A First

// April 22nd, 2007 // Blog

Unique Muslimah has done it again… a powerful piece of fiction, that speaks straight to the heart.

She was embarrassed, she didn't want to cause a scene, she wanted to scream and tell him to stop, but what would happen then? She had never been in this situation before, she was confused, frightened, scared. “Protect me Hani, don't do this in public” she told him, edging away. He woke up from his trance. He looked at her and told her, “We're in love, we have the right to do this“. She shook her head, “No, not here. When we're married”. She had made it clear, didn't she? But he ignored her and pulled her into his arms again, trying to kiss her. He needed her, the atmosphere was so right. He just wanted a kiss, a taste. He wouldn't give up until he had. Shayma squirmed, tried to break free, but he was stronger.

If i could, i'd dump her whole blog on I J T E M A – but she hasn't offered to bribe me, yet. Plus, we're trying to employ an unofficial rule of not linking to the same blog too often, in order to highlight 'lesser known' gifted writers. So, instead, i shall honour her with a link on my 'lesser known' blog.

Organic's comment in response to the entry also deserves a mention; it spoke volumes to me:

When you truly love someone, you would want to preserve their self dignity and honor. You will try to raise them above you, you want them to be better than everyone–including yourself. You will never try to hurt them. You will protect them. Your own selfish needs will become unimportant. When you love, you respect.

Hani doesn't respect his fiance. He thinks only of his own needs. He might think he loves her, but love can never hurt, right?

19 Responses to “A First”

  1. :D You’ve made my day! Of course, being the person that I am, I do not believe a single word of praise your noted about my blog/writings, but thank you for the gesture, it’s so sweet of you and makes me feel good about a place where I really have come to love (my blog). I’m a first-timer with having a blog and I know I don’t have a regular audience like some blogs have, but I’m really happy with the whole feel of it and the sense that the people who come on share something in common with me. :)
    Thanks again for making my day. I don’t know how I’ll top it for you…*gets thinking* ;)

  2. iMuslim says:

    *cough*CHOCOLATE*cough cough*


  3. iMuslim says:


    *cough*OneWayTicketToEgyptSoICanHolidayWithYou*cough cough*


  4. Hahahah.

    Where did I find you two? Nevertheless, I am honored (honoured) to be part of your British click. Ha! And I think I am lucky because I have only met the most intelligent, beautiful and pious sisters in the whole wide world.

    Organic Coughs back sneakily with a XXL Snickers bar. She slips it right next to IMuslims mac computer and walks away laughing with her green Nano ipod

  5. hehehehe! i just ate a bar of choc (galaxy) yesterday, didn’t feel too well after it (I’m not a choco fan, but sometimes near the time of the month I need a small dose).

    It would be so cool if you guys could come to Egypt!!!! The three sisterteers!

  6. iMuslim says:

    Organic: Overt product placement, if ever i saw it! ;)

    Unique: Sisterteers? You crack me up!

    This entry is turning into a group hug, of sorts. I’m not used to such open shows of emotion. *sniffle*

    to be….
    sarcastic… UGH!

  7. loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool :D

  8. okay I never laugh that loud in cyberspace! :D

  9. iMuslim says:

    In cyberspace, no one can hear you LOL.

  10. What? Group hug? Do you guys use deodrant? Because I am big on the whole-can’ttouchsmellypeople.

  11. iMuslim says:

    *sniffs armpits*

    Ah! Fresh as a daisy, as per. :)

    What about you, Miss Organic? Your name conjures up images of hippies and compost… and neither of them smell that lovely. :P

  12. I am close to nature, I can’t smell. However, the Egyptian population tends to like to stink. So you can tell where the baggage comes from.

    Await a post on the BO of Egyptians.

  13. :O they don’t stink, they just like to smell different- loads of people smell nice, with perfume and soaps. iMuslim, let’s leave fussy OM and have a group hug ourselves, she doesn’t trust our hygene routine! :D

  14. iMuslim says:

    Do they like to smell different, or different? ;)

    I’m afraid, Unique, that the dictionary definition of ‘group hug’ stipulates that for such a hug to take place, more than two participants are required… else it is just a regular hug.

    Smelly OM is spoiling our fun.

  15. Geez. So the psychologist (literally) in the both of you has finally decided that this is pure projection?


    Hug it is.

  16. iMuslim says:

    Cool. Do you prefer your hugs ‘light’ or ‘bear’?

    Btw, who’s the psychologist?

  17. I’m the psychologist, I’ve got the certificate to prove it *waving her certificate as she runs up to the girls*. Ehem.

    There are categories to hugs? LOL :| I’ll go for the light hug, the bear one sounds a lil too scary for me.

  18. iMuslim says:

    That explains a lot, Unique! In a good way, i mean. :)

    You seem like a person who is sensitive to other people’s emotions and problems. That is why your stories are such a good read, mashallah. It’s like you’re walking in your character’s shoes!

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