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[Question from audience… WHY?

Answer from iMuslim… this is why.

Oh – and this is originally why!]

28 Responses to “CopyCat”

  1. organicmuslimah says:


    I am loving this :)

  2. AnonyMouse says:

    Ooooooooh, I wanna try that next!!!! :D
    (Boy, am I original! :P)

    Although, my writing is really weird… it’ll start out one way (large round letters, neat and tidy) and then turn into chicken scratches!

  3. Sumera says:

    Awww. Your writing is neat! Mine is definitely bizarre :D

  4. Woohoo :D (love the hearts on your i’s, hehehehe, girly girly :P)

  5. iMuslim says:

    This has to turn into a tag – it’s too cool! And i never do anything cool… I WANNA BE COOL, DAMMIT.

    Should i tag someone, or let the ball roll along itself? Well, Mouse… you do it next, seeing as you’re as much a copycat as i am. :)

    Sumera – i am curious now – i wanna see your scrawls!

    Unique – i just had to add the lil hearts to make me look like a big girly girl! It’s all part of my terrible plan for world domination… oops, that was meant to be a secret! Oh well, you’ll all be my slaves soon anyway; you may as well get used to the idea. ;)

  6. Sumera says:

    You’ll see my scribbles up soon!

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  8. World domination!? So that’s what you do in your lab all day (reminds me of that cartoon thingy….itchy and the brain, or scratchy and the brain? I forget lool :D

    I have to admit, this tag has made me feel the sisterly love :D Alhamdulilah!

  9. iMuslim says:

    Sumera – yey, me happy. :)

    Unique – You’re getting two cartoons mixed up, m’dear! Simpsons > Itchy & Scratchy. The two lab mice you are thinking of are Pinky & the Brain (Brain, Brain, Brain…). hehe :D

  10. hema says:

    ok, i’ve just clicked on all the links and i have to say i think your writing is the neatest :) and i deal with bad hand writing every day. lol. they were all neat, though, i’m just trying to be loyal because i saw your blog first!

  11. iMuslim says:

    hahaha – hema, you are too sweet. Do we all get gold stars? I really hope you’re not being nice cos i’m a ninjabi-wannabe. ;)

    You should go next!! I tag you. Time for the teach to show us how to write. :D

  12. organicmuslimah says:

    Ya Hema :P I am interested to see your handwriting-I will be loyal too.


    You guys crack me up!

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  14. hema says:

    hey, my first ever blog tag! i’m so happy, thank you imsulim and organicmuslimah (are you american.. i think i have seen some of your somments on saudi stepford’s blog?) anyway, i love the whole online sister community you guys have going on! but i’m quite new to this whole blogging thing, and imuslim knows how much of a technophobe i am. tag me next time with something simpler please.

  15. iMuslim says:

    hema, hema, hema… how poor an example you are to your students, if you are not prepared to learn new things! :)

    First things, first: Do you have access to a digital camera/scanner?

  16. hema says:

    it’s done!

  17. organicmuslimah says:

    yay. Hema, I am American, can’t you tell from my accent? LOL.

    And seriously, I love fellow educators, this is good stuff.

    Now let me go think up of something new for the rest of you :P

    Love all of you for the sake of Allah

  18. AnonyMouse says:

    Awwwwwwwww, man, this is gonna be harder than I thought… *Thinks of a way to ‘borrow’ my dad’s digital camera/webcam for a while…*

  19. iMuslim says:

    Just ask him. Why would he freak? Does he know that you blog?

  20. iMuslim says:

    P.S., @Organic

    احبك الله الذي احببتني فيه حبيبتي


  21. AnonyMouse says:

    He wouldn’t exactly freak… but he’d definitely say no. He doesn’t know that I blog, and my mom didn’t either until last week :S

  22. iMuslim says:

    :o What did your mum say?

  23. iMuslim says:

    P.S., what the heck does :S mean? I’ve seen you do it so many times, and i’ve never really figured it out! hehe

  24. AnonyMouse says:

    At first she was mad that I never told her I’d started a blog (which I’d done last summer, to keep me from becoming even more depressed about moving than I already was, and didn’t tell her about ‘cuz she would’ve said no), but apparently she read most of it and realized there was little/nothing to be mad at me about… I don’t know if she knows about MuslimMatters or not (although she ought to, considering my big notice on MMM saying that I was ‘moving’)… and after that one little incident she hasn’t said anything to me about it… which I’m pretty surprised about, really, but al-Hamdulillaah!

    Haha, “:S” basically means nervous/ unsure/ situations where you make a face that indicates you don’t know what’s gonna happen, etc. Okay, so that’s a sucky explanation, but that’s about the best I can come up with!

  25. iMuslim says:

    So how did she find out in the first place?

    I understood, btw. :)

  26. AnonyMouse says:

    Honestly, I have no idea! She didn’t tell me… I’m assuming that she came across it through a link on another site… or perhaps through another blog (even though she almost *never* reads blogs – she thinks they’re lame).

  27. iMuslim says:

    but, but, but… your name is nowhere on your site! How could she tell it was you?

    Hmm… teenage, imam’s daughter living in a back-water Canadian town; has a thing for social activism, asking BIG questions, and complaining about her parents… yeah, she probably figured you out in under 5 seconds. ;)

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