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Assalamu 'alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu

And for the few non-Muslims out there: Howdy!

I'm gonna try not to make this a long drawn out thing, but basically, i have finally made the decision to stop blogging. I started thinking about it two or three weeks ago, but as the activity on my blog suddenly surged, it all became a lot more fun (and hence, distracting), māshā’Allāh, and i became weak, and delayed my departure.

The thing is, i really have to devote my spare time to writing my thesis. The deadline is in October, and it's not that far off. I don't want to be stressing during Ramadan, either.

I am a terrible procrastinator. The worst. So i have to go cold turkey. So not only will i not be blogging, i will also not be commenting on other blogs, either. In fact, 90% of my blogging time is spent on other people's blogs, so, yeah, that makes sense! I may lurk from time to time, but try not to write any bad poetry about me, ok?

I will still be checking my e-mails (address in side-bar), so please keep in touch, inshā’Allāh. Also, i am not sure whether this is a permanent goodbye, hence the title, but it is definitely going to be for a long time… sniffle (seriously, i'll miss y'all).

Blogging has been the mental release that i really needed. This has probably been the loneliest time in my whole adult life… well, at least, it feels like solitary confinement. Voluntary, solitary confinement, at that. I have met some wonderful, wonderful people through this medium, and i pray that Allāh preserves you all, and guides you to the straight path, āmīn.

Ok, this was meant to be short.

So, take care, everyone! Behave, inshā’Allāh, cos big sister will be watching…


P.S., And just for the record, it's little 'i', big 'M'. As in iMac, iPod, iTunes? Too many of you have been getting that wrong, and it annoyed the heck out of me! Now, i'm glad that i'm leaving, cos i just know some of you would spell it wrong to annoy me on purpose. Love ya, anyway! xxx

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Now You Can Officially “Get Back!”

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Today was my last self-defense class, sniffle. Our usual instructor, Dee, couldn't make it, as she was having fifteen injections in her foot, to treat some kind of injury she sustained. Ouch! Get better soon, Dee! But she left a little something for us with Emma, our stand-in kick-boxing coach (today we did a taster class in kick-boxing, instead, and it was fantastique! Though I will be feeling it tomorrow, in strange places, i'm sure):


My Maths Teacher Once Said…

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“A clever person is one who learns from their own mistakes, but it is the wise person that learns from the mistakes of others.”

May Allāh grant me wisdom, and guide me to what is best for my deen and akhirah. āmīn.

Look What I Just Bought

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I'm not really a trend-setter; you have to be cool for that. However, i have decided to be a little different this Summer, and have invested in a parasol. I have only seen Chinese/Japanese tourists use them, but never anyone else… definitely not any Muslimahs. So, i just ordered this one off Ebay…


Lilac; one of my favourite colours. There was also pink, blue and red, but this just seemed more “me”. Subtle, yet pretty. (Hah!) This option is definitely cheaper than investing in a pair of designer, prescription sunglasses, which i will only wear for about five hours in total, over the whole year! I wonder if i will get away with the Oriental look?

What’s In A Name?

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The task of naming a child is a significant one for Muslim parents. The name should be honorable, and filled with good meaning. The best of names are Abdur-Rahman and Abdullah (slave of the Most Merciful and slave of Allāh), as well as the names of the Prophets, including the Final Messenger, Muhammad, peace be upon them all.

Lately, i have been noticing more and more in the news, stories involving people with such honorable names, doing the most dishonorable of things. I am not even referring to the 'War on Terror', but rather more 'normal' criminal acts, such as theft, murder, and rape. I cannot help but feel sad when i read the name of our beloved Nabi, peace be upon him, being associated with such immorality. It's not just about saving face – that such stories may cast a bad light on Muslims, and perhaps Islam. It is just that i wish for the name of Allāh and the names of His Prophets to be kept far away from any kind of depravity, any kind of filth.

I wonder if people of other faiths feel the same way? Whether a Hindu is hurt when he sees reads about a thief named Krishna, or a Jew hears of a rapist named David, or a Christian reads about a murderer named Jesus (i've noticed that Spanish people use this name a lot, but pronounced 'Hay-zus').

It might sound strange, but perhaps people with religious names should be even more careful of their behaviour, if they have any love for the person, or the deity, that they are named after.

Saying that, it is easy for me to talk; my real name has no Islamic connotations whatsoever! Although, i seem to be making up for the deficit, with my blog-land pseudonym. I suppose i best be careful what i write then…

Sweet Idea Needs Your Help

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“Borrowed” from


My name is Bryn and I'm an Australian Muslim who is leaving for Indonesia soon and has a very quick, but important request to ask of people before I go!


My mum is working in Indonesia and has become friends with a teacher at a rural Indonesian 'pesantren' (Islamic boarding school). Apparently most of her friend's students are terrified of Westerns, and basically equate Westerners with people who want to hurt Muslims (sounds a bit like some of the misconceptions we get over here in reverse!)

Our idea…

Together with my husband we've decided to make a collection of photos and short messages from Muslims living in the West, and most importantly, from Muslims for whom Western countries are our homes. Basically if you're Muslim and feel some connection to a Western country, we'd like to hear from you!

What we would like you to do…

**Before the end of May 2007** Send us a photo and a short message…

Photos – Send 2/3 of your favourite photos – you with family, friends from uni/work, interfaith gatherings… whicever you think fits with the message that you want to send. The idea is not to say that the West is faultless and wonderful but that, like Indonesians, and Muslims everywhere, it's complex and can't be put into a box. And hey, there's a decent number of us who are Muslim!
(Quality of the pic – we need it to be good enough that we can blow it up a bit when printed)

Message – short and sweet! grin We'll be working to translate all your messages into Indonesian, so please don't write too much! A catchy line or two would be perfect.

Something along the lines of… introduce yourself… my name is ___, I'm ____ ( e.g. Lebanese Australian) I am married… (family stuff is good!). And then something to do with your home/experiences… I live in Canada/a small town/a big city, I work with people who are European, have friends who aren't Muslim…

Pick the message you want to get across to students in a village somewhere who are scared that all Westerners (including us!) don't like them and, given the chance, might want to hurt them. The idea is to reassure them that we're not all that bad! Write it in English or Indonesian and send it through to Bryn and Ro at:

This request – Pass it on!

Look forward to hearing from you soon inshā’Allāh!

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Word of the Day

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Word of the Day for Wednesday, May 23, 2007

redolent \RED-uh-luhnt\, adjective:

1. Having or exuding fragrance; scented; aromatic.
2. Full of fragrance; odorous; smelling (usually used with 'of' or 'with').
3. Serving to bring to mind; evocative; suggestive; reminiscent (usually used with 'of' or 'with').

I am really liking this word, and i thought that i would share this random thought with you all. It's such a beautiful word, don't you think? In both sound and meaning. It kinda makes me happy! Strange me.

Has anyone noticed my Word of the Day RSS widget in the side-bar? I have been subscribed to their e-mail service for years, yet i'm not certain that i have learnt one single word in all that time! I do read the e-mails, but unless you make sure to use a new word on a regular basis, it won't be stored in your memory. Words are like men – they have commitment issues! *badoom tish*

Another word that i liked recently, but one that is not so nice in sound or meaning:

Word of the Day for Wednesday, May 2, 2007

termagant \TUR-muh-guhnt\, noun:

1. A scolding, nagging, bad-tempered woman; a shrew.
2. Overbearing; shrewish; scolding.

Don't ask why i kept this e-mail… i just can't seem to delete it! I think it's like a small reminder to myself: do not become such a person. No idea. Maybe i'm looking for some cool put downs: how to insult people without them realising it. Evil genius me.