keyboard short-circuit*

  13. Daniel says:

    For Eve it was the apple! For IMuslim it’s spirited chocolates!

    And what other earthly temptations do you find irresistible? Go on, spill the beans, I won’t tell anyone. Promise.

  14. Snowdrops says:

    “Btw, don’t you know that drool and keyboards don’t mix! BZZT ZZBBT *sounds of a keyboard short-circuit*”

    yes, but i made mine ‘drool proof’…you see, it happens quite often and so i made mine drool proof :P

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